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About Ludo Win

Ludo Win is a fun, exciting twist to a good old, classic Ludo game. This is a game that you have never seen before, but you must try.
Ludo Win is played with four tokens where every move increases your score. You have limited moves, and your goal is to score higher than the opponent. As a player, you have to strategize moves to capture your opponent's tokens, gain bonus points, and win the game with the fewest moves.
You must try this captivating, fun game with an online player and show strengthen your decision-making and strategizing skills. Polish your skills with the free practice games and show off your newly acquired skills in the Ludo Win cash games to win real cash prizes.

How to Download MPL Ludo Win

The Ludo Win game is absolutely free and supported on Android as well as iOS devices. Below are the simple and easy steps to follow to download the game and play it online.
Ludo Win is an effortless game to understand, but the enjoyment you derive after you play with your friends is worth it.
Download on Android
Enter your mobile number to get an SMS with download link
Tap on the link and download the app
Install and sign up on the app
Search for the Ludo Win or Ludo Attack game to start playing
Try out some free battles
Download On iOS
Search for the MPL app on the Apple App Store and download for free
Once you download the game app on your iOS devices, you need to install it
Sign up on the app with your mobile number
Search for the Ludo Win game
Go through the training instructions and start playing

How To Play Ludo Win on MPL

Play and Win Ludo with your friends and earn real money from the platform. You can play them in two modes- battle and a tournament. You can try out the game between 2 players or four players. Ready to battle it out and play some ludo?
Now you can win the Ludo game if you have a stable internet connection, the MPL game, and your phone. You can install the game in the following way:
Search for Ludo Win game on the MPL app
Install the game, click on the "how to play," and have a look at the instructions
If you are a beginner, practice with a free game and master the games
Once you're confident that you can win the game, choose a cash battle
Once you submit the entry fee, the game will match you with an opponent.
Learn more ludo tips and tricks, start playing on MPL and learn more about how to play Ludo by clicking here.

Ludo Win Rules

Ludo Win, like the name suggests, has impeccable gameplay. You aim in this board game to reach 'home.' You also have to gain maximum points with minimum moves. This is a fun ludo game that is a must-try.
Play a given number from the set of numbers
Choose a token to move for earning a score
Capture the opponent's tokens for scoring more.

Reach home with your token to earn the maximum points

Special Rules for MPL Ludo Win


  • In a 1v1 game, each player shall have exactly 24 (twenty four) moves during the duration of one game. In a 1v2 or 1v3 game, each player shall have exactly 18 (eighteen) moves during the duration of one game. Number of spaces moved by players at their respective turns shall be selected from a predetermined set of numbers ranging from 1 and 6. 
  • The numbers in the reel and the sum of these numbers shall remain the same for all players. “Reel” in Ludo Win refers to the sequence of numbers shown to the players. 
  • The numbers 1 to 6 can show up a maximum of seven times on the number board in a single game. Each number has the following probability of showing up attached to it during the course of a single game
Phase of the gameNumberProbability
During first N/2 moves15%
During last N/2 moves116.67%

















  • The numbers 1-6 run a chance of appearing anywhere between 0 and 7 times during a single game. No number shall however appear more than 7 (seven) times during the game.

Benefits of Playing Ludo Win Online on MPL

The new version of the Ludo Board game, Ludo Win, packs some fantastic fun and entertainment. Along with very smooth gameplay, easy-to-understand rules, and an exemplary design, you cannot afford to miss this game at any cost. And what more? You could also get into the game, knowing that it is entirely safe and secure to play this game. You also have the chance some real money and exciting cash prizes.
Some of the benefits of playing with MPL are as follows:
You are matched with another player; hence you can play with real online players
You have the chance to become an expert with the free practice games
Multiple cash battles give you a chance to prove your mettle
Exciting cash prizes and rewards!
100% Secure & Legal, with 24x7 customer support
Instant and safe withdrawals, whenever you want
Fastest withdrawal processing than any other real money gaming platform
Zero Wait Time
Multiple Payment Options, like UPI, Amazon Pay, or bank transfer
Best-in-class gaming experience
You will have plenty of offers and bonuses, with cashback offers as well
Win cash daily!

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