What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket, as the name suggests, is an online fantasy game where you can create a virtual cricket team of 11 players from an upcoming real-life match. The process of playing fantasy league cricket is quite simple. Your main objective is to score as many points as possible and achieve a position on the leadership board by beating your opponents on the fantasy cricket app.
To play fantasy cricket, you have to pick the best 11 players from the two teams playing a match on the given day. You then select a captain and a vice-captain from the group and lock the team. Points are earned depending on how the players you have selected are performing. There are different sets of points for runs, wickets and catches, among other parameters.
Fantasy cricket is a game of pure skill which requires careful analysis and good knowledge of the sport. The selection of the XI for the fantasy league you are playing depends on many factors, including the pitch, conditions, the current form of the players and toss. For example, on an overcast day, you can go with swing bowlers in your fantasy team as they are more likely to create impact. Similarly, on a dry and humid day, batsmen should dominate your team. If it is a T20 fantasy league such as the IPL, for which you are building your fantasy team, have a lot of all-rounders in your team.
Online fantasy cricket has shown staggering growth in the last few years in India. But what makes playing fantasy cricket on a fantasy cricket app so exciting and why play on MPL, the biggest fantasy cricket app in India? One of the biggest reasons is that come IPL 2022, MPL is introducing GIGL - the Great Indian Gaming League. With this, you have a chance to win prizes up to Rs 2000 crore on the MPL platform.

Why Play Fantasy Cricket?

No boring games:Cricket can sometimes get boring, especially the longer format. However, now that you have your own fantasy team, you will always be involved in the sport, tracking how the players you have selected are doing.
Bring all your cricket knowledge into use and win real cash and rewards:Fantasy cricket on the MPL fantasy app provides you with a platform to bring all the cricket knowledge that you have into use. Build your fantasy cricket dream team and win not just bragging rights over your friends but real cash rewards.
It’s YOUR team:You are the selector, you are the manager, you are the creator! How cool is it to build your cricket team for a fantasy league and see the players you have picked help you win cash? It’s like having your own IPL team.

What is GIGL?

GIGL or the Great Indian Gaming League is a new league introduced by MPL during the IPL 2022 Fantasy Season. Play any game on the MPL app and stand a chance to win prizes up to Rs 2000 crore. Head over to the GIGL section on the app and see the kind of money that can be won every single day during the IPL 2022 fantasy season. The best part - this just does not include prizes to be won in the fantasy category. You stand a chance to win huge rewards across different categories on the MPL ap. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the MPL app, start playing today and win prizes up to Rs 2000 crore this fantasy season.

Play Fantasy Cricket Online On MPL App & Win Big

Ever wondered what it would be like to not just watch live cricket but also become a selector, curate your team and win real cash through fantasy sports? Fantasy cricket in India is trending for all the right reasons. MPL is one of the best fantasy cricket apps, that takes your love for the sport to another level. You can get started by downloading the MPL fantasy app, build your fantasy dream team for the IPL or any other fantasy league, and win real cash daily.
During the IPL 2022 fantasy season, play all games on MPL and win cash prizes up to Rs 2000 crore on the app.

How To Download MPL Fantasy Cricket App?

The MPL fantasy cricket app is free and supported on Android (versions 5.1 and above) and iOS devices. Play now on MPL & have an unparalleled fantasy sports experience. Here are the steps by which you can download the best fantasy sports app on your phone.
On Android 5.1 and above
If you have an Android phone, you need to download the MPL cricket fantasy sports app from your browser.
Go to your browser and set https://mpl.live in your URL box.
Click on the 'Download the MPL App' banner.
On the next screen, you will get a pop-up that reads, "This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep mpl-pro-v117.apk anyway?" Select OK.
Downloading the MPL fantasy app is 100% safe, and it will not harm your device in any manner.
Once you download the app, you can click on the Open button and subsequently the Install button. The application will be installed on your android device.
Once the fantasy cricket app is installed, click on the Open button.
To sign up for the app, you will need to enter your registered number.
Once you do that, a dialog box will appear, stating, "My age is 18 years or older, and I am not playing from the following states - Assam, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh."
If you agree with the terms and conditions, click the 'I agree' button.
You will then receive a 6-digit OTP via SMS on your registered mobile number.
Enter the correct 6-digit OTP, which takes you to the landing page to choose the fantasy cricket option.
On iOS
The MPL fantasy cricket league app is available for download on the Apple app store for free. iOS users can click here to download on their respective devices to play fantasy cricket.
Once you download the MPL fantasy cricket app on your iOS device, you need to install it.
On completion of the installation process, click on the Open button.
To sign up for the app, you will need to enter your registered phone number.
You will then receive a 6-digit OTP via SMS on your registered mobile number.
Enter the correct 6-digit OTP, which takes you to the home page of the MPL app, where you can choose the fantasy cricket option
And voila! You can now explore the exciting world of fantasy sports on the MPL fantasy cricket app.

How To Play Fantasy League Online On MPL App?

The MPL fantasy app provides you with a seamless entry into the world of fantasy sports. With a user interface that is better than most other competitors in the market and a design that appeals to users of all ages, MPL has made itself a prominent fantasy app especially in the fantasy cricket space.
If you are a new fantasy cricket player, here's all you need to get started . To play fantasy cricket online, you will need to download the MPL fantasy cricket app, which hardly takes a few minutes. Here is how you can create your fantasy cricket team on MPL:

Once you have downloaded the MPL app on your phone, click on the fantasy cricket option. You will be taken to a page that has the schedule of “Upcoming Matches.” On MPL you can play a variety of cash contests including Tests, ODIs, T20Is, and T10 games too. In addition, we have various domestic T20 tournaments such as the IPL 2022 fantasy league as well as T20 leagues from other countries on the roster as well. Whether it is a T20 match you want to play or participate in a Test match, you can just click on a contest and start creating your fantasy cricket team.

As mentioned before, the MPL fantasy cricket app offers you different fantasy cricket contests, such as Grand Contest, Head-to-head, Contest of Champions, Winners Takes All, and practice contests.

If you are a new fantasy cricket player, you can play the free practice contest to get a feel of the fantasy app. At an advanced level, you can play the smaller cricket fantasy leagues where the investment is not too high and competition is slightly lesser. If you are at a pro-level, you can go for the "Grand" and "Winner Takes All" types of contests where the risk is high, but the returns are also excellent. Depending on the contest, you can also create multiple teams, which automatically increases your chances of winning.

Once you have selected the contest, you can proceed to pick the teams. This is where your skills come to the fore. Picking the right players on the day is extremely important. Carefully research the ground conditions, weather, opponents, and players before finalizing the team. Pick a captain and vice-captain and save and register your team.

Follow the match and track how your players are performing through the score updates. If you are in the winning zone on the leaderboard, whatever cash prize you have won will be credited instantly to your account soon after the scoring is done for a match.

You can view all the contests that you have joined in the "Joined" tab. On the MPL fantasy cricket app, you can make as many edits to your team until the first ball of the match is bowled.

How To Create Your Fantasy Cricket Dream Team?

To play fantasy cricket, you have to create your fantasy cricket team. There are a few pointers to keep in mind while forming your team on your favourite fantasy cricket app.
Different fantasy cricket apps have different sets of rules when it comes to building an online fantasy cricket team. The rules are similar to how any franchise build their team during the IPL auction keeping all their bases covered. On MPL, the users are assigned 100 credit points to build a team. Each player comes with a set credit score which varies depending on his form and stature. Your objective is to create a balanced team within the 100 credit points.
However, you can only pick a maximum of 7 players from one team. To play fantasy cricket your team needs to constitute of the following:
Wicket-Keepers (Minimum - 1, Maximum - 4)
Batsmen (Minimum - 3, Maximum - 6)
All-rounders (Minimum - 1, Maximum - 4)
Bowlers (Minimum - 3, Maximum - 6)
On selecting the 11 players, you will need to assign a captain and vice-captain. This is a critical step as the captain gives you 2x the points while the latter gives 1.5x the points.
Once you have decided on the combination, save your team, and you are good to go. Starting points are assigned to any player based on the announcement of his/her inclusion in the team. You should pick players that you feel will give maximum points on the given day.

Fantasy Cricket Points System

Players on the fantasy cricket app are awarded points based on their performance. The points system varies based on the format of the match, such as ODIs, Tests, T20Is, T20 fantasy league etc.

You should know the points system at the back of your hands as this is what ultimately decides your winnings.






T20 - Batting

T20 - Batting

T20 - Bowling

T20 - Bowling

T20 - Fielding

T20 - Fielding

T20 - Others

T20 - Others

T20 - Economy Rate

T20 - Economy Rate

T20 - Strike Rate (Except Bowler)

T20 - Strike Rate (Except Bowler)

Types Of Fantasy Cricket Leagues

The MPL fantasy cricket app is your one-stop destination to make fantasy teams for your favorite cricket match. Be it a Test match, ODI, T20I, or even the T10 leagues, MPL has every fantasy cricket league in its schedule. You need to go to the "Upcoming Matches" page, and all details can be found under one roof. Select which matches you want to play and win big! Apart from the international matches, you can also create fantasy teams for any T20 fantasy league around the world. Some of the fantasy cricket leagues which are part of the schedule on MPL are:

Indian T20 League

Inarguably the biggest domestic league in the world, the IPL has caught the attention of the masses like no other. There is a reason why cricketers from all over the world come in huge numbers to take part in the Indian T20 league . The tournament witnesses cutthroat competition season after season and it going to be no different in IPL 2022. As the players battle it out in the middle, you also have a chance to win real cash prizes by building fantasy cricket teams for every match.

Australian T20 League

Most feel the T20 league in Australia is only second to the IPL in terms of the quality of cricket on display. While the Indians are not part of it, the tournament still attracts plenty of attention from cricketers of other nations. The tournament spans for close to two months, and with over 60 matches in the schedule., you have a chance to create fantasy teams and win cash daily.

T20 World Cup Fantasy League

The T20 World Cup is the most coveted prize for the shortest format of the game, that is T20 cricket. Played once every two years, the T20 World Cup has garnered a massive fan following over the years. India won the inaugural edition of the T20 WC and since then the tournament has seen a huge spike in popularity. West Indies is the most successful team having won the T20 World Cup twice, while England, India, Pakistan, Australia and Sri Lanka have all been champions at least once. The next edition of the T20 World Cup will be held in Australia in 2022.

New Zealand, England, South Africa, and the Caribbean also have their individual T20 leagues, and you can build your dream teams for all of these leagues on the MPL fantasy cricket app to win exciting cash rewards.
So strap yourself, get your devices out, download the MPL fantasy cricket app today and you can win big!

Fantasy Cricket Tips And Tricks To Win Big Cash Prizes

Playing fantasy cricket online might seem simple enough. Most people feel it's all about picking random players and getting a 11 together on a fantasy cricket app. It isn't as easy.
Fantasy cricket, like any other task, requires careful planning, strategy and research. MPL, not only provides a platform for you to create fantasy cricket teams but also helps you in strategizing better. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to play fantasy cricket.
Here are some tips and tricks that might help you in winning big cash prizes:
Practice makes a man perfect: This age-old adage fits perfectly with users playing fantasy cricket. Any application takes a bit of time to get used to.
It is advisable when you first start playing fantasy cricket on MPL; you enter the free practice contests to get accustomed to the app.
Once you understand the look and feel of the app, you can then start playing the cash contests.
Research is key: Make sure you carefully research the pitch, ground conditions, venue history, and player form when you build your team. Never be in a hurry to join a contest. Decide your fantasy team well in advance so that once the toss is done, if a certain player from your fantasy XI is not playing, you have enough time to replace him. This holds particularly true for T20 tournaments such as IPL where the turnaround time is less.
Make smart buys: Set aside a budget that you are willing to spend on fantasy cricket, and divide that into parts. For example, you are looking to spend INR 5000 on fantasy cricket on the MPL fantasy app. But do not invest more than INR 300-450 per game. The more games you play, the greater your chances of winning.
Never play a grand league with just a single team: Try always to pick an all-rounder as your captain as he can fetch points from both departments. A captain ensures you get 2x points, which is why it is best to make an in-form all-rounder as your fantasy league team captain.

For more such fantasy cricket tips and tricks click here to read more.

Benefits Of Playing Fantasy Cricket

Mobile Premier League is the best fantasy sports app, the latest gaming platform that gives you the best-in-industry rewards and cash prizes.
MPL offers you all kinds of fantasy games from fantasy football, kabaddi, basketball, cricket, along with a plethora of other games. Connect with your friends and have a fantasy sports experience like never before. In addition, you can win big cash prizes and Paytm cash by making full use of your sports knowledge, all from the comfort of your couch.
Cricket is ingrained in the consciousness of Indians like no other game. Fantasy cricket in India is also picking pace owing to the love for cricket and fantasy sports. The MPL fantasy cricket app helps such fans translate that knowledge into something much more productive by offering the best fantasy cricket app with incredible features for an amazing user experience.
Some of the other benefits of playing fantasy cricket on MPL includes:
If you consider yourself on being a cricket fan, fantasy cricket gives you a platform to display your cricketing skills to a larger audience.
Even a one-sided real-life cricket game becomes more exciting as you are constantly tuned in to see how your selected players are performing.
MPL is a place for beginners and pros. If you are a new fantasy cricket player, you can play the free practice games and learn the nuances of the game. If you are a pro, there are many contests where you can earn cash prizes every day.
MPL is the only platform that does not have a limit on cash withdrawals. The winnings are credited to your accounts immediately.
There are referral and bonus programs in place where every user gets a 5% entry fee cash-back, up to INR 5,000 deposit cash every time he plays a match. Go ahead and refer a friend to receive a referral bonus.

What is Fantasy Team Trading?

Now you must be wondering what this new term team trading correlates to? This fantasy season MPL brings to you a new feature that will help fantasy team owners bid, negotiate and buy fantasy teams from other owners while participating in a particular contest.
Here’s how fantasy team trading on MPL works.
As soon as a user is registered into an MPL fantasy contest he gets access to the leaderboard, where all information about all the other competitors partaking in the contest is available. One can filter out their opponents through the number of fantasy points earned, the players who are captaining their sides, or even the included and excluded players on their roster.
The filters help an MPL fantasy team owner to identify exactly what he or she is looking for before they bid for a particular team. A buyer should do thorough research and go for the team that matches all the criteria. The receiver at the end of the bid will have the full freedom to decide about his or her team’s fate.

Once a fantasy team owner decides to accept a bid and sell the team, the buyer will get all the winnings associated with the new team he or she is buying. As for the seller, MPL will take a 10% cut from the profit.

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