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Want to enter the world of poker but don't know how to play? Don't worry, we've got you covered! If you want to know why so many people love this game, this beginner's rule guide should help you with the basic regulations of the game and fundamentals of poker is all you need.

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Poker - The Most Popular Card Game

What is Poker?

Poker is an extremely enjoyable and entertaining game to play. It can also be financially lucrative for those who put in the effort, because skill and ability will always come out on top in poker.

The goal of poker is simple: win the money in the middle of the table, known as the pot, which contains the total of the bets made by the players in that hand. Players place their bets or wagers in the belief that they have the best hand or in the hope that a better hand will fold, giving them the pot.

At MPL Poker, you can play all of your favourite poker games with thousands of other players 24/7. The best part is there's a table for you, at the limit that best suits your bankroll.

We have the most poker games to play online, so you're sure to find an exciting, fun game of poker whether you like Hold'em, Omaha, Open-face Chinese (OFC) and many more. If you're just learning how to play, we'll teach you everything you need to know to get started - just click on any of the games below for more information on the rules and how to play.

A Brief History of Poker


The origins of poker are shrouded in mystery. Many people believe the game was inspired by several other games. Others believe the modern game was influenced by a French game called poque.

The original game made use of a 20-card deck that only included the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten.

Poque arrived in the late 18th century in the French colony of Louisiana. As the game evolved in the early 1800s, it acquired an Americanized name.

The Wild Wild West & Civil War

Texas Hold'em, as we know it today, was still a long way off. However, by the mid-nineteenth century, many Americans had embraced poker. At the time, draw and stud poker games were popular.

Several Union and Confederate soldiers were known to place bets while encamped between battles during the Civil War (1861-65).

Saloons and gambling dens sprouted up all along the frontier during the westward expansion. During the gold rush, cowboys, entrepreneurs, and miners all mixed it up at the card tables. However, these were not modern casinos with fair games.

Texas Hold’em Enters the Scene

Texas Hold'em is thought to have originated in the early 1900s as a modified version of Seven Card Stud. The use of community cards was novel in the world of poker. However, it has since become the most popular form of poker in the world.

Robstown Town in Texas is regarded as the ancestral home of the game. By the 1950s, Texas poker legends like Doyle Brunson were heavily involved in the game. By the 1960s, the game had made its way to Las Vegas.

The World’s Biggest Poker Tournament - WSOP

The first World Series of Poker event was held in 1970, and it drew a small group of players, including the following poker legends:

  • Brunson, Doyle
  • Moss, Johnny
  • Amarillo Slim Preston

There was only cash game action that first year, and the participants ended up voting on the best player.

That was Moss, and he is generally perceived as the first WSOP champion.

Welcome Online Poker

Online poker has played a significant role in the modern game's success. The industry was established in the early 1990s. In the early days of the Internet, players began with more rudimentary versions for play money.

When Planet Poker debuted on January 1, 1998, it was the first operator to allow people to play for real money. However, the site was plagued by technical issues, which sometimes lasted for days.

Adding new features was also a difficult process. The Internet was also novel, posing challenges not previously encountered by players in the modern game. The majority of the players were using dial-up connections. As we moved, many players entered the market with improved versions and those problems felt like the past.

Poker Streaming

On a larger level, in the early 2010, video broadcasting platforms like YouTube and Twitch provided a new opportunity for expressive poker players. Many Pro Players started using these sites to produce innovative content and build large audiences.

Poker vlogs have risen in popularity in recent years, with players such as Daniel Negreanu capturing their poker lives.

Keeping the Spirit of the Game Alive

Poker has a long history that can be traced back hundreds of years. The game has evolved from being played in back rooms with the possibility of cheating always present.

It's now a game played in front of cameras in casinos all over the world.

Its tradition, narratives, literature, and personalities have all evolved. Those who head to the tables for a game of poker are a part of that rich history, helping to preserve the spirit of the game.

Play Poker Online - A Game Of Skill

You will quickly discover that there are different variants of poker, but the one thing they all have in common is that you're using your top 5 cards to make your hand. All types of poker use a fifty-two card deck that consists of ranks beginning with a two, also referred to as a deuce, and progressing by number through ten, followed by the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. In poker, there are four suits: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs, all of which have equal value. So, the fifty-two cards in a complete deck are made up of four different suits of thirteen different ranks.

The Objective of Poker

The goal of poker is simple: win the money in the middle of the board, known as the pot, which contains the total of the bets made by the players in that hand. Players place their bets in the belief that they have the best hand or in the hope that a better hand will fold, giving them the pot.

Is Poker a Game of Skill or Luck?

The conclusion to this debate is straightforward: if you are a truly knowledgeable and disciplined poker player, you must be unlucky to lose, whereas a player of pure chance must be lucky to win. You've come to the right place to expand your knowledge of the game and hone the skills required to be a long-term winner at poker.

Is Poker Good For You?

Poker is healthy. You think that's a bold statement? This statement is true in several ways. Poker is a challenging game that keeps your mental acuity sharp. It provides the competitive adrenaline rush that most athletes crave. It can fill your time with a rewarding camaraderie. Last but not least, if played correctly, poker can provide you with extra coins of the realm, which can always be put to good use. Overall, it's not a bad collection of rewards for playing a card game.

We also highly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to open an online poker account at MPL Poker and actually play as soon as it is comfortable. It is critical to study the poker lessons at MPL Blog, but you will learn so much more if you combine this with actual playing time. If you're concerned about the money, don't be – it won't cost you anything because you can practise at the play money tables until you're confident enough to play for real money.

Best Poker Players in the World

Choosing the greatest poker players is a difficult task. There have certainly been a plethora of players who have excelled both historically and in the modern game. The criteria could include a plethora of bullet points, such as major titles, cash winnings, and longevity – the list could go on for a while. With that in mind, here are four of the greatest players, in no particular order.

Justin Bonomo

Bonomo, a dominant force in the modern game, leads all players in cash winnings with $44.6 million. His earnings come not only from high roller tournaments with the highest stakes in the game, as well as from playing against some of the biggest opponents.

Bonomo achieves success against some of the world's best players due to his quick wit for the game. He appears to be near-invincible in heads-up play. His winning streaks are complemented by numerous other final table appearances. He's not someone you want to go up against.

Phil Hellmuth

It takes considerable skill to win 15 WSOP bracelets and nearly $23 million in tournament winnings. Hellmuth is also the only person to have won a WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas (1989) and a WSOP Main Event in Europe (2012). Hellmuth had a spectacular summer in 1993, winning three bracelets.

Phil Ivey

At the age of 21, Ivey won his first major tournament, the Jack Binion World Poker Open, for $53,297. He went on to win his first WSOP bracelet, at the age of 23, for $195,000. Over the next few years, there were more final tables and victories. He had a monster summer at the WSOP in 2002, winning three bracelets. He's a fierce competitor who is well-liked and respected by his peers.

Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu is the biggest name in poker and one of the game - winning players in poker history, coming in second only to Bonomo on the career money list. "Kid Poker" has won nearly $40 million in live tournaments over the course of more than two decades on the felt. This includes victories on some of the game's most prestigious stages, including the WSOP, WPT, and significant cash games.

Online Poker In India

Poker is arguably one of the most popular card games in the world, not just in India. Poker is now more than just a strategically significant game played in online casinos. It has gone through several stages of development, giving rise to its various variations. Surprisingly, most Indian online casinos have most, if not all, variants in their games lobby.

When Europeans arrived in India, they brought their version of poker with them. By the nineteenth century, the modern poker game had become the professional world in India. People, even in the countryside, had grown accustomed to the game. In today's India, there are numerous poker clubs. Some are even available online, with variations on the original poker games.

Since the advent of online poker a few years ago, this game has become so prominent that it has taken on a life of its own.

India has been one of the most important emerging markets in recent years, with a population of over 1.3 billion people, many of whom are active computer and smartphone users.

Online Poker Industry India

Poker is a popular hobby in India, and it has become even more popular since the introduction of online poker platforms. While the laws on whether poker is legal to play in proper public venues are frequently unclear, most states allow online play.

There are only a few physical casinos in India that host large tournaments. Previously, anyone interested in competing in large poker tournaments had to commute to Goa. You can now play online poker games 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of your own home. The internet gets kudos.

Many people use poker as a means of augmenting their side earning. The reason for this is the adaptability of online games. People can play any game they want from anywhere in India, and they don't have to pay a dime for transportation. To play and win at online poker, players must first register with a poker website.

Anyone can engage in online poker games and win considerable amounts of money.

With an internet connection and a system to play, players may simply engage in daily, weekly, and fortnightly online poker tournaments. Our online platform, for example, features around xyz tables for gamers. You may participate in tournaments and play poker 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because of the adaptability of online gaming platforms, online poker has grown in popularity in India.

Play Poker with Real Money on MPL

MPL Poker takes pride in being one of the largest and most dependable poker networks in India. We are a committed group of professionals who put our players at the centre of everything we do. Poker should be enjoyable and thrilling. As a result, we strive to create a poker platform that appeals to a plethora of poker players. Our users find us to be a safe and stable environment where they can play their favourite games, without a worry in the world. Join the game today and take advantage of everything we have to offer.

India’s Poker Network

Discover why poker players from all around the country like MPL Poker. Real money poker games are available in our online poker room. Every day, new players join, so you're likely to find a game that suits you.

Discover how to play.

It's never been easier to play. You won't get lost with our easy-to-use application and interface guidance. You can learn using our free play option, and you can also play online for free to put your abilities to the test. Learn about hand rankings, poker strategy, and terminology to help you improve your game.

Online Poker Tournaments - A Place to Play for Everyone

We have a table or tournament for everyone, no matter who they are or what sort of game they play. We are committed to providing you with the greatest poker experience possible. This translates to fantastic poker bonuses, free spins, and tournament entries. We are built to play since you expect the best poker experience possible.

Poker Tournaments & Games

We provide a wide variety of poker games, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, online poker series, OFC, and cash games. We also offer intriguing variations like OFC, Sit & Go, among others.

Safe & Reliable

We are concerned about your safety. We are here to help you at every step of the way, from making a deposit to playing properly. We make certain that you can play online poker games with confidence.

MPL Poker Ambassadors

Name 1, Name 2 are among those who like playing here. They are all MPL Poker ambassadors, and you will frequently encounter them at our live events, poker tournaments, and broadcasts.

Online Poker Variations on MPL

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variant right now. If you can find a card room that provides poker games, Texas Hold'em will almost certainly be the flagship game, with a large range of tables and stakes to pick from.

Many players, amateur or professional, who have gotten into or been introduced to poker since the 20th century will be most familiar with the game of No Limit Texas Hold'em. Since the turn of the millennium, it has been the most frequently broadcast and publicised of all poker variants, with simple hand ranks and rules to adopt.

To begin, the two players to the left of the button placed forced bets known as "blinds." After each player has been dealt two hole cards, the action begins with the participant to the left of the large blind and proceeds clockwise. (Players can call, raise, or fold.) Following the initial round of betting, three cards are put onto the table (known as the "flop").

Like the name, "community cards" are for all players to utilize at the same time in order to construct the finest poker hand possible. Following another betting round, 1 more community card (the "turn") is dealt, accompanied by another bet round and the last "river" card.Those remaining players in the hand must then reveal their cards after one more round of betting. The person with the best 5-card poker hand (any combination of their two hole cards and five community cards) wins.

Pot Limit Omaha

In many ways, the PLO poker game is comparable to Hold'em, making it a great contender for individuals searching for new possibilities but not looking to learn everything from the start. At the same time, it varies from NLHE in many ways and provides far more action.

Let's start at the beginning and go through the Omaha poker rules. Because the game is similar to Hold'em in many ways, many players jump right in without fully grasping the Omaha poker rules.

Here's a rundown of the most crucial things to know about PLO:

  • Instead of two hole cards, the game is run with four.
  • To form a hand, players must always employ precisely 2 of their hole cards
  • Omaha is a pot-limit game, which implies that the amount of the pot dictates the maximum bet limit.
  • The very same poker hand rankings are used in PLO as in No-Limit Texas Hold'em.

Open-face Chinese Poker

Open-Face Chinese poker differs from other poker variations since it does not adhere to any of the standard game patterns. Having said that, it is still a beginner-friendly game, with the most important need just knowing the fundamental poker hand rankings.

It should be mentioned that OFC poker is often played with four people, although it may also be played with as little as two or three players.

Each player is handed 13 cards and must divide them into three hands of varying strength: (1) their finest 5-card hand, (2) a middle-strength hand of 5 cards, and (3) their weakest hand of 3 cards. Following that, players reveal their strongest, middle, and weakest hands in that order.

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