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About Chess Game

The traces of Chess game history were found way back around 1500 years ago in North India and then spread across the Asian continent. Later, Chess game made its way through Islamic Empire to some parts of Europe. The rules of Chess revamped a numerous number of times until 1880’s and the first official world Chess tournament was held in the year 1886.

This board game was played widely in ancient times and now it has taken its way to smart phones in the 21st century. With MPL you can earn real money by playing games. With over 30+ games in our database, we make sure you get the perfect gaming experience along with continuous earning.

How to Play Chess

How to Play Chess Online With MPL

Before you proceed you must first know how each Chess pieces move. There are in total 36 chess pieces with each side having 16 pieces facing each other. In MPL Chess game there are 6 different kind of Chess pieces that move differently.

How to move the King (Raja)?

The King is considered as one of the most important Chess pieces but on the other end is one of the weakest amongst all. The king is restricted to only move one block in any direction – up, down, sides and diagonally. When the King is attacked by any piece then this is called “Check”.

How to move the Queen (Rani)?

The queen is one of the powerful chess pieces as it can move in any one straight direction regardless any number of blocks – This goes, backward, forward, diagonally and sideways. The only condition the Queen cannot move is when she has her own chess piece on the way.

How to move the Rook (Hathi)?

The Rooks can travel as far as he wants but only towards straight, backwards and sides. They are treated as powerful pieces when they lead the field simultaneously.

How to move the Bishops (Oont)?

Bishops in Chess game can travel as far as they want but can move only diagonally. Each bishop starts on their respective colour (White or Black) and must always stay and travel on the same colour.

How to move the Knight (Ghora)?

Traveling in shape “L” is the only way a Knight piece can travel, and they are the only Chess pieces that can move past other pieces.

How to move the Pawns (Pyada)?

Pawns are the 1st Chess pieces to initiate the game and can be moved only one square forward at a time but can capture diagonally. Pawns can never move backwards or can never capture or move past a piece who is directly in front of it.

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