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Do you remember playing Tetris, one of the first video games you might have played on your television or a mobile phone where the blocks appeared from the top of the screen, and you could move or rotate them to fit on the board? Based on almost similar rules, Block Puzzle games are fun-filled puzzle games with exciting twists that are popular amongst people of all ages. How difficult can it be to drag and drop the blocks to fill up the grid? Filling a vertical or horizontal line completely will clear those lines. But here's the catch: Don't let the blocks fill the screen, leaving no room for other blocks, or else, it is Game Over!

What is Block Puzzle Game?

Block Puzzle is a casual block game that involves arranging each block of different patterns on a 9x9 grid board. The objective of the game is to clear as many cells as possible to make space for new blocks. The game is similar to the classic block puzzle games with a few tweaks such as time limits and playing online against a real opponent.

Block Puzzle Gameplay

Block Puzzle on MPL features three different block patterns simultaneously, which you have to place on the 9x9 grid. The objective is to fill the vertical and horizontal lines to clear the cells and make room for more blocks to increase your score. Your opponent is given the exact same game board like yours. Try to clear as many cells as possible within the 2-minute timer to get a higher score than your opponent. You win the game if you have a higher score.

How to Download MPL Block Puzzle App?

The Block Puzzle game download is available for all Android and iOS users. To play the game, download the MPL app in just a few steps:
Visit the MPL Webiste.
Enter your mobile number to receive an SMS with a download link.
Click on the link and download the app.
Register on the app and find Block Puzzle.
Install the game and start playing.

How to Play Block Puzzle Online?

Playing this fun game online is a no-brainer for all ages. Just ensure you have stable wifi or internet connection and follow the below steps to play Block Puzzle online and win real money.


Tap on the Block Puzzle Game on the MPL app.


If you are a beginner, you can also try the free practice games to experience the game.


Alternatively, you can choose a suitable 2-player or 5-player cash battle or ongoing tournament.


Pay the entry fee for the selected cash battle.


The game starts when you are matched with the required players.


Drag a block from the three available and drop it on the board.


Clear vertical and horizontal lines to increase your score before the time limits imposed.


In order to win the block game battle and the cash prize, you should score higher points than your opponent.

Tips to Play Online Block Puzzle on MPL

Scoring points in the Block Puzzle game is quite easy. Here are several tips you can use to win this fun game:

Work your way from the corners

One of the Strategies to keep your game going until the timer ends is starting by placing the blocks from the corners. If you work your way from the corners, you will have vertical and horizontal options on any given move. Moreover, you can fit the blocks strategically to avoid leaving blank cells in between.

Focus on clearing vertical or horizontal lines

The idea is not just to fit blocks but to form vertical and horizontal lines which clear the board. Your primary focus should be on clearing vertical and horizontal lines to earn points.

Clear multiple rows and columns

You can earn bonus points by clearing multiple rows and columns simultaneously. Focus on clearing the vertical and horizontal lines and be mindful of the placement of the blocks so that they can clear multiple lines in a go rather than just single lines.

Always leave space for the 3×3 square piece

Remember to leave space for the 3x3 square pieces if you don’t want your game to end. The key here is to create space, not fill space. Clearing cells to place more blocks is what will bring you the much-needed points.

Plan your moves in advance

If you place blocks mindlessly, you might get stuck soon. Planning your moves and staying two blocks ahead can get you going till the timer ends. You can view three blocks at a time in the block puzzle game, with the new set of three blocks appearing after you have placed all the blocks from the old set. This leaves a good opportunity for you to plan your moves in advance.

Strategize, don’t dump

Strategize the placement of the blocks rather than just dumping them on the grid. Choose carefully from the given three blocks and think about placing them strategically, leaving no cells blank. Dumping the blocks on the grid with the fear of the timer running out may not get you far in the game.

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