Help & FAQs


Can I participate in multiple games?

How many players can participate per college?

In case of a tie of points, how will the League winner be determined?

Where would the tournament be organised?

Which IDs can I use to register?

Who are eligible to take part in CPL?

Can I take part in CPL if my college is not invited?

When can the participants be disqualified?

If before or during the course of the tournament I face a connectivity issue or I get disconnected who shall be liable?

How do I get to know the results of the game?

If my user account was banned earlier, can I still take part in CPL?

For any queries pertaining to CPL, how can I get them resolved?

Can I register from personal id?

Can I register if i have IOS?

Should I be on the latest version of the app?

Is there any entry fee for the registration in CPL?

How do I withdraw money from my MPL account?

Prize distribution: how will it happen, when will it happen?

Scholarship? who will get it? how much?

How to join the game after registration?

What is a Knock Out tournament?

Who is going to be my opponent?

Once the game has started, where I can see my score and my opponent's score?

What happens if I get disconnected while playing the game?

What happens if I minimise the app while playing the game?

How do I pause the game in the middle?

Do I need to be connected to the internet while playing the game?