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WCC2 Cricket Game: The 3D online game for Cricket Fans

India’s first indigenous 3D online cricket game, World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2),  is wooing cricket fans across the country. In a country where cricket is celebrated as a religion, having access to playing online games based on cricket is overwhelming. Cricket fans across the globe are deeply involved in fantasy cricket, where they can build their fantasy teams with real players and earn cash rewards based on the players’ performance. However, the WCC2 cricket game holds significance as users can not only choose a team but also get a chance to bat and bowl.

Do batting shots like Dhoni’s Helicopter shot or the Upper Cut shot fascinate you? The WCC2 game allows you to play multiple batting shots and bowling shots that give a realistic cricket experience. WIth WCC2 on your mobile phones, you will no longer miss playing cricket with friends on the fields, as you can play your favorite sport from the comfort of your couch. Moreover, the WCC2 cricket game features professional cricket players that you can include in your team and cricket stadiums worldwide for the real cricket feel. Here are several exciting features on the 3D online WCC2 cricket game for cricket fans:

Key Features of World Cricket Championship 2

The World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) game is packed with attractive features and game modes that offer a real-life cricket experience. Here are some of the features that promise a game full of entertainment and fun:

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Over 42 Stadiums 

You won’t get bored of playing cricket in the same stadium repeatedly because WCC2 features over 42 different stadiums that you can choose from. Playing cricket matches in the best stadiums with your favorite players is a visual treat to the eyes.

Choose Your Team

You will be overwhelmed by the number of teams available on WCC2. The game features over ten national and 18 international teams from which you can choose. 

Multiple batting and bowling shots

The game features various batting shots such as the famous Helicopter shot, Dil-Scoop, and the Upper Cut. There are 150 batting animations and 29 bowling actions that you can use while playing, which can turn your game around. 

Three Cricket Formats

WCC2 promises neverending fun with three different cricket formats. You can show off your cricket skills in Test matches, ODIs, and T20 cricket matches on WCC2. Moreover, the game also features 11 kinds of tournaments such as the Champions Trophy, the World Cup, Asia Cup, and more.

Realistic Game Physics

Just like you see multiple camera angles, shot reviews, and action replays in real cricket matches, the WCC2 game offers a similar experience. The multiple camera angles, slow-motion action replays, impressive wicketkeeper catches, misfielding, quick stumpings, tight decisions by the 3rd umpire, and many other animations contribute to the realistic game physics of WCC2.

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Share Highlights

 Want to boast of your cricket skills? The game allows you to share the game highlights generated after the match with anyone. Share your game highlights with family and friends and invite them to play a game against you. 

Multiple Game Modes

Perhaps, the best part about WCC2 is the two game modes it offers – the 1v1 batting & bowling multiplayer mode and the 1vN multiplayer batting mode. 

1v1 Batting & Bowling Mode – In this mode, your team will bat and bowl like in a usual cricket match. Once you choose your team, a toss will decide whether you will bat or bowl. If you are batting, you can decide the line-up order for your players. Similarly, while bowling, you can set the fielding formation of your team. The gaming controls allow you to choose the type of bowling such as swing, spin, pace bowling, etc. While batting, you can also select the shot you want to play.

1vN multiplayer batting mode – If you aren’t interested in playing a complete match, you can also choose to play the 1vN multiplayer batting mode. You can play a 2-over batting match with 2-5 players other players simultaneously in this mode. The objective is to score the highest points amongst all the players by hitting the best shots.

Online cricket is only going to get more fun with WCC2. The real-time experience backed by multiple shots, high-quality graphics, and famous cricketers will keep you glued to the game. This 3D online game is one of the best online cricket games out there. Download the WCC2 game on the MPL app, test your batting or bowling skills, and win real cash prizes.

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