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5 Reasons Why WCC2 Game Is Better Than Any Other Cricket Game

World Cricket Championship 2 or WCC2 is no longer a small name in the world of online cricket games. It is one of the top online cricket games right now played across the country. Are you also one of the fans of the WCC2 cricket game? If yes, you would agree with us that WCC2 is better than any other cricket game online. Well, there are many reasons to prove it, and we are not just saying it, we have a few listed below. Check them out:

5 Reasons Why WCC2 Cricket Game Is the Best

WCC2 game has come a long way since its launch, and the journey from being just another cricket game to becoming the best online cricket game is worth knowing. WCC2 made it simpler for many of us to become a part of the World Cricket Championship, something all of us had dreamt of as die-hard cricket fans. You can play cricket online in all cricket formats, with great commentary and some good graphics. 

Online Cricket for Everyone

Many game developers have this habit of focussing on only the recent versions of the games. This way, they can get rid of their older versions slowly. Also, many others develop or roll out compatibility updates that do not support older versions of Mobile OS. With WCC2 everyone can enjoy online cricket games without worrying.

For example, if you have Android versions of 4.4 or above, you can download WCC2 Lite. It works on all smartphones, even if it has a lower end configuration. Be assured that the fun remains the same.

Find out what kind of online cricket player you are.

Batting and bowling variations

In WCC2, there are around 150 different batting shots that include Dil-scoop, the MS Dhoni popular Helicopter shot and many more.

Not only that, the game tops the other cricket games in terms of bowling too. There are 28 bowling actions to provide you the best bowling experience. All this makes WCC2 a clear winner in the action department too.

Rain Interruptions

We all feel very disappointed whenever rain (or inclement weather) interrupts the match. To tackle this situation, Duckworth Lewis System is adopted to recalculate the target of the chasing team. Just like on-field cricket, the WCC2 game too has this feature of the D-L method to compensate the chasing team by recalculating the target. This addition to the WCC2 game makes you feel that you are playing the real-world cricket match out there on the fields. 

Replay innovation

The importance of shot analysis through replays is a perfect way to make a perfect come-back in the next ball. Be it a miss, defensive shot, or a boundary; the replay mechanism helps in understanding the shot even better. The ultra-slow-motion action replays from multiple camera angles, and WCC2 supports this feature. Isn’t that amazing?

Challenge-a-Friend mode

If you are a fan of WCC2, the chances are that you have friends too who enjoy WCC2 as much as you do. With the whole pandemic situation, meeting friends or cousins have become difficult. In case you want to get in touch with them, the WCC2 game can be an excellent and unconventional way to do that. All you have to do is to use the Challenge a Friend mode in the WCC2 game and invite them for a match.

Looking for some real-time cricket fun? Here’s how WCC2 offers real-time fun while you win cash prizes.

Do you see all this feature in any other online cricket games out there? We highly doubt that. With all the reasons mentioned above, we feel that WCC2 is one of the best online cricket games out there. You can experience the best-in-class gaming experience on the MPL App. All you need to do is to click on the MPL download button and start playing to showcase your cricket skills. What are you waiting for? Start playing WCC2 now. 

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