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Real Money and Cash Earning Games on MPL

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is one of the most popular and trusted mobile gaming platforms in India, offering 60+ games. It is available for free download across various categories, such as fantasy sports, card games, arcade games, puzzles, action games, and more. It is the most widely recognized gaming platform, boasting over 9 crore users engaged in real money games like Poker, Rummy, Ludo, Fantasy Cricket, Call Break, Win Patti Skill, and more, all on one platform!

Win Real Money only on MPL

MPL, as a gaming platform, offers everything a passionate player could want. Download games for free and engage with real players online for a chance to win cash prizes. Whether you have a liking for fantasy sports, card games, arcade games, or casual games, the platform offers a diverse range of options that cater to every gaming enthusiast.

The app hosts cash contests and tournaments across multiple games, allowing users to participate daily and earn money. Select your favorite game, showcase your skills, and compete against opponents to emerge victorious. MPL also provides free game downloads for users to practice against real-life opponents before venturing into real money games to win real cash prizes.

Achieve high scores and climb to the top of the Leaderboards with MPL's exciting money-earning games. Additionally, earn a referral bonus for each successful referral made. MPL is a completely secure and legally recognized real money gaming app, preferred by users for its next-level gaming experience.

While the app is available on the App Store for iOS users, Android users can download the MPL PRO (apk) to play games and win real cash prizes.

Top Money earning games on MPL

Given below is a list of real money earning games that you can play and win. These real money games have gained popularity in India because of the easy gameplay or because the prospect of earning real money is extremely high. MPL has a very smooth and user-friendly interface with a wide range of games to choose from. You are simply one click away from downloading the game that you want to play in any genre and start your gaming journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the MPL app and win cash prizes!

Card games


Rummy, also known as rammy, rumi game, or rami game, is a draw-and-discard matching-card game involving the creation of sets and sequences by melding cards. The game offers various challenging variants that enhance the enjoyment of playing cards. Among the most popular rummy variations available on MPL are Indian Rummy and Gin Rummy. MPL has also introduced newer versions of the game, like Rummy Puzzle. Download MPL and play to earn real cash.


With MPL Poker, you have the opportunity to engage in all your preferred poker games alongside a diverse community of players, 24/7. The noteworthy aspect is that there's a table available for you, tailored to the limit that aligns with your bankroll. Play and win real money with real players. Keep an eye out for poker tournaments where you can win up to 1.5 cr GTD. To play real money games like these, download MPL now. MPL has also introduced Poker Puzzle, which is a must-try.


Callbreak, largely, is the evolution of the trick based Spades game. The Lakadi or Ghochi card game is a strategic pastime widely enjoyed as a taash game in India. In this taash game, the default trump card is the Spades suit, granting trump cards supremacy over other cards regardless of their rank. There is also a version of this popular skill-based game- Trump Callbreak, where players can choose their own trump card. Download and play these money-earning games to win!

Win Patti

Win Patti Skill is like the popular skill-based game closely related to poker, the only difference being that it is played with only three cards. The game is similar yet different from the poker game as it involves making hand combinations, hand rankings, and winning the pot. Head over to learn the rules and how to play Win Patti Skill online and win real money. Also, do not forget to try the WinPatti Puzzle.

Casual games


Ludo stands as a classic strategy board game, enjoyed individually or in groups of two to four players. Originating from the Indian game Pachisi, Ludo has become a widely popular game globally. What makes this game particularly appealing is its accessibility to players of all age groups, both online and offline. Ludo serves as an ideal choice for playing money-earning games to earn real cash. Try MPL Ludo, where you can play different variations and earn real money!

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is an entertaining board game for two or more players. The board consists of gridded squares adorned with numerous ladders and snakes, forming connections throughout. The goal is to guide one's pawn based on the outcome of dice rolls and reach the final square, 100, to win. MPL Snakes and Ladders also offers variations of the cash game, where you can play and earn real money.


The online carrom game closely mirrors the traditional board game but incorporates a few modifications. However, on MPL, the gameplay adopts a professional mode, distinguishing itself from the freestyle approach of the conventional game. In its traditional form, carrom involves 2 to 4 players. Yet, MPL introduces an online multiplayer mode where you engage in 1v1 matches against randomly selected opponents. Download MPL to know more of your favorite game and win cash prizes.


MPL Opinio is an expert opinion-driven game. You can participate in various contests with questions derived from ongoing cricket tournaments. In these contests, participants are required to make predictions and assign a value range to the prevailing market price.

Beyond cricket, MPL Opinio extends its appeal by incorporating interesting and thought-provoking questions covering various subjects such as crypto, entertainment, and other sports. Play Opinio on MPL and use your expert decision-making skills to earn real cash.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket, as its name implies, is an internet-based fantasy game allowing you to construct a virtual cricket team comprising 11 players participating in an upcoming real-life match. Engaging in fantasy league cricket is a straightforward process, with the primary goal being to accumulate the highest possible points and secure a position on the leaderboard by outperforming your adversaries on the fantasy cricket application. Now don't just be a cricket fan; earn real money by using your cricket knowledge! Download MPL Fantasy Cricket now.

Fantasy football

Time to test your football knowledge! This fantasy football game attracts players eager to challenge their football expertise against fellow enthusiasts. Participants utilize available information to create a line-up of football players, competing against other users and their assembled rosters. Fantasy football is steadily becoming one of the most popular money earning games to play. So, get started on MPL!

Arcade and Puzzle Games

Fruit Chop

Fruit Chop is a fast-paced mobile game where players wield virtual blades to slice an endless stream of fruits appearing on their screens. With swift finger swipes, they mimic the motion of slicing the fruits in half, earning points for each successful cut. Extra points are awarded for slicing multiple fruits with a single swipe. Additionally, bombs occasionally appear among the fruits, and slicing one also ends the game. It is fast-paced, easy to play, and one of the best cash games to earn money. Play Fruit Chop only on MPL.

Fruit Dart

In the thrilling online dart game Fruit Dart, players unleash a flurry of knives to slice a cascade of fruits that appear on the screen. With a simple tap anywhere on the screen, players launch their darts, aiming for the fruits. Each fruit sliced earns valuable points, and the score swiftly updates, reflecting the player's dart-flinging prowess. When two or more fruits succumb to a single dart, players rejoice as bonus points rain down, rewarding their precision and timing. Try these easy-to-learn games and earn real money.

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle game, inspired by Tetris' core concept, offers a captivating blend of challenge and fun, appealing to players of all ages.

While the task of dragging and dropping blocks to fill up a grid might seem straightforward, there's a strategic twist. As you fill vertical or horizontal lines, they'll vanish, creating more space. But be careful. Don't let the blocks stack too high, consuming the entire grid and leaving no room for new ones. If that happens, the game is over! What is stopping you from having this exhilarating gaming experience? Download Block Puzzle and win cash prizes!

Speed Chess

The classic strategy game has now reached our mobile screens as online money games. From matches to tournaments, chess enthusiasts engage in intellectual duels, their minds maneuvering pieces across the digital battlefield. Now, Speed Chess is on the MPL platform, offering a captivating mental workout for the players. To enhance the fast-paced, engaging nature of online chess, subtle tweaks to the traditional rules have been introduced, keeping players enthralled and their minds sharp. Download MPL Speed Chess, race against time, and use your brain power to earn real money!


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