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Why Accuracy Is Crucial In Online Bubble Shooter Game?

Bubble Shooter is an incredibly popular online mobile game suitable for people of all ages. Beginning with easier levels, the game gets noticeably more difficult as players progress further. The competitiveness and well-designed interface of Bubble Shooter online has made it a huge hit. Players from many different regions compete with each other online to have the highest score. 

This competitive nature of the Bubble Shooter online game has given rise to serious gaming culture. Players regularly try to improve their skills, develop new strategies and more in order to have the best Bubble Shooter score. Before we go ahead and discuss why accuracy is one of the pivotal attributes to become a great Bubble Shooter player, let’s find out more about the game. 

Players have to pop the cluster of bubbles at the top of the screen to win points. This can be achieved by creating clusters of three or more bubbles. Players get a choice of two different coloured bubbles that they can use to shoot from the bottom of the screen. A countdown timer records the time it takes a player to beat the game. 

Simultaneously, as more and more time passes, the cluster of coloured bubbles on top of the screen keeps getting lowered. If the player cannot pop all the bubbles before either the timer runs out, or the cluster of bubbles reach the bottom of the screen, the player loses. 

The simple rules and gameplay make it easy to learn, and thus more and more players are joining the Bubble Shooter family. With the rise in the number of players, competitiveness has also grown. As players are looking for ways to augment their high scores, the search for ways to improve their game has only grown stronger. 

A lot of players think speed is their greatest weapon when they are playing Bubble Shooter online. However, this is one of the most common misconceptions. When you are playing the Bubble Shooter game online, your greatest weapon is not speed, it is accuracy. The probability of getting the best score, and clearing the most bubbles with one shot depends fully on a players’ accuracy. 

Some players rely on speed by shooting as many bubbles as they can. They hope to hit the right spot and when it does not happen, they end up losing the game. Hitting an accurate shot, on the other hand, has far more reliable results. Top players focus on hitting the right spot, and getting the most number of points in the least amount of moves. 

Still unconvinced about the importance of accuracy when playing Bubble Shooter? Here are the reasons why you need to upgrade your strategy to play Bubble Shooter online. 

1. On Higher Levels, Mistakes Are Costly

During the initial stages of Bubble Shooter online, players have the chance to make more mistakes and play without a strategy. However, as you progress and the levels become more and more difficult, this strategy does not pay off. When players try to shoot as many bubbles and hope to hit the mark, they end up making mistakes. To beat the most difficult levels in the Bubble Shooter game, you need a few accurate shots. Focus on the cluster of coloured bubbles, and try to find the biggest cluster to help you get the highest score. This way, you can score more points in one successful move, and beat the level with ease. 

2. Use Clever Trick Shots For Maximum Impact

Bubble Shooter online is a game that shares some similarities with Carrom, an immensely popular indoor table-top game. Trick shots are very common in this game, which makes use of the board’s walls to strike pieces that are difficult to reach directly. This strategy can be applied to the Bubble Shooter game too. 

By using the two sidewalls in the game, players can get to the hard-to-reach bubbles with ease. By doing this, it is possible to dislodge an even bigger cluster of bubbles for a better score. Without accuracy, these shots would be nearly impossible to score from. This is another reason why accuracy is the most important skill to be a Bubble Shooter champion. 

3. Wait Until You Have A Clear Shot

Accuracy and patience are two things that always go hand-in-hand. Being impatient can sometimes hamper your Bubble Shooter game strategy. Sometimes, this strategy involves letting go of a smaller cluster of bubbles and going for the bigger reward. The most effective Bubble Shooter game players always try to avoid the low-hanging fruit and go for the one that delivers the biggest payoff. 

Do you love playing Bubble Shooter online and competing with your friends? Download the MPL App and start playing this awesome game today and execute these Bubble Shooter game tips to play more efficiently. 


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