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WCC2 Game – What Type of An Online Cricket Player Are You?

Most people, when they watch their favorite cricketer playing, wish to be like them. Every single cricket fan has dreamt of playing cricket on-field with people cheering them for their great shots. What a great dream! But what if you can actually live this dream?

Well, the answer is yes, you can absolutely live up to this game where you can deliver good shots and play in one of your favorite stadiums. Play WCC2 online cricket games that are designed especially for skilled players like you, where you get the chance to perform like your favorite cricketer and you can also deliver the best shots like them.

World Cricket Championship 2 is a mobile cricket game that is packed with all the features that a cricket lover wants. From 3D graphics to high-quality animations with breath-taking gameplay to realistic experience, the WCC2 online cricket game has it all. 

World Cricket Championship 2 game offers different types of batting and bowling shots that help the player to get an edge over the game. There are 150 different batting animations, 110+ new batting shots, and 29 bowling actions. You can explore all the batting and bowling shots this will help you to know which type of online cricket game player you are. Here we have explained different batting and bowling shots, so you can identify your type of online cricket game player.

Batting Shots and Accuracy:

There are 150 different batting animations with 110+ new batting shots that you can explore. You just have to identify which you are good at. Here we have listed the most popular batting shots of the WCC2 online cricket game. These shots will help you to play your game more efficiently.

  • Lofted Shots:

The ‘lofted’ shot is a popular shot that helps you to score a six that is also known as a power shot. Your timing and efficiency need to be perfect while attempting this shot for a successful delivery because even a second here can lead to dismissal. While playing loafted shots your wickets are exposed entirely, if anything goes wrong you will lose a wicket.

  • Ground Drive Shot:

The ground drive shots are the most crucial ones. The combination of lofted shots and ground drive shots will lead to good gameplay because loafted shots score big but there is risk involved in losing a wicket. Ground drive shots will help you to score a run in between the wickets and you can also go for four. This shot is beginner-friendly as you get to learn the game and score high without the involvement of any risks.

  • There are many other types of shots such as front and back foot shot, vertical bat strokes, defensive shot, flick shot, cross-batted shot, square drive shot, sweep shot, paddle sweep shot, cross-batted sweep shot, slog, and slog-sweep shot, uppercut, switch hit, scoop/ramp shot, pull/hook shot, cut shot, dil scoop and may more. These shots are also featured in WCC2 online cricket to enhance your batting experience.

When you play cricket whether it’s in WCC2 or real life, a good batting lineup is the most important aspect which helps you to score big and save wickets. The opener can play some of the risky shots for the team with the help of a strong batting line up, the opener should try to give an excellent opening to the team. A decision of choosing a strong opener gives you an edge over the game and the chance of dominating the game increases.

Bowling accuracy:

  • Your bowling style needs to be accurate to win the game. Your bowling skills, bowling position matter a lot when you are delivering a ball. Bowling should be in that way which blocks the batsman from hitting big shots and scoring well. Be attentive and always focus on taking a wicket and you should not lose any opportunity to block the wickets.
  • Every cricket game has 2 innings so it is very important to be familiar with the bowling mechanism and identify in which bowling skill you can gain expertise. You have all the options to play, you can be a fast, spin, or medium-paced bowler. You can also apply a bowling line-up strategy to manage the bowlers to win the game.
  • However, fast-paced bowlers can be a safe option for beginners as most of the job is done by the pace of the ball. Spin bowling gives a tough fight to the opponent. So you have to choose the bowling pace according to the situation and try to block as many runs as you can.

Final Thoughts:

World Cricket Championship 2 is undoubtedly one of the best cricket games every cricket fan can look for. It provides the authentic and dynamic experience of playing cricket which provides a realistic experience even in the online world of gaming. Without a second thought, start playing the WCC2 online cricket game on the MPL WCC2 game app for a breathtaking experience of playing cricket. 


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