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6 Easy Tricks on How to Take Wickets in WCC2

Playing cricket physically on a field with friends may be difficult in this pandemic, but the fun doesn’t stop here. Cricket fans can still enjoy their favorite sport through online games and fantasy cricket. One of the most popular cricket games in the online space is the World Cricket Championship 2, taking mobile cricket games to the next level. WCC2 is loved by cricket enthusiasts owing to the realistic gaming experience it offers. If you have played the WCC2 game online before, you probably know how amazing it is. This blog covers several easy tricks that you can use to take multiple wickets in a WCC2 game.

How to take Wickets in WCC2?

A common situation that occurs in the WCC2 game is the Leg Before Wicket (LBW). Unlike the real-life matches where the LBW judgment can be challenged and decided, the players playing the WCC2 game lack opportunities to query the third umpire. Therefore, it becomes more important to master a few bowling techniques to ensure you take multiple wickets in the game and defeat your opponents. The below tips and tricks will help you increase your stumpings and probably help you win the game.

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Customize Your Squad Lineup

Each WCC2 game is divided into two innings, and it is essential to familiarize yourself with the bowling mechanics to excel in the game. Every player has an equal number of fast bowlers, spinners, and medium-paced bowlers by default in the game. However, to bowl with maximum accuracy, you can even customize your squad lineup and select the bowlers most suited to your bowling strategy. You can customize the squad lineup through the main menu, where you will find a pool of players. 

Choose Your Bowlers Wisely

It goes without saying that taking wickets is heavily dependent on the bowlers in the game. If you are a beginner, it’s a safer choice to go with fast-paced bowlers as the pace of the ball does most of the work. However, you will have to aim directly for the stumps or yorkers with fast-paced bowlers as the batsman may hit a six even with a slight bounce to the fast-paced ball.

If you have played WCC2 several times and have a little experience, you can even pressurize the batsman with spinners. Mastering the spin is difficult in the beginning; however, with sufficient practice, spin bowling makes it easier to take wickets than any other bowling technique. Your screen also shows a spin meter while spinning the ball. You can choose the opposite spin to the batting side of the batsman. For instance, if the batsman is a right-handed one, you should spin to the left and vice versa to create pressure on the batsman and grab the opportunity for a dismissal.

Strong Fielding Formations

Based on the batsman at the striking end, you need to set an effective fielding formation to stop the opposing team from reaching their targets. Although there are three types of fielding formations to choose from, you can also customize the fielding formation as per your preference. 

During the initial stages of the innings, it is wise to use an aggressive fielding formation to build up pressure on the batsman. Placing four fielders in the inner circle can do that trick as it will stop the batsmen from taking runs and force them to play lofted shots, increasing the chances of catches.

During the middle order of the game, a defensive fielding formation can be adopted to prevent your opponent from scoring runs. In a defensive formation, most of the fielders are placed towards the boundaries to prevent batsmen from scoring sixes and fours. A defensive strategy at this point will result in lofted shots and increased chances of catches. Once you are familiar with these strategies, you can even customize the fielding formation based on the players’ style of play.

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Use Your Spin Tactics

If you are playing a limited-overs match, spinners are the best bowlers to go for. In such a match, the batsmen are more likely to make mistakes by playing attacking shots. However, if the spin bowling is not accurate, the batsman can easily hit a six or four. The strategy with spin bowling is to bowl on one side of the wicket and prevent the batsman from scoring runs. 

Focus on the Line of Attack 

If the batsman is a right-handed one, the off-spinners should focus on the two main lines of attack. The around the wicket bowling attack at off stump so that the ball straightens and the over the wicket outside off stump which will make the ball turn back to the stumps. Although the former line of attack is difficult to play with a leg side-biased field, it can still lead to multiple catches for short-leg fielders. The latter line of attack leads to a through-the-gate dismissal unless the batsman plays with the turn into the leg side.

Make the most of the Death Over

Taking wickets gets easier towards the end of an innings as most of the batsmen try to score big runs and go for big hits. At this point, it is best to use fast bowlers at the top level. You can also use quality spinners if they are good performers and hit the target areas with accuracy and confidence.

Use these tips in your next WCC2 game on MPL to increase the dismissals and your chances of winning cash prizes. There are 29 bowling actions that the game features, and you can make the most of the best ones to take maximum wickets. 

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