Help & FAQs


In case of a tie of points, how will the League winner be determined?

Where would the tournament be organised?

Who are eligible to take part in weekly tournaments?

Can the eligibility criterias vary without giving me a prior notification?

When can the participants be disqualified?

If before or during the course of the tournament I face a connectivity issue or I get disconnected who shall be liable?

How do I get to know the results of the game?

If my user account was banned earlier, can I still take part in weekly tournaments?

For any queries pertaining to weekly tournaments, how can I get them resolved?

Can I register if i have IOS?

Should I be on the latest version of the app?

Is there any entry fee for the registration in weekly tournaments?

How do I withdraw money from my MPL account?

Prize distribution: how will it happen, when will it happen?

How to join the game after registration?

What is a Knock Out tournament?

Who is going to be my opponent?

Once the game has started, where I can see my score and my opponent's score?

What happens if I get disconnected while playing the game?

What happens if I minimise the app while playing the game?

How do I pause the game in the middle?

Do I need to be connected to the internet while playing the game?

Can I participate using multiple devices?