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What Is Opinio Game?

As the name suggests, Opinio on MPL is an expert opinion-based game, where the player will be posed questions on various real events and he or she has to pick the answer which they think is most likely to happen. Questions on Opinio are generally based on topics like cricket, crypto and other things trending, which can range from movies and award shows to reality shows and tv show numbers.

One needs to be have expertise and knowledge on those topics to predict correctly and win money. The results are published after the event ends and the outcome is revealed. A player can invest in these questions and win additional money by predicting correctly.

Players can invest on Yes or No option for any question which is matched with another player of the opposite opinion. Once the result is known, the player who invested in the right option will win Rs 10 for every trade quantity. 

Steps To Play Opinio On MPL

When a player clicks on game tile, they will see a list of questions related to real events. The expiry time of the question will also be visible on the question card.

Based on users skill and expertise, they can choose to answer any question. After selecting either Yes or No option, players will be able to choose their price and quantity for the question which will be matched with other users of the opposite opinion. e.g., if player A invests Rs 5 on Yes option and chooses 10 quantities, their 10 quantities will be matched with other players who invested Rs 5 on No option. After settlement, the user who invested on the right option will win Rs 10 for each quantity. Players also have the option to cancel their unmatched orders anytime for an instant refund or exit their matched quantities at any price before the result is known

Why Play Opinio Online On MPL?

MPL is one of India's leading and most trusted online gaming platforms, with millions of users playing their favourite online games on the app. The following are the reasons that make MPL stand out and make playing online Opinio exciting.

First & foremost, MPL offers an exciting version of Opinio, which you may have never played before.

On MPL, one can play Opinio online meaning you don’t need to download the game.

Apart from Opinio, MPL also offers various tournaments where one can participate with their friends and win real money. Most importantly, one can transfer their winnings instantly to their bank account.

The app offers advanced graphics and an interface that make the gameplay a fun event. MPL provides you with a high-end and seamless gaming experience with all information at your disposal.

The app ensures complete data security and identity privacy of the users. MPL provides its players with 24x7 customer support where one can ask queries at any point in time in a day.

MPL is synonymous with safety as all the transactions are safe and secure.


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How To Increase My Earnings On Opinio?

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