Best Games on iOS

Super Mario Run

Termed as one of the best iphone games of all time, Super Mario Bros has improved with modern graphics. It has kept the side-scrolling factor intact, and hence you can discover new ways of playing the game. You can even link your Super Mario Run account to your My Nintendo Account to earn Platinum Points.

Into the Dead 2

The protagonist James (you), gets into a car accident and has to reach out to his wife, Helen, and daughter, Maggie. On the way, zombies will attack you, trying to derail your mission. You have  a handgun and walkie-talkie and you have to fight a mob of zombies.  Sounds thrilling, right?

Game of Thrones: Reigns

A game that allows you to become a Queen or any other character of Game of Thrones. The swipe’em game asks you questions about how you can rule your kingdom. You have two choices: swipe left to accept and right to decline.  The way your kingdom runs depends on your answers. If the decision fails, then another character replaces it.

Final Fantasy VIII

You can become a mercenary and participate in some fierce turn-based combat, partake in a romance storyline or fly around the vast world about the Ragnarok. You can play the mobile version at three times the speed, turn off the enemy encounters, and take your stats to the maximum level.

Marvel Future Revolution

It features famous characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Spider-Man, and The Avengers, but you can customize them on your own. You have the freedom to upgrade them, select abilities, and choose their fighting. You are tasked to be a saviour of the multiverse, which means you have an infinite number of worlds to explore, and a lot of life-saving.

       AFK Arena

One of the best iphone games with magnetic gacha elements, it has free-to-play mechanics. AFK Arena is a classic turn-based RPG with umpteen variants to choose from. Fight other players in the PVP Arena mode.

     Company of        Heroes

Listed as one of the finest strategy games, Company of Heroes came on iPad last year. During World War II, the story takes place, and you have to fight against the Axis in a continuous single-player battle.

Raid : Shadow         Legends

Raid Shadow Legends has become quite popular on the screen in recent times. It has stunning features and a wealth of content to battle, level up as you unlock heroes. If you’re a fan of multiplayer games, then this one is perfect for you.