Opinio - How to Play

What is Opinio (simplified): This game is akin to trading with opinion positions working just like stocks/shares/commodities. Players try to deduce whether the value of the opinion position or stock will go up or down based on their analysis of the facts and statistics available and purchase the same with that in mind. Opinion stocks are always available on a player to player basis i.e. each “yes” or “no” position will be matched with another player who has adopted a counter-position. Similarly, trades on opinion stocks are also always on a player to player basis i.e. there is a buyer & seller at each price point of question for the trade to go through. Before making any trade, traders often conduct research & analysis to identify potential opportunities of making gains. This could include understanding the rules, researching the player performances or injuries, considering match conditions such as pitch conditions, weather forecast etc., keeping an eye on team news amd monitoring performance. Users can also exit their trade positions to manage the risk & book profits/losses

How to win - Put simply, the winning amount varies depending on the price at which the user bought the opinion stock & on the price at which the trader sold the stock or it got settled. The winning amount increases when a user buys the opinion stock at a low price & sells it at a higher price. A player who has successfully predicted the final position and purchased early-on would see much greater growth in the value of the opinion stocks and consequently, would see higher winnings. 

What makes MPL Opinio competitive and skill based:

  1. You play against other players: On Opinio, you compete against other players. For each position you take, there is someone taking a contrary position - making each question a battle of who gets the assessment right. MPL does not participate in any of the matches beyond facilitating its platform services, so in case we find no matching counter offer, you will receive a refund at the end of the event or can choose to cancel the trade to place a fresh one at a different price with higher certainty of finding an opposite trade.
  2. Information is out there! Every question on Opinio relates to a real-world event with vast information available to make a calculated assessment. For example, when answering whether Team A will win against Team B in a competition, a quick internet search will give you past performance history of both the teams, individual players, pitch type, weather conditions among others to make an informed decision. This allows for greater transparency on the value of the opinion stock and allows you to analyze the factors that would cause the value of the opinion position going up or down based on information and insights available in the public domain, and source of truth provided on the platform. 
  3. Latest information at your disposal: You can see various opinion stocks with status, number of trades & current trending price of the same at Yes/No. Details are present on the current status of the opinion stock, source of truth, category of opinion stock and terms & conditions such as what happens in case of tie/draw/no result. 
  4. Strategy is king: For each question, you will see the number of buy/sell orders/quantities available at each price point, and can choose to buy at current market price or place a bid at a price higher/lower than the current trending market price. Each opinion stock price can range from a min of 0.1 to a max of 9.9. We recommend trying to buy low and selling high prices or wait for the end of the event in order to maximize on your strategy.
  5. Limit your exposure: You can opt to exit your position at any point till the event’s expiry - this allows you to maximize your profits and minimize losses similar to shares/commodities exchange markets. Stop Loss & Book Profit orders can be placed at the time of buying the opinion stock or can be bought at any point of time  during the lifecycle of the stock. Options of quick sell are also given to quickly exit a position in a particular opinion stock.
  6. Diversify: You can opt to buy different types of opinion stocks & at different price points to have a diversified portfolio. This works as a risk mitigation strategy and allows you to limit the exposure to particular opinion stocks,
  7. Watch out for the trends and patterns: This involves identifying and following the direction of where the market trend is headed. You can strategise to buy opinion stocks that are trending upwards, and sell opinion stocks that are trending downwards, aiming to ride the trend as much as possible
  8. Scalping: This strategy involves making a high number of trades in a very short timeframe, so as to earn profits from small/marginal price movements. Under this, you will typically hold positions for short periods of time and rely on high trading volume and liquidity to execute trades quickly.