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Concept of Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a strategy based online sports game where the user has to make a virtual team of 11 real cricketers playing a real game anywhere around the globe. The user earns points based on the performance of the players in that game, with the ultimate aim being to earn as many points as possible.

This is done by picking the best possible 11 from the two teams that are playing a match. You can pick the best 11 after analyzing the recent form, the opponent’s strengths, weaknesses and the past performance of the cricketers at the venue, among other factors.

Each cricketer has been allotted credit points, and your aim is to pick 11 players within the total credit points on the fantasy cricket platform that you play in ( usually 100 credit points).

Fantasy cricket is not merely a game of luck. In order to win big and outscore the other competitors, you need to read the game well by researching the past statistics of individual players.

Keeping track of the pitch reports will help you pick the best players - if you are a cricket fan, you will know that you need to include more spinners at the Chepauk stadium whereas you will need to include more batsmen in the fantasy team if a game is being played at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium at Bengaluru.

The goal is to find players who will make a difference and give you an edge as you look to beat your competitors.

Tips & Tricks for Fantasy Cricket

The most important point to remember while picking any fantasy team is to include players who can earn points in more departments than one or players who have a higher chance of earning more points.

Hence, all-rounders should be given a preference, as they have the skills to earn crucial points with both bat and ball. An all-rounder who bowls his maximum overs in a match regularly and who bats in the top-order should also be preferred, as the chances of him getting more wickets or scoring more runs increases as compared to a player who might pitch in with an over or two and bat at number 5 or 6.

While choosing a wicket-keeper, it is recommended to pick a player who can also bat in the top three. A cricketer like Quinton de Kock has a higher chance of returning with more points in a limited-overs game as he not only keeps wickets but also opens the innings - which means that he potentially has the full 40 overs (in T20I) or 100 overs (in ODIs) to create an impact.

The same goes for picking a batsman. Ideally, batters in the top three or four should be picked unless a particular side’s top-order has been consistently failing.

A cricketer who comes in at number 6 or lower (and does not bowl or keep wickets) might get very few balls, if at all, to face if the top-order gets going. As a result, he would be occupying a spot in your fantasy team without yielding the desired points.

While these are some general points to consider, there are fantasy cricket tips for beginners, advanced and pro fantasy players.

Beginners Fantasy Cricket Tips

Every action on the cricket field earns points - from catches to runs scored, to wickets taken or stumpings made. A few simple fantasy cricket tips to help you if you are a beginner are -

Don’t rely on just reputation but go for current form as well. Often the big players are allotted maximum credit points, and selecting them if they are out-of-form gives very little return.

The most fundamental aspect is to ensure that the players you have picked are playing on a particular day. Keep a track of the toss (held 30 minutes before a game) and make the required changes if the player you have picked in your fantasy team is not in the line-up. Your teams are often locked only after the first ball is bowled in a cricket game.

Choosing the right captain and vice-captain is as important as picking the 11 players in your team. The selected captain is often awarded 2x points, while the vice-captain is awarded 1.5x points in a game. Ideally, it is recommended to pick all-rounders as the captain or vice-captain as they earn points from various departments.

Do not forget to include a dark horse in your fantasy team - a player who not many might pick but is an underrated performer. A wicket-taker in the middle overs or a bowler who can also hit a few big shots can give your team an edge and ensure you get a few more points.

Fantasy cricket tips for advanced players

Every fantasy player who has been making teams for a while will know that they can either join small or grand leagues to win money.

But which is the best league for you that will increase your chances of winning prize money on fantasy platforms?

It is advised that advanced players participate in the small leagues, where the contests are limited to a few participants. The chances of winning in small leagues are higher because we have to compete with fewer people.

Always join a small league (with 30 or less teams) with just one team as only one team will win in the end. As a result, the entry fee of the other fantasy teams that we have made will go to waste.

Avoid picking risky players and stay put with safe players who are in form even if their credit points are high as that will increase your probability of scoring more points.

Appoint in-form players as captain and vice-captain and avoid taking big risks as one bad pick and you are unlikely to win.

Fantasy cricket tips for pro players

Only fantasy players who have been playing for a long time and have tasted success in the small leagues will take the risk of playing in a grand league, where the number of participating teams is anywhere from 100 to lakhs. Here are the best tips for the pro players to win grand leagues in a fantasy platform.

Unlike in small leagues, where it is advised to stick to a safer team, calculated risks are the need of the hour if you want to win in grand leagues, where the amount you win depends on where you finish in the points table at the end of a game.

Do not only pick in-form players but select a world-class experienced player who might not be in the best nick as well. You never know when they come roaring back into form. Never forget to pick unique players as well, which many teams might not have picked as one good day by them will give you a huge advantage.

Always try and play more than 5-6 teams in a grand league as more teams means more chances of winning. Never forget to make different combinations and have different captains and vice-captains for all your teams as well.

FAQ Related to Fantasy Cricket Tips

How do you win in fantasy cricket?

After picking a game for which you want to make a fantasy team, you need to decide if you want to join a head-to-head contest with your friends, a free contest where you will not be asked to deposit money but where you will not win any prize or a grand league.

For beginners, playing with friends or joining a small league is recommended as you are not likely to lose a big amount if you do not win. Irrespective of the team you join, here are a few must-know tips that will increase your chances of winnings.

Do not believe in favouritism - Your favourite cricketer might have impacted your life drastically and you cannot overlook them while picking your fantasy side, but if winning is on your mind, you need to let go of emotions and think with logic. The team you pick should be strategically based on aspects like pitch, form and weather.

Do not underestimate the power of research - The most important step in any fantasy game is research, Before you lock your teams, make sure that the 11 players that you have selected are the best for that particular game. Read in-depth statistics and not just the basics. For example, a player might not be in the best of forms but he might have a stellar record at a particular venue or against a particular opponent.

Investing time is the key - You need to invest time in your fantasy team on a daily basis. It does not mean that you drop all your daily chores, but keeping track of injuries, replacements, weather and the pitch is essential. Do not wait for the last hour to find out the weather updates or how the pitch will play as you are likely to make a rushed decision. If an in-form player, for example, is not the best in windy conditions (if the weather prediction is such), avoid picking him and choose another cricketer who might have better records. Keep in mind the opponent and the kind of pitch as well (some players play better in slow tracks while some might have better records against a team).

How does fantasy cricket make money?

If you are new to fantasy cricket, you might be wondering how the apps work and how you can win cash prizes.

You need to do just three basic things to play fantasy cricket and stand a chance to win. They are - choosing a match and making the best 11, depositing money and joining contests, and tracking the leaderboard to see if your team is winning.

Remember to make a team on a fantasy cricket app that allows you to modify your team after the toss. You will get to know the confirmed playing 11 after the toss, which will allow you to change your fantasy team if you have picked a player who is not playing. After the toss, you will also know the side that will bat first, which will allow you to strategize.

Before joining the contests, you need to understand how the point system works in the particular fantasy app where you have made a team. Some apps give more points to batting (runs scored, boundaries hit, the fifties, hundreds, etc) while some give more weightage to bowling performances (five-wicket hauls, four-wicket hauls, dot balls). Also be careful to note when minus points are given. Usually batters are given minus points for a duck, which might force you to re-think your tactics.

Join small and grand leagues according to how comfortable you are. Try your hand at free contests initially and see how your team fares. Once you get accustomed to playing fantasy cricket, invest small sums up to INR 50 in head-to-head contests with friends or small leagues. You might or might not win at first, but you will figure out interesting and useful tricks and tips as you keep playing. Only then join grand leagues.

Is it legal to play fantasy cricket in India?

Unlike betting or gambling, fantasy cricket in India is totally legal, according to the ruling from a High Court. In its judgement, the Court stated that fantasy sports is not merely a game of chance as it requires considerable skill, discretion, logic, reasoning and analysis. Success in any fantasy sport depends on knowledge, research and experience and there is an ‘element of skill’ that goes into making every fantasy team.

The Court had also ruled that as the team cannot be changed once a sports match starts, fantasy gaming platforms do not fall under the purview of the Public Gambling Act, 1867. They also added that fantasy sports is not a gambling activity and is a recognized business activity that is protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India.

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