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5 Ludo Tricks & Tips that will make you invincible at the game!

If you love playing board games, Ludo has to be one of your favorites. This traditional game of Pachisi has entertained multiple generations in India and continues to be a crowd’s favorite. While people mainly play Ludo games for entertainment purposes, not many know that ludo is also a game of strategy where using the right ludo tricks and tips can lead to a win. 

The increasing popularity of ludo has led to the game being available at our fingertips, where we can play conveniently at any hour and against random players. When you play the traditional board game against the same players, you tend to identify their traits and form a strategy to win against them, and vice versa.

But if you play online, you are mostly competing against different players each time. How would you devise your strategy without knowing the player personally? This is where you can use the tips and tricks to become invincible in Ludo.

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Ludo Tricks to Master the Game

Here are essential ludo tips and tricks you can implement in the next game you play and come out as a winner.

1. Open all the coin pieces

One of the first ludo tricks towards your winning strategy is to get all your coins out of the home base at the earliest. If you use only one or two coins to move forward with every dice roll, you are taking unnecessary risks and may soon get killed by your opponent. Opening all coins gives you more flexibility while moving them, especially when the number on the dice is low and you can’t save a crucial coin from the opponent with that number. Therefore, focus on putting all your coins into action as soon as possible. 

2. Spread your coins on the board

If you want a strategic advantage in a ludo match, you should focus on spreading your coins across the board. Having your coins placed tactically allows you to move your coins freely if there’s no opponent nearby. For instance, if you have two coins in the same place and are surrounded by opponents, moving any piece may get your coin killed instantly. Moreover, with this strategy, you can also block your opponents from reaching their homes and winning the game.

3. Adopt an attacking strategy

Attacking opponents is the most thrilling part of playing ludo, even when you put your coins at risk. To become invincible at ludo, you should keep mercy aside and adopt an attacking strategy. However, you should always calculate the risk before you kill your opponent’s coin. Your plan should be to attack your opponent even if you put your coin at risk if your coin is in the first or second quadrant. But, if your coin is in the third or fourth quadrant, you should attack your opponent only if there’s a chance to escape to a safer distance. The safer distance is always at least seven steps ahead as ‘The rule of 7’. As per this rule, your opponent is less likely to score a 6 and 1, decreasing your chances of getting killed.

4. Patience is the key

Being patient is one of the key ludo tips in winning the game. For instance, if your coins are on the board’s star-shaped zones, your opponents cannot kill your coins in those zones. In such circumstances, if you don’t get a good number on the dice, it’s best to leave the coin in the safe zone, especially if the opponents’ coins surround yours. You can instead move other pieces that may already be at risk or not in the safe zone. Patience plays a vital role in your coins’ safety as a wrong move can get your coin back to the base, and you would have to start all over again.

5. Block your opponent

Distracting your opponent is a trick of getting your coin safely to enter the home. When any of your coins are nearing your home, your opponents will always eye that piece and aim to capture it. To save your pieces from the opponent’s attack, you need to block your opponent by chasing their pieces. A good strategy is to always stay at least seven steps ahead of your opponents as their chances of reaching that number is less. Staying at least seven steps ahead of your opponents is the safest place for your coins on the board.

Bonus Ludo Tip: Understand The Rules Before You Start

Before you implement the above ludo tips and tricks to increase your winning rate at the game, understanding the rules of the ludo game is of utmost importance. If you are a beginner at ludo, ensure that you learn all the rules of how to play ludo as that will help you use the ludo tricks more efficiently. You will learn how to always keep your tokens safe when you should capture the opponent when you can take a risk of moving your token in the last quadrant, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions to Win Ludo Game

1. How to always win ludo game?

Winning a ludo game every time you play is quite possible if you use the above ludo tricks effectively in your game. Your winning strategy must include several ludo tips and tricks that will help move all your tokens safely to the end point.

2. How to play online ludo games?

You can play unlimited online ludo games on the MPL app for free. The MPL Ludo game pits you against a real player online and you have to move all your tokens to the finish point before the opponent to win the game. The app is available for iOS and Android users.

3. Is it a good strategy to open all tokens in Ludo?

One of the most essential ludo tricks every player must use is to open all the four tokens as soon as possible. When you open all your tokens, the risk of the opponent capturing one of your tokens reduces and you get the option to move token which is at less risk when you get a small number on the die.

Final Thoughts

These 5 ludo tricks are here to aid you in making wise choices while playing ludo. Your opponent may also be aware of these ludo tips & tricks, but the player with a more robust strategy will ultimately win the game. It’s best to practice these strategies in the free version of ludo before you start playing cash games. When you think you have mastered these tricks, play Ludo on MPL to show off your skills and win exciting cash prizes.

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