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Best Truck Games (For Android and PC) To Play Right Away!

When you mention truck games, it is considered a niche gaming genre. However, that doesn’t mean the games aren’t available. From truck sims to realistic physics and mobile truck simulators available on every brand, these will introduce an innovative field and new genre of gaming in the years to come.

The challenges in truck simulation games are also interesting. You’ll be delivering goods, trucking offroad, driving in realistic weather, duelling competitors on the field, and building a trucking empire!

Truck Simulator games bring a lot of features, and these games are the ones that you should definitely try. Games like Heavy Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Evolution, Euro Truck Simulator, and Cargo Transport Simulator are some well-known truck driver simulation games.

Given below is the compiled list of some trucks for Android, iOS, and some for PC as well. Read on to know some more!

Best Truck Simulator Games for Android and iOS

Grand Truck Simulator

Grand Truck Simulator is coming first on the list. It is a 3D driving game where you are behind a wheel of a commercial vehicle (trucks) that you have to navigate through a massive section of highways. The goal is to carry out all your truck driver duties successfully.

You have to obey all the traffic laws in this truck simulator game. If you jump a red light or maneuver dangerously, you will be fined. Don’t crash into another vehicle because otherwise, there is a penalty. The plus points of this game are that you can modify and change the skins of the trucks, upgrade suspensions, lights (xenon), and brake assist. In such simulation games, you can break glasses or put a dent in the truck equipped with airhorns and realistic sounds for engines, brakes, and horns. Choose between different types of trailers- Chassis, chassis + trailer, three-axle semi, two-axle semi, 2+1 axle semi, bitren seven axle, etc. Put your driving skills to the test with daytime and nighttime driving, along with the fog!

Truck Simulator the USA

Truck Simulator USA is one of the best truck driving games for Android and iOS. You have the opportunity of driving different brands to scenic locations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. It has well-detailed interiors and improved controls (like tilt steering, buttons, or steering wheels). It has the career and multiplayer modes with realistic weather conditions. You have to transport vehicles, gasoline, gravel, food, and many other things. With this one, you will feel like being a professional driver!

Euro Truck Driver 2018

In terms of advanced graphics, breathtaking features, and realistic trucking scenarios. This features many truck brands, Euro Truck Driver- 2018 is the game. Drive through picturesque landscapes in Europe (desert, snow, mountains, and cities), transport materials from one city to another, explore the Open World Map, and drive along with realistic controls (tilt steering, buttons, or virtual steering wheel. You can opt for Online Multiplayer, play with other players and Career mode and drive through lots of trailers with manual transmission with H-Shifter and Clutch.

Truck Simulator: Ultimate

If there is a game with good graphics, it is Truck Simulator: Ultimate. All you need is Android 7 and 2 GB, and you do not require much space. Set up your business in leading countries and run a logistic network with the trucks. You get to be a driver and a businessman, and that is saying something.

World Truck Driving Simulator

We often come across truck simulator games that do not have good graphics on mobile devices. World Truck Driving Simulator takes care of that. The game is very similar to a PC gaming experience. It takes up only 740 MB, and it is available for free. This game is ideal for weaker phones. You will have new trucks with different power and gears, including Brazilian, European, and American models. You can complete missions with high-end products that have suspension in the cabin, movement of the mounds, antennas px, etc. The drive trucks have a simulation of controls like two types of differential lock, motor brake, autopilot, arrows, alert, cleaners, high light, low light, etc. You have to take up the challenge and be a controlled road driver through dangerous, rocky, and dirt roads. And don’t forget the night cycle!

Truck Simulator Pro 2

For the final recommendation, Truck Simulator Pro 2 is a mobile game rooted in real life. The primary function involves your truck transporting company, and you can also drive at will. One of the best games for Android and iOS, you have to choose between American and European trucks, where you have to steer your truck driving skills through various landscapes.

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Best Truck Simulator Games for PC

Hard Truck 2: King of the Road

Hard Truck 2 is one of those games which completes your checklist. It is a driving cum management game where you, as a player, will be managing your jobs, running cargo transport, and hiring people to increase your workforce mixed with racing. You have twelve trucks, from the tiny lorries to 18-wheeler rigs, you have to cleverly pilot through before the police catch you in a speed trap. Despite the simulator elements, you have to take the cargo to its destination within the given time. You will also be driving along dirt tracks or pushing your opponent to win in races.

Scania Truck Driving Simulator

A game that is not much talked about but still deserves your attention: the game has impressive graphics but is entirely inexpensive. An actual truck simulator game that allows you to drive through dangerous roads with slick controls and motion. Ten maneuvering challenges prove to be a practical exam for your driving license—complete challenges like avoiding obstacles while reversing and parking with precision. Then compete with more vehicles and drivers and experience the drive of your life. Complete freedom missions where you have to deliver goods and stop by toll booths and gas stations in a 3D city landscape. All this- only at Scania Truck Driving Simulator.

American Truck Simulator

A worthy sequel to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 is ATS. The mechanics, physics, and the general pace of this truck simulator game are identical. It has fully modeled interiors. The only difference is the scenery which is, of course, the USA. Along with realistic physics, the game is highly detailed when it comes to showing the landscapes of California, Nevada, and Arizona. You’ll begin your journey as a trucking freelancer and then take on jobs from haulage firms and earn money. Once you’ve collected enough funds, you have to manage the fuel costs, where to sleep, getting the proper insurance, and who to hire.

Trash Truck Simulator

Download the Trash Truck Simulator and give it a try because driving a garbage truck in a city environment is considered the supreme test of your driving capabilities. Start your job in completely modeled trucks based on actual truck models. You simply have to load up the truck and take the trash to the garbage processing plant, where the plan will burn it. You can earn money while burning the garbage, which you can use to upgrade furnaces in the plant or choose from different trucks to buy.

There are plenty of customisation options for the trucks, including paints and accessories like the h shifter.

Some More Truck Games That You Should Try:

  • Truck Simulator 2018 Europe
  • Truck Simulator Offroad
  • Cargo Transport Simulator
  • Grand Truck Simulator
  • Heavy Truck Simulator
  • Euro Truck Evolution
  • Offroad Garbage Truck

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What is the best truck simulator game?

Euro Truck Evolution is considered to be among the best truck simulator games. After that comes World truck Driving Simulator, Heavy Truck Simulator, Truck Simulator 2018, Truck Simulator USA, etc.

Is Euro truck evolution better than American Truck Simulator?

If driving trucks is your passion, both games are equally good. Your opinion and preference matter here. One truck driving game has European routes; the other has American ones. The truck brands, the models, and the making are according to their respective countries. Try playing both the games and see what suits you!

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