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Why Should You Participate in Zero Se Hero (ZSH) Festival?

What is Zero Se Hero (ZSH)?

Zero Se Hero (ZSH) is the ultimate freeroll tournament festival on MPL. Zero Se Hero exactly stands for its name-with zero investments; you can become a hero by winning these tournaments! Players can register for this tournament without any entry fee and get a chance to win real money.

What will feature in ZSH?

The Zero Se Hero (ZSH) will feature fantasy, cards and casual games. In Casual games, you can play Ludo, while in card games, you can play rummy and call break. The ZSH tournament is from July 7th to July 21st.

Why should you participate in ZSH?

There are several reasons why you should participate in ZSH. Your doubts will be put to rest because MPL ensures that you have a safe and secure environment to practice your games. It is equipped with the technologies to make sure there are zero bots, zero collusion, zero cheating, zero leaderboard fraud, and that every player gets a fair opportunity.

The MPL Algorithm:

The MPL algorithm is built in such a way that you cannot tamper with it, even if you try. It tracks the hardware after devices when you log in – you cannot log in with multiple IDs. This prevents fraudsters/pro players who sign in from multiple accounts and pose as entry-level players.

KYC Protocols:

Stringent KYC protocols are in place. You can never cheat your way through the games. We take utmost precautions to ensure a fair, solid gameplay

Multiple Checks:

There are multiple checks in every step of the process. You cannot play on MPL with a rooted device. Every user gets a fair chance to play. We’ve used machine-based learning to highlight and flag off any activity happening out of the ordinary (continuous winning, collusion between players)

Tamper Proof Gameplay:

Tamper-proof gameplay is in place. Also, trusted 3rd party partners accrediting randomly generated certificates make sure that there is no foul play. 

Reactive Checks:

Reactive checks are conducted to cancel out collusion for the users continuously playing from the same tables or players who have lost despite having good cards. All devices in violation of this are permanently banned from the platform. 

Matchmaking Algorithm:

The MPL algorithm ensures that the ‘matchmaking’ is in place. Based on previous leaderboards and historical game trends, players of similar skill levels are pitted against each other. No rookie player is matched with a pro player. 

Everyone Can Play:

Players from every state of the country(minus the banned states) play on MPL. This guarantees that there will be a competitive edge amongst players of all kinds. 

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Advantages of freeroll tournaments

If you are just starting out or learning to be an expert in the game, freeroll tournaments are an excellent way to have a tourney experience. If you do not want to invest any money in a game and want to experiment with strategies, then freerolls are an advantage again. 

In freeroll tournaments, you are exposed to many different players; hence you can learn a lot from them.

At times, frequent freeroll tournaments are held within a month or a few weeks. Since they are open to everyone and not just members-only, this is a real advantage because you can enter the world of real money gaming through this. 

Such tournaments also help you enter a larger table with bigger prize money. These promotional events also allow you to learn more about the game, win cash and enter bigger events!

To summarise the advantage of freeroll tournaments:

  • Good to hone your gaming skills
  • You can build a considerable bankroll by winning tournaments
  • Good exposure, with various types of players.

At MPL, you can be assured of a safe, trustworthy environment where you can play Rummy, Call Break, Fantasy, and Ludo to your heart’s content, become a pro player and take home attractive rewards!

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Are Freeroll Tournaments Worth It?

Of course they are! They are a great way to gain an experience in tournaments with zero investment. Since MPL offers a significant sign-up bonus, you can improve your skills just like that. Taking advantage of this incentive is what every player must do. 

Another factor is that a considerable amount of prize money is involved, and you will be participating with a thousand other players. This will also give you a competitive edge that we all crave in a game. 

In Conclusion

All in all, freeroll tournaments are an excellent way to start playing online. They’re completely free to play, and a chance that you could win and gather some experience of playing in tournaments. Zero Se Hero (ZSH) is an online freeroll tournament by MPL where you can play rummy, ludo, call break, and fantasy games. So what are you waiting for? Download the MPL app and join the Zero Se Hero festival now!

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