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How to Play Left Center Right Dice Game?

Left Center Right is a dice game played between three to five players using poker chips and dice. The strategy dice game is pretty simple and can be played by children (aged 8 and up) and adults. Left center right involves both luck and strategy where players take turns to roll the dice and pass poker chips based on the outcome of dice rolls. The goal of each player to win the game is to be the only player to have chips remaining by the end.

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Sounds like an easy yet fun card game to play? Get started with the left center right card game by learning the rules and gameplay through this quick guide.

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Left Center Right Game Rules

Object of Game

The object of the game is to be the only player in the game with chips in hand. The player who is the only one with remaining chips wins the game.


The game involves the use of 3 dice and at least 9 poker chips. The game is played between at least three players who are seated around a round table with enough space for each player to place their chips on the table. The center of the table is referred to as the pot and the players place their chips in the center when needed. Each player is given three poker chips to start the game.

The numbers on the dice are designated for Left, Center, and Right as follows:

  • 1, 2, and 3 equal Dots
  • 4 equals Left
  • 5 equals Center
  • 6 equals Right


Each player takes turns in a clockwise direction to roll the dice. The player counts the number of dots rolled on the dice (between numbers 1 to 3). The player that rolls the highest number of dots is the first player to begin the game.

In the left center right game, the players roll as many dice as they possess. In the first roll, the players roll three dice each. When the players take turns for the first roll, they look at the dice to see which side is facing up. There are four possibilities that can come up on the dice:

  • If there’s a 4 (Left) on the dice – give one chip to the player on the left
  • If there’s a 5 (Center) on the dice – give one chip to the center pot
  • If there’s a 6 (Right) on the dice – give one chip to the player on the right
  • For each dot that’s rolled on the dice, the player keeps an equal number of chips

Taking an example; the first player rolls two dots and one 6(Right). The player gives 1 chip to the player on the left and keeps two chips for themselves. Similarly, if the first player rolls three dots and one 5(Center), they will give one chip to the center pot and keep three chips for themselves.

After the first player has played their turn, the turn is passed to the next player in a clockwise direction and the game continues in a similar manner. The first round ends when each player has played their turn.

After the first round ends, the players roll the number of dice that match the number of chips they possess. For instance, if a player has three chips, that player will roll the dice thrice.

If a player doesn’t have any chips in possession, they cannot roll the dice for that round. However, that player will not be out of the game till a player wins the game because there can be a chance that a player may pass a chip to that player during a round.

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How to win left center right dice game?

The game continues until all the players, except one player, have lost their chips to that player. The player who still has chips remaining wins the game.

LCR Game Variants

LCR Wild

If you are looking to play a more competitive LCR variant, you can play LCR Wild. The rules are similar to the original LCR game with slight variations. In this version, one of the dots on each dice is replaced with W. After that the usual LCR rules apply in the game.

So, if you roll one Q, you take one chip from any player.

If you roll two Ws, you can either take two chips from one player or one chip from each of the two players.

if you roll three Ws, you will win the game instantly.

LCR Last Chip Wins

If you are looking to play the LCR game for a longer period of time, you can try the LCR last chip wins variant. In this version, the players take turns while following the same rules as the original game. The last player to get rid of their chips into the center pot wins the game. So, if you have only one chip remaining and you roll a C, you will win the game.

However, if you have one chip and you do not roll a C, they may get more chips if a player to their left rolls an R or a player to their right rolls an L in the following round.

The game can go on for long as each player has a chance to win until a player has at least one chip.

Dots-to-Win LCR

To play a difficult variant of LCR, you can play the dots-to-win LCR game. The rules in this game are the same as the original game until only one player has chips in possession. The player with chips must roll a dot on all the 3 dice in the game. If they are unable to roll a dot, the game continues until a player with chips rolls three dots.

Choose your own Stakes

The last of the left center right game variant is where you can choose your won stakes. Each chip is assigned a monetary value and then each player chooses the number of chips they want to start the game instead of receiving three chips automatically. The players put an equal amount of money in the pot, based on the number of chips. For instance, if the players assign $1 for each chip and you decide to add $3 to the pot, then you will take only three chips to play. The game proceeds as per the usual rules and the winner with all chips in possession wins the pot money.

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The left center right dice game is an entertaining game that you can play using chips and dice if you find playing poker games somewhat complex. Learning how to play LCR game is quite easy for players of all age groups and the variants will keep you intrigued for long. Try this game with a group of friends and combine your luck and strategy to win.

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