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Tips To Play Carrom

Whether you play carrom on a traditional plywood board or your smartphone, the success rate in the carrom game depends on your ability to use the striker efficiently to pocket coins in the least turns possible. Like any other game, practise will prove essential, especially when you’re playing online, as it would help you develop the judgment needed to play every strike accurately.

Now that being said, here are some carrom tips you can use to get better at the game:

Online Carrom Tips and Tricks

1.Using the right speed and right direction to strike

The striker is the only weapon at your disposal to dictate carrom games. In traditional carrom, you flick the striker with the right pace and direction to send the desired coin into the pockets of the carrom board. On the carrom game in MPL, the same can be done using your finger. However, you will need to get used to dragging the striker – left & right to adjust position and up & down to adjust speed/direction – to get the perfect shot.

A perfect shot is when the striker touches the coin at the very point that will propel it to your targeted pocket. If the speed is too much, the coin will bounce back into play, and if it is too low, the coin will not reach the pocket. If you get the direction wrong, the coin will miss the target altogether.

2.Getting your angles right

Remember that you cannot pocket all coins with a normal straight shot. Sometimes, the player will need to strike the coin at an angle to move to the desired direction/pocket. In a normal straight shot, the angle formed at the point where the striker hits the coin is 180 degrees. The further away the piece is from the pocket (towards the centre), the smaller the angle, and the more difficult it gets to strike the piece perfectly. Striking the coin at an angle is called a ‘cut shot’. In such a shot, the player needs to get two variables right - the angle of his strike and the striker's speed.

3.Break shots can help set the tempo of the game

The first shot of the game is known as a ‘break shot’. A break shot aims to disperse all pieces on the carrom board, away from its centre. Players generally aim to bag a piece or two in the break shot itself. This helps the player to get additional turns and possibly bag a few more coins before the striker changes hands. A poor break shot can have the opposite effect as it might enable the opponent to pocket some pieces easily.

4.Shots that can help you win when you play carrom

Apart from the break shot and the aforementioned cut shot, there are various trick shots that every carrom player should know. As a beginner, the prime objective will be to master one shot and slowly move from the basic straight shot to the advanced shots.
Cut shot

The first basic shot when you move away from hitting coins in a straight line is the cut shot. Taking the popular cut shot a notch higher is trying to pocket a coin from the centre of the board by making a diagonal hit from one of the corners of the base area. If executed correctly, it drags the piece to the pocket opposite to the striker.
Middle shot

In this shot, the player needs to hit two connected pieces in one hit. This is done in such a manner that both pieces move in opposite directions and get pocketed. It is widely used during the initial stages of the game when all pieces are close to each other.
Second hit

Tricky shot to execute but splendid if it hit correctly. In a second hit shot, the player strikes on a piece that, in turn, hits another piece, thereby scoring the second piece or, at times, both the pieces. It is also useful when an opponent piece is in the way of the striker and your piece.
Board Shot

Considered to be a pro-shot in carrom, it is hit in such a way that the striker hits all three walls of the board - in front of the player - and then pockets a piece. This might not be the easiest shot to master, but it is a trick shot that should be in every player's arsenal looking to compete against the best.
Back Shot

Also called the ‘rebound shot’, the striker is hit in such a manner that it hits the front wall and returns to strike a piece into the pocket. A rebound is generally used to hit pieces right next to the striking area, which cannot be directly scored with a straight shot or a cut shot.

5.Keep it simple

While trick shots are fun to watch, the best players tend to win the game using mostly basic shots. Irrespective of the type of shot, the objective remains to pocket all coins before your opponent. One can achieve this by playing shots with a greater success rate and keeping hold of the striker as long as possible. Before you start playing carrom online, you must learn the basic rules of the carrom game.

6.Zero in on a specific striking style

Ideally speaking, we have six different types of striking techniques to use for an effective break shot and pot the carrom men. The different striking styles include an upright long finger style, index finger style, index finger & thumb style, thumbshot, middle finger & thumb, and middle finger style. You should also read and understand more about how you can effectively use different striking styles.

7.Try to avoid fouls

When a player commits a foul, a penalty is charged by removing one of their coins and placing it back in the centre, and their turn ends instantly. When the player pockets the striker or proceeds to strike under the striking line, it leads to a foul. Other fouling instances would include pocketing the final piece before the queen or striking the pieces that touch the striking line.


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