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How To Play Baseball Poker?

Are you an enthusiast of the game of baseball? Or poker? Let us introduce you to Baseball Poker! Poker games are one of the most popular board games in the world. Baseball poker is one of the most voguish and recognized home board games to play on the weekends with family. It is one of the most popular games in the world. So, without delaying any further, learn this fun poker game in a few simple steps.

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Introduction Of Baseball Poker

Baseball is one variant of poker in which stud players have added rules on 3s (4) and 9. The cards have been chosen based on their numerical relevance for a particular game (3 hits, four bats, nine innings). Baseball rules are playable using either a five or a seven-card stud.

In the game of baseball poker, the dealer takes the bets clockwise in the first betting round. The one who has the lowest number of cards will begin the game. The cards are also distributed in a clockwise manner and the players bet their best assumptions.

The one who has the highest order of cards will win the round or pot. You will get five rounds when the betting round begins. 

The number nine is called the wild card. The card allows players to choose any value. If you want to have an extra facedown card by the dealer, number four is used.

What is baseball poker?

Poker has become an increasingly widespread card sport. However, they have various versions too. Baseball poker is an enjoyable group card game such as Five Crowns as well as an easy-going game to have in the house.

With the best betting grounds, exchanging poker chips with wild cards and sipping a cup of coffee used to be the perfect baseball card game. Is it a straight flush? Seven-card stud? So many memories of the game.

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Most of us revisit our precious times of poker! Baseball poker is seven cards that came and are the most common. It has number three, four, and nine cards as the main significant strikes. The other strikes include three strikes, three outs, four balls, and nine innings.

Baseball Poker has the similarity with 5 and 6-card Studs. However, there are important differences: Three and Nine are often wild. It is because baseball has 3 strikes on the pitch. The cards in these games are dealt in an entirely different manner.

The first three players receive a hand each with the same number and the other two hands facing them and the player will have a bet. Players get a card and the next bet starts.

Anyone who continues to play is allowed to bet again, and the remaining players have their final cards. Players take their cards and check out the winner.

How to play Baseball Poker?

Usually, the game of baseball poker starts with the 52-card pack. Betting will be done by the dealer. It is usually done at the commencement of the game. Later each player would wrap up the pot. Seven cards are distributed among the players and the first two cards are dealt face down.

Later the one card is dealt face-up, and the dealer would deal the next three cards. The dealer deals three cards to each player and the down card is given to each player in the end. 

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Poker Hands Rules In Baseball Card Game

Let’s explore terms in betting rounds-


When a player has at least 1 wild card and the rest in the highest possible order it is said to be five of a kind. It is mainly in the first betting round. If you have 4 cards of 7 and a wild card number of three or nine you may be designated as the five of a kind. This can be in the second betting round.


The cards in the same suit and sequences like a king, queen, jack, and 10 in the same shape will be called a straight flush. These five cards work as the lottery in the game of baseball poker. They will also be one of the highest order possible and comprises a standard pack of cards. A straight flush may not have wild cards.


If you have four hearts of Queen, you will have four of a kind. This is just an example; it is the next highest hand and minimum bet in the game of poker. 


People who have four of a kind will get a full house as the hand comprises three cards that have the same value. It specifically means that the three cards should have an exact value, for example, Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, and Ace of Diamonds). The two other cards may be of different values and colours. There should not be any hole card in this case.


If you have Cards like the number four of Club, five of diamonds, six of hearts, seven of spades, and eight of diamonds, you will get the straight hand. The player should remember that it is a chronological succession of the card number. However, the cards are not from the same suit but different ones (Heart, Diamond, Spades, Club). 

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Wrapping up

Baseball poker is a very unique yet common game in the world. The lovers of Rummy who love stud poker would love this game with special rules. It packs a punch of interesting rules which would be exciting for baseball cum poker fans. You can enjoy the game with your family on the weekends or play it over the festive season!

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