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Play Mobile Games & Win Big Cash Daily!

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About Football Game Online

Football as we all know is a fun-loving game and has become very popular in India since past years. Youth is moving forward towards football and this can be seen with the huge number of people seeking to play football games online. This immense inclination towards football has brought up many platforms that provide best online football games and MPL is one such platform.

Mobile Premier League gives you a platform to play online football game and earn real cash.

How to Play Football

How to Play Football Game Online With MPL

What you need to do?

Playing football game online with MPL is not at all tricky. You don’t require any kind of experience in playing the game as it is very user-friendly, and you get used to the game just in few seconds. The motto of the game is to score as many goals as possible by flicking the ball towards the goal. To gain bonus points, you need to hit the coloured zones that gets highlighted when you hit the goal. Depending on the which area of goal you hit, your points will be added to your score board.

Football Gameplay

  • Enter the game and you will see a goal post, goal keeper and the football that needs to be flicked towards the goal
  • Hold the ball with you finger and flick it in the desired direction towards the goal to score
  • Hit the ball in the coloured zones to score higher points
  • You can also swipe left or right to curve the ball when in mid-air
  • Pay attention to powerups

Timer: Hit the time power up sign and get extra time

Extra Ball: Hit the extra ball sign on the goal to get bonus ball

Game will End If

  • The Time is up

Why Play Online Football Game with MPL

  • Get real cash of Rs. 50 for every referral you make
  • Battle with online Football players and earn real cash
  • Transfer your earnings instantly to your bank account
  • Experience hassle-free secured transactions
  • Use free tokens to play free football game with online opponents and win more tokens that adds to your wallet
  • Want to earn cash even more? Participate in bigger tournaments and take away bigger amounts
  • A seamless user-interface with over 30+ games just for you
  • Participate in Featured Events to Win Smartphones, Cameras, Bikes & more
  • Experience our In-app chat feature to get in touch with your friends and followers instantly



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