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Why Online Gamers Prefer Shooter Games Like Bubble Shooter

Playing with real players is certainly the most intense gaming experience one can get while playing online games. But the competition is not the only thing that is required for online gamers to get attracted. Adding the fun element to the game is certainly the most important part to make gamers interested in the games. It is also a must that investing numerous hours for gaming should certainly have some reward for winning games. Thus, Bubble Shooter online game on MPL has managed to come up with a fruitful way to utilize your time. 

Bubble Shooter online game provides all the above-mentioned qualities a game should have. This has certainly managed to attract a huge wave of online gamers to the MPL app. These gamers have continuously been playing Bubble Shooter on their phones. But why exactly are these online gamers hooked to this particular game? Well, there are a couple of major pointers that differentiates Bubble Shooter online for all the different ones. To back it up, we have managed to list all of these advantages and differences that have attracted a huge number of gamers to its platform. So without any further delay, let’s take a deep dive into why online gamers prefer shooter games like Bubble Shooter.

Real Players

The MPL app matches up two different players that will compete against each other in real-time. Bubble shooter online game is one of those games that has an option to compete with real players from all over the globe. You will be given a certain set of time to burst as many coloured bubbles they can in order to score points. 

At the end of the timer, the player with maximum points wins the round. MPL has also added a number of different tournaments and battles like Rapid Fire, Discovery, Warzone and more to play in Bubble Shooter. After you have mastered the entire tactical approach to play Bubble Shooter, you can compete in a tournament created on the MPL app. 

Interesting Power-ups

To make the game even more intriguing for online gamers, MPL has also come up with the concept of power-ups in their game. This has been a major point of differentiation between Bubble Shooter online game and others that has managed to attract a huge wave of players to their platform. Sometimes you might be stuck in a situation where there is no open cluster of bubbles to break. The players will also have power-ups to help clear the playing field. 

Using power-ups like ‘Fireball’ will help the players by bursting all the bubbles in a row. Similarly, using the ‘Bomb’ powerup will break through a cluster of bubbles at a time. Understanding the real potential of these power-ups and using them efficiently will certainly help improve your game at Bubble Shooter. Practice will be the best technique to become familiar with all the power-up to utilize them at the perfect time. 

Strict Fair Play Policy

MPL has strict Fair Play Policies that have to be followed by online gamers. All MPL users are protected by MPL’s Fair Play policies and rules. The games also give an option for players to earn real money thus securing these game servers is certainly a must. 

According to the rules, the players are not allowed to use 3rd party applications or tools that might tamper the results. The players will get banned for a day for their 1st offence, banned for 7 days for their 2nd offence and banned permanently for their 3rd offence. This has also been one of the major attractions that have got the online gamers hooked to MPL’s Bubble Shooter online game. 



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