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About MPL Go Ride Game

Come and feel the air drag with this amazing bike racing game which is quite popular because of its simple rules and easy-to-use game controls. There is no time limit and you can play as long as you can go on without crashing your motorbike. Go Ride is one such online racing game that not only gives you an immersive gaming experience but also urges you to play it again and again. This game is available exclusively on MPL platform and you can earn real cash by competing with other online Go Ride players.

How to Play Go Ride

How to Play Go Ride Online With MPL

The Basics

  • In the MPL app select Go Ride game & will be served with several tournaments and battles in the game itself
  • Select and join a tournament or battle according to your choice and expertise. Once the fee is deducted, you can start playing the MPL game
  • Play an unlimited number of times to improve your score while the tournament is running. Winners are rewarded as per the final ranking after the tournament
  • While playing in battle rooms when you click on play, you’ll be matched against an opponent
  • The player scoring higher in a battle takes home the winning amount. You can play for cash for higher winnings or play in token rooms

Gameplay & Controls

The game begins with a countdown and you need to be in control instantly as the bike starts moving forward at once. As mentioned earlier, you need to twist your phone to turn left or right. Maintaining a good speed is advisable as riding too slow will not give you any score. There is a brake button on the screen on your left which can be used to slow down your bike in case you go too fast or you need to dodge any ongoing traffic safely. Make sure that you have a good control over the bike as even a slight slip can cause a crash thereby ending the game.


The farther you drive the more points you will score; When you go past any oncoming vehicle by passing quite close to it you get 20 points. Going too slow will not fetch you any points while performing a ‘near miss’ stunt will earn you 40 extra points. Your speed and the time on the road will decide your total score.

Game will End If

  • You crash your bike. This will cause the game to end instantly and hence your attention should be focused on the road just as when riding a bike in real life.

Why Play Run Out Game with MPL?

  • Get real cash of Rs. 75 for every referral you make
  • Battle with online Go Ride players and earn real cash
  • Transfer your earnings instantly to your bank account
  • Experience hassle-free secured transactions
  • Use free tokens to play go ride game with online opponents & win more tokens that adds to your wallet
  • Want to earn cash even more? Participate in bigger tournaments and take away bigger amounts
  • A seamless user-interface with over 30+ games just for you
  • Participate in Featured Events to Win Smartphones, Cameras, Bikes & more
  • Experience our In-app chat feature to get in touch with your friends and followers instantly

Download the MPL Go Ride game now to test your reaction time skill and score as much as you can to earn cash online. Link your online payment modes (Tez, Paytm, Bhim UPI) & transfer your winnings instantly to your respective bank accounts.



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