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Rules To Play Ludo Online

Ludo, a classic board game with centuries of tradition behind it, has found its way to online platforms with the advent of technology. From playing board games with friends and family at home to competing with thousands of players on a smartphone, Ludo has undergone a massive evolution with time. While both facets of the game offer different experiences, both remain the same at their core, with sets of ludo rules that apply to both. If you are starting with the online version and looking for more on how to play ludo, here are all the ludo rules you must learn to start playing.

House Rules to Play Ludo on MPL

Ludo is generally played between two to four players, sitting opposite each other, in a clockwise direction. Each player gets four of the same colour tokens, which are placed in their home square on the ludo board. Every player rolls dice and moves the tokens as per the exact roll towards the player's home column squares. Take a look at the top online Ludo rules every player must know to enjoy the game to the fullest:

No. of players:

Ludo on MPL can be played with two to four players. Each player is assigned a specific colour (red, blue, green & yellow) at the start.

Primary objective:

Every player starts the game with four tokens in the starting position. The first player to eject all their tokens from the starting square and successfully navigate them around the board towards the end zone in the home column is declared the winner.
Navigation of tokens around the board is done corresponding to the score the player rolls on his dice at every turn. For example, a score of three on the dice means the player can move the token up by three places on the board.

Releasing Tokens:

A score of 6 or 1 is required to release a token from the starting area. Until the player gets their first 6 or 1, they can't place the tokens on their respective starting squares since no tokens will be available to move. After the first token is released, every 6 or 1 the player scores will give a player the option to either place a new token at the starting square or move the existing tokens on the board.

Multiple Sixes:

In online Ludo, a player is rewarded an additional bonus roll every time they score a 6. However, if the player scores 6 even on the third roll, their turn immediately passes to the next player as it is forfeited.

Eliminating opponent’s tokens:

If a player's piece lands in the same space or same square occupied by a different coloured token, the opponent's piece gets eliminated from the route and is hauled back into its home area. To bring the different coloured token out of the home area, the player must again release it to the starting point by scoring a 6 or 1. If a player's piece lands on an opponent’s piece, they are awarded a bonus roll for that turn.
The ludo board game also features safe squares in each quadrant, normally the fourth square from the top in the rightmost column and the home column of each coloured token. Tokens can be eliminated by players anywhere on the board except in these safe zones and when the token has reached its coloured area. There are eight spaces marked with a ‘⚡’ symbol of safe squares, also called the globe spaces. In every safe square, one or more tokens of different colours can be occupied at any given time.

Lead tokens to the end zone:

A token enters the home column when it completes its entire track, i.e., from the starting point to its respective coloured home area. The coloured home area consists of six squares, with the last one being the end zone, where the coin retires from the game. The objective is to get all four tokens to the end zone.
Players can use their die roll on other tokens if the dice score does not apply to those inside the home zone. For instance, if a player scores a five, and only two is needed to get the token in the home area to the end zone, then the player can use the five to move their other tokens on the board.
However, if there are no other available tokens on the board, the player must forfeit the turn. This can happen if the remaining tokens are inside the home zone or have already been retired from the game.To help you win big in online ludo games, here are several ludo tips which you must know.

How to Play Ludo Online on MPL App?

To play Ludo on MPL, one must have the MPL App installed on their device. MPL App is available free to download from the App Store on iOS. Meanwhile, Android users can download the ‘MPL Pro’ App by visiting the official website of MPL. Once installed on the device, players can register on the app. Follow these steps on how to play ludo on the MPL app:
Search for the ludo game on the app.
Pick a preferred cash contest and submit the entry fee.
The game matches you with the required number of players.
When the game starts, tap on the dice to roll when it is your turn. You can also opt for an automatic roll of the dice.
Move your token out to the first square when you get a 6 or 1 on the dice.
Capture your opponent's token to prevent them from finishing first.
Get all your tokens in the home triangle before your opponent to win the game.


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