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WCC2 Mobile Game Becomes the World’s No. 1 Cricket Game Silently

World Cricket Championship 2 or WCC2 mobile game has already featured as one of the best mobile cricket games in the gaming market. It is as famous as the regular cricket today. With over 100 million downloads, the cricket fans have already gone crazy over this game. Undoubtedly, WCC2 game has become the most favourite pastime mobile game for gaming enthusiasts. 

As per the reports from the game developers, WCC2 game has over 2 million daily active users. But, isn’t this surprising to receive so much affection towards the game in such a short period? Yes, it is but, at the same time, if you compare the regular cricket popularity in India with the online cricket game, you’ll get the answer. Cricket is a religion in India, and the cricketers receive a lot of love and affection from their fans. 

Now, let us check out the reasons behind WCC2 game’s popularity and becoming the world’s No. 1 cricket game in a short time. 

1. For establishing the personal connection with the users

According to Rajendran PR, Founder and CEO – Nextwave Multimedia, the only intention behind developing WCC2 game are to establish a personal connection with their users. It’s the commitment towards delivering the best for the users to innovate and improvise the gameplay. And, it is the dedication that helped to achieve success in the mobile cricket gaming market, says the company architect. 

Arguably, there are users for the world cricket championship 2 game across the globe but, the most number of downloads are recorded from the countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There’s no surprise about the majority downloads as you can get the loyal fanbase and maximum cricket followers in the Asian countries. 

2. Availability of modes and features

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Once you login to the platform, you would be surprised to see that WCC2 features over 42 different stadiums from across the world. The game includes over 18 international teams with ten national teams to choose from, and the users can select their favourite team. The unique attraction for the users is the accessibility of all the three different formats of the game, such as Tests, ODI, and T20 cricket. It also features 11 different tournaments like the world cup, champions trophy, and Asia cup, to name a few. 

If you are still not satisfied with the popularity of the game, it is available in 18 major languages mind you. So, mobile cricket is within easy reach for the masses in the country. Apart from this, the game comes with three different multiplayer modes, i.e., online multiplayer, offline multiplayer, and batting multiplayer. The game has got exciting social modes such as World Tour, Gangs of Cricket, and Challenge a Friend and indeed, it requires a mention. 

3. The inception of real-time cricket leagues

The authorised body of World Cricket Championship, Nextwave Multimedia constitutes of WCC, WCC2 and WCC Rivals. Though WCC2 is the sequel of World Cricket Championship Game, the advanced version of gaming application brought a lot of business for the franchise. Also, it is the most popular cricket gaming app in India. With the introduction of real-time cricket leagues and the various cricket gaming leagues, it introduced the competition in the market. It became the popular online cricket games in the country. 

Since the launch of World Cricket Championship 2 game, it has acquired the top position in “top 10 games for monthly active users” category for 3-years in a row from 2016-2018, as per App Annie report. Also, WCC2 is continuously getting listed in the Google Editor’s Choice from 2016-2020. Apart from these, the technology giants Google and Apple list the best games in their app store every year. WCC2 got listed as the best game on both PlayStore and AppStore in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 regularly. 

4. Effective use of social media handles

Social media creates wonders in quick time when used in a proper way. With the effective usage of social media handles, WCC2 is known for the interactions with the followers on Twitter. They also organise various types of contests like hashtag contest for their users to get involved with the users. The WCC2 online game has been appreciated on social media for the feeling it provided by incorporating the features like realism with an authentic flavour of cricket. 

What’s in the store for World Cricket Championship game in the future

The WCC franchise has already introduced another game WCC Rivals, and it has qualities which inspire hope for the founders. It is the first fully-featured real-time multiplayer cricket game on mobile phones. It is the first game to have E-sports ready in-game feature and Spectator/Caster’s Mode. By introducing a 2vs2 real-time cricket multiplayer feature, WCC Rivals has become the first mobile game in the world to achieve a landmark in cricket simulation on Feb 6, 2020. 

The success journey continues for the creators of the WCC game, and the past decade has been good for them. Though WCC Rivals is still in beta version, it is bagging awards by cricket gaming industry associations. It has received accolades by becoming the Runner-up ‘Studio Game of the Year’ at IGDC 2019 and bagging ‘BEST LIVE GAME’ award at GATO’19 organised by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) in April 2019.

As the WCC franchise is planning to sail through the same success, they are set to release WCC3 game soon. Indeed, cricket fans will have a good time playing the advanced and the combination of realistic and thrilling features, all at once. 


The founders and investors of the WCC game franchise have a strong belief about the promising future for the mobile cricket game, and it’ll not disappoint the users also. With World Cricket Championship 2, Nextwave Multimedia furthered their rise in becoming one of India’s leading gaming app developers in the country.

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