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6 Unbelievable Facts You Never Knew About Online Ludo Games

In the age of smartphones, the craze for the game of Ludo has had a resurgence. Known as one of the best board games among young children, it has become clear that adults cannot get enough of it either. The popularity of online Ludo games has exploded in recent years. Millions of adults and youngsters enjoy playing ludo online.

Amongst the youth, getting together with friends over a game of Ludo is becoming quite common. Others like the thrill of challenging random opponents online. No matter how you enjoy a game, we can all agree that we love to play Ludo online

6 Facts on Online Ludo Games

The original Ludo game is believed to have originated in India. It is played in different parts of the world with slightly different rules and styles. As the online Ludo community grows more robust, we can finally unite and be part of something bigger. As much as we love the game, not many know the fascinating details about it. There are many interesting and unbelievable facts about online Ludo games we never knew before. Read on further about some incredible facts about Ludo. 

1. Ludo Originated in India

Before Ludo became one of our childhood’s most popular indoor games and an eventual online gaming sensation, it was played by royalty and noblemen in India. Many early depictions and forms of the Ludo game have been found in India. These mentions and illustrations of the modern board game make it clear that Ludo originated in India. Today, millions of children and grownups have played the Ludo game at least once in their lifetime. 

2. It Used To Be Known As Pachisi

When Ludo was played in India, this board game was known as Pachisi. The game was very identical to the Ludo online board game played today. Pachisi has been derived from the number ‘twenty-five’, which is called ‘pachchis’ in Hindi. Twenty-five was the highest score a player could throw in this version of Ludo. 

In those days, Mughal emperors played the game in a truly grand manner. Instead of Ludo pieces, real people acted as pieces in a large open space. They even wore different colored outfits for each house in the game. These large open spaces were designed to mimic the Ludo board game. Today, the game has traveled from small boards, clothes, and courtyards to our smartphones. What an exciting journey, isn’t it? 

3. Adapted and Played Throughout the World

Over the years, the game of Ludo spread throughout the world. Many civilizations and nations created their version of the game, using slightly different rules. However, the core principles of the Ludo game were intact. This fantastic and exciting game was loved by everyone, from the British to the Vietnamese. If you have played a Ludo game44 with your friends and family, you will know just how intense and fun playing this game can be. With technological advancements, it is now possible for people all over the world to play online Ludo. Not only this, but you can also play this fantastic online board game with random people from across the globe. 

4. The Online Ludo Dice Roll Is Completely Random

 Many online Ludo players believe the digital dice to be pre-programmed with certain combinations. In fact, this is a complete myth. The online Ludo game dice is entirely random and controlled by an algorithm. When you play Ludo online, each roll of the dice is unpredictable. So the next time you roll a six, you should know it is all your luck and not an algorithm determining the result. 

5. Online Ludo Is A Game Of Strategy, Not Luck

When you play Ludo online, the roll of the dice is indeed based on your luck. However, the Ludo game itself is based on your strategy and not your fate. As the dice roll is random, online Ludo players have control over the movement of their pieces. By controlling the movement of their pieces, players decide their strategy. This makes online Ludo, and even traditional Ludo, a game based on strategy and not luck. You can also read about some tactical ways to use the tokens in ludo.

6. You Can Instantly Play Online Ludo On MPL 

There is no doubt that playing the Ludo game is one of the most exciting ways to spend your time. Moreover, when you get an opportunity to play with the best players from across the globe, the excitement turns into a thrill. With the MPL Pro App, you can easily play Ludo online and earn fellow players’ respect in no time. Collect experience, sharpen your Ludo skills to play against the finest. With the Mobile Premier League, you can enjoy a game of Ludo whenever you like, wherever you want. 

Want to play a game of online Ludo immediately? Download the MPL Pro App, and join millions of Ludo lovers on India’s largest mobile gaming platform. All that you need is to register yourself on the MPL Pro App, and let the excitement begin! 

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