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Space Breaker Game Online – MPL

About Space Breaker Game

Space Breaker is an intriguing arcade game which is based on the aged brick breaking game where you break the different mazes of bricks by launching a ball towards them. It is one of those oldest and most popular gaming categories that people usually play in their leisure and now with MPL you can earn money by participating in tournaments. Break hard, gain power ups, clear levels, score high and win big.

Playing space breaker game on MPL will not only give you an immersive experience but also a chance to compete with all the online gamers giving you multiple chances to win huge cash. Get your winnings directly to your account in no time.

How to Play Space Breaker

Playing Space Breaker Game Online

The Gameplay

No sooner you enter the game you are presented with a brick maze and a board called as ‘wedge’ and a ball. Players need to launch the ball towards the bricks to break them completely and clear the level. Objective of the game is to keep on breaking all the mazes in the levels within the stipulated time. Guide your Wedge by dragging it to the desired side in order to bounce the ball back on the bricks. Gain power ups while playing to score higher.

For earnings, you can join bigger tournaments. Once you join a tournament, you can play as many times as you want until the tournament ends. Only the highest score submitted by every player will be counted for the leader-board. Players will be rewarded based on final rankings once the tournament ends.

Power Ups

Pay keen attention to power ups in this space breaker game as they are released randomly while you break the bricks. Grabbing the right power ups is important as some can prove fatal.

Fastball: Increases the speed of the ball to some extent. This can help when you have less time left.

Slow ball: Decreases the speed of the ball makes it useful while playing along with multiple balls.

Mini ball: Decreases the size of the ball making it easier to enter through difficult brick mazes.

Wedge Lock: Beware of this as it will lock the wedge for some time.

Mini Wedge: Makes the ball superfast; again, works wonderful when you have very little time left and you need to clear the level.

Multi Ball: Splits the ball into 3 separate balls making it easier to break more bricks.

Big Ball: Increases the size of the ball thereby increasing the chances of hitting more bricks at a time.

Smash Ball: This ball breaks everything in one hit as it goes through the bricks.

Big Wedge: Makes your wedge big enabling you to bounce multiple or big balls in a better way.

Combination of Mini Wedge + Multi Ball + Smash Ball: Helps in clearing the levels very quickly.

Game will End If

  • The time is over
  • You lose all lives

Why Play Space Breaker Game with MPL?

  • Get real cash of Rs. 75 for every referral you make
  • Battle with online Brick Breaker players and earn real cash
  • Transfer your earnings instantly to your bank account
  • Experience hassle-free secured transactions
  • Use free tokens to play space breaker game with online opponents and win more tokens that adds to your wallet
  • Want to earn cash even more? Participate in bigger tournaments and take away bigger amounts
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Download the game now to test your reaction time skill and score as much as you can. Link your online payment modes (Tez, Paytm, Bhim UPI) and transfer your winnings instantly to your respective bank accounts.



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