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About Fantasy Cricket App - MPL

Mobile Premier League is a gaming app with fantasy cricket that allows users to make virtual cricket teams and earn cash prizes with just their mobile phones. Fantasy cricket is a game that allows you to make a cricket team with eleven players, with the user selecting players from both teams. The team is made using strategy, tactics and thorough analysis before a real match begins. You get points based on how the players that you select in the fantasy cricket app perform in the real match. The better your selected cricketers perform on the field, the more number of points you will get, and the higher you will finish on the leaderboard.

MPL is a platform that allows you to form and select your own team before any cricket game - domestic or international. Get your friends to play with you, earn exciting prizes and earn bragging rights. Excited to start playing? Download the MPL app now!

How to Download MPL Fantasy Cricket App

As cash contests are not allowed on the Play Store, you will need to download the MPL Fantasy Cricket app from Google Chrome. Android users can download the app from here: https://www.mpl.live/fantasy-cricket/app

The MPL Fantasy Cricket app however, is available on the Apple app store.IPhone users can go to the link below and download the app: Download App

Clicking on the link will give you the option of downloading the app on your mobile phone. Click on the banner that reads “Download the MPL App”.

A pop-up that reads “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep mpl-pro-v104.apk anyway?” will pop up. Select OK. DOWNLOADING THE MPL FANTASY CRICKET APP WILL NOT HARM YOUR DEVICE IN ANY WAY. The app is completely safe to download and play.

Once the download is complete, you will be asked to install the application onto your Android or Iphone device. Once it is installed, click ‘Open’.

To sign up to the app, you will need to give us a registered mobile number that can receive SMS’s. You will be required to insert a 6-digit OTP once you insert a number.

Before adding the OTP, click on the dialog box that says “I am 18 years of age and above”. Once the OTP is given, you are signed in and free to start playing fantasy cricket on the MPL app and win prizes.

How to Begin with Fantasy App

MPL is one of the best fantasy cricket app in India, which allows you the option of playing various contests and competitions. Before every game, you have the option of reading the best MPL fantasy team, tricks and tips by our experts, which should help you make wiser selections when it comes to your team. Once the app is downloaded and you select cricket, you will be redirected to a page that has all upcoming matches. You can select one or more matches and start making a fantasy team right away.

Before starting, however, be sure to add some money into your MPL fantasy cricket app wallet. Click on the top rightcorner of the page, where you will come across your Wallet. You will have a token balance of 20 and a total cash balance of INR 10, which is given to you by MPL after you sign in. To add more, simply click on the “Add More” button, add the amount of cash you wish to add to your wallet and “Proceed to Add cash”. The more money you add, the higher chances of you getting a scratch card. On the same page, you will also be shown the coupons and offers available for you.

You can add any amount into your MPL fantasy cricket app through your Paytm, UPI, Netbanking accounts. Cash can also be added using a debit or credit card. All payments made to the MPL app are 100% secure.

Proceed to the “Upcoming Matches” section, select a match that you wish to play in and proceed to make your team. You will be redirected to a page that will show you the maximum earnings for a game and the entry fee required. You have the option of joining Grand Leagues, Small Leagues or Head to Head matches, where you and a limited number of your friends can play with each other.

Select a contest, make your team and get going! You can also join free contests.

How to make fantasy team on MPL Fantasy cricket app

Every match that you wish to play will have the same set of basic rules. You can select 1-4 wicket-keepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all-rounders and 3-6 bowlers. Each player is assigned a particular credit, based on their reputation and their current form. Remember, you have 100 credits in total to pick 11 players and make a fantasy team, so you cannot fill your side with just the big names. Your fantasy team has to be a good balance of experienced and young players, which is where your analytical skills will come into play.

Once you choose the best 11 players from the two teams (you can select a maximum of seven players from one particular side), you will be asked to pick a captain and the vice-captain. The captain that you pick will get 2x more points and the vice-captain gets 1.5x more points. Try picking players who can perform and earn points in more than one department in a game as your captain and vice-captain, so you can earn more points.

Once you select the team, click on save and you are good to go. You can make as many changes to your team till the first ball in a match is bowled. Hence, it is a good idea to keep a track of the toss and remove any players from your fantasy team who might not be playing a game. Remember, if a player does not play a match, you do not get any points.

What is the point scoring system in the MPL fantasy cricket app

Every player is awarded points for batting, bowling, fielding, economy rate and strike rate. Starting points are also assigned to a cricketer if they play a particular match. However, if a player is not able to play a game after being included in the team sheet, they will not score any points. Points shall be given, instead, to the player who replaces the initial cricketer.

Batting Points

Every run scored gets 0.5 points

Every four gets an additional 0.5 points (so, every four will fetch you 2.5 points - 0.5 points for every run scored and 0.5 points extra for the four hit)

Every six gets an additional 1 point

A player gets +4 points if he gets to his half century

A century fetches the batsman an additional 8 points

A duck, however, means that 2 points are deducted from your overall score

Bowling Points

Bowlers have a huge advantage in the MPL fantasy cricket app, as every wicket that they get earns them +10 points

A four wicket haul gets a bonus of 4 extra points, while a five wicket haul means a bowler gets 8 extra points (hence, a 5 wicket haul will get a bowler 58 points - 10 points for every wicket taken, plus a bonus of 8 points)

A maiden over too is rewarded, with every maiden over getting you +4 points

Fielding Points

A catch fetches a player +4 points

A stumping or a direct run-out by any fielder or the wicket-keeper gets an extra 6 points

If a cricketer manages to take as many as five catches in a match, he or she is given 8 additional points

In case of a run-out where two people are involved, the thrower gets +4 points, while the cricketer who ran out the opponent gets +2 points

Economy Rate Points for Bowlers

A bowler is only awarded for the runs conceded if he manages to bowl below an economy rate of less than seven runs an over. An economy rate of less than 4 in a game fetches +3 points, an economy rate between 4 and 4.99 gets +2 points, while an economy rate between 5-6 gets one point for the cricketer

However, his points are deducted if a bowler’s economy rate is more than 9 runs an over. 9-10 runs an over gets you -1 points, between 10.1 to 11 runs per over gets a deduction of -2 points, while more than 11 runs an over means you lose out on 3 points. Hence, selecting bowlers who can not only take wickets but can bowl tight lines and lengths is extremely crucial

Strike Rate Points for Batsmen

The first important point to note is that cricketers who are enlisted as bowlers in the MPL fantasy cricket app are not included in this point system. Only wicket keepers, batters and all-rounders are in this list

Cricketers are not awarded points for having an exceptional strike rate, but they are given minus points if they have a strike rate of less than 70

Players with a strike rate between 60 to 70 get one minus point, between 50 to 59.9 get -2 points, while cricketers who bat with a strike rate below 50 in any innings get minus 3 points

As already mentioned, captains and vice captains get additional points aside from the above scoring system, hence it is advised to select in-form players who can contribute in more than one department for this role. Opening batters are also good picks, as they have the full quota of overs to make a mark, and, if they play a majority of the allotted overs, they can earn high points.

Benefits of playing Fantasy cricket on MPL App

The benefits of playing fantasy cricket on the MPL app are many. It is completely safe, and you can instantly withdraw your earnings into your bank account. It is real-time, which means that you do not have to wait for days to get your earnings into your wallet. The other benefits of playing MPL fantasy cricket are:

You have a number of games to choose from. Beginners can join practice contests and get themselves acquainted with the app and the points system before they play with money. The advanced players can take part in small leagues or head to head contests with their friends, that require you to deposit a nominal sum for a small cash prize. Once you are ready to take the big leap, you can play grand leagues, where you have a higher chance of winning thousands of rupees.

The app runs smoothly without any lag, making it user friendly and a pleasure to use.

You can also browse the MPL website, where you will be given daily tips and tricks by experts, along with the best MPL Fantasy XI for any upcoming game.

Some games on the app give you an instant entry fee back. If you play those matches and join a league after investing money, a certain percentage of the entry fee will be sent back to your wallet. These incentives further help users invest more and play more.

You also get bonuses for referrals, aside from regular scratch cards, coupons and offers.

Mobile Premier League is the official sponsors of the Caribbean Premier League team Trinbago Knight Riders and the Indian Premier League side Kolkata Knight Riders this year. Top performers in leagues can get to have an E-meeting with the biggest names from the two franchises, which have players like Sunil Narine, Keiron Pollard and Eoin Morgan.

Did I mention that you can earn bragging rights over your friends? Have friends who constantly argue that their cricketing brains and skills are better? What better way to settle those debates than making teams on the MPL fantasy cricket app and seeing which team finishes first?

FAQs related to Fantasy Cricket App

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Is fantasy cricket legal in India?

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