What is team trading in MPL fantasy games?

MPL has introduced the all-new team trading feature in its fantasy games, where fantasy team owners can bid, negotiate and buy fantasy teams from other owners while participating in a contest.
The knowledge and research put into making a fantasy team can only help a user to an extent, as the actual outcome of a game is always uncertain. However, with MPL’s new team trading feature, a fantasy user can almost always be the winner of any contest regardless of the performances of his handpicked players.
There are hundreds of fantasy game contests going on in MPL every day and team trading can help you ace in all of them. A user just needs to register oneself in any of the fantasy contests going on in MPL and he or she will be immediately eligible to make a bid for team trading.

How to do team trading in MPL fantasy games?

As soon as a user is registered into an MPL fantasy contest one gets access to the leaderboard, where all information about all the other competitors partaking in the contest is available. One can filter out their opponents through the number of fantasy points earned, the players who are captaining their sides, or even the included and excluded players on their roster.
The filters help an MPL fantasy team owner to identify exactly what he or she is looking for before they bid for a particular team. A buyer should do thorough research and go for the team that matches all the criteria. The receiver at the end of the bid will have the full freedom to decide about his or her team’s fate.
Once a fantasy team owner decides to accept a bid and sell the team, the buyer will get all the winnings associated with the new team he or she is buying. As for the seller, MPL will take a 10% cut from the profit.
However, it is important to note that the winnings transferred will only be limited to that particular contest, which both the fantasy team owners are a part of.
For example, if the original team was made for an MPL Grand contest, then the fantasy team owner buying the team will only be eligible to get the new team’s winnings from that Grand contest.

How is team trading advantageous in fantasy games?

If there was ever to be a game-changer in fantasy games, it is this. Assembling a winning team in fantasy games is almost as difficult as it is in real life. One can get the best of players in his or her roster and it still won’t guarantee a winning performance as factors like luck or the mental space of a player on that particular day is beyond anyone’s control.
The only way around this is team trading, where if you can’t make a winning team, you might as well go and buy the best performing one. The fact that team trading is possible even after the match starts, make it all the more exciting for the buyers out there.
For the sellers, it is no spoilsport either. Your team might have done exceptionally well in the first-half of a match but it never guarantees a similar performance in the remaining half. Hence, team trading provides you with a marvell0us opportunity to showcase your winnings and sell your team for a good profit while you have time.
On a broader perspective, continuous team trading during a contest would have a better probability to fetch profit. There are no limits to buying and selling teams in MPL. While the potential buyer can identify his or her’s perfect team from a large pool through MPL’s tailor-made filter on the leaderboard, the seller has the huge incentive to assemble a brilliant team and then sell it at a higher price.
If better knowledge of the game and players had previously given fantasy team owners an edge over others, the introduction of team-trading now changes the game forever. For the buyers, this gives them a chance to rectify their mistakes long after the contest has started as they can make the ideal additions later in the game. It increases their chances to win the contest exponentially.


Team Trading is undoubtedly the future of fantasy games with the challenges steeper and incentives bigger. However, what makes this feature so lucrative to the fantasy users is that the basic requirements of having in-depth knowledge and doing detailed research of the sport are still fundamental to it.
So what are you waiting for? Download the MPL Fantasy app today and start team trading now!

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