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7 Easy But Amazing Card Tricks Magic To Impress Your Audience

Performing magic tricks with cards looks quite impressive but challenging to perform if you aren’t a professional. But what if it is possible to perform cool card tricks easily without being a professional magician? Card magic tricks can also be easy to learn and perform by beginners or kids, and there are numerous magic card tricks one can perform easily and feel like a magician themself. So, just pick up your playing cards and get ready to learn magic and perform some of the easiest card tricks and look like a wizard in front of your friends and family.

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Cool Magic Tricks To Master in No Time

1. Amazing Aces

You need just a deck of 52 playing cards to perform the amazing aces card trick. As the magician, you ask the spectator to take the playing cards deck and deal them into four piles. After dealing, the spectators will find an ace on top of each pile. How does that happen?

Trick Explanation: Here’s where you do the magic. Before beginning the magic card trick, you need to secretly remove four aces and place them at the bottom of the deck. Then, you ask the spectator to make four piles of that deck by dealing cards one at a time into each deck. This way, the last four cards (four aces) are also dealt into the four piles separately, which makes them the topmost card of each pile.

2. Blind Three Card Monte

The Blind Three Card Monte is more like a mind-reading card trick where you guess the card the spectator selects mentally. From a standard pack of playing cards, The magician removes the Q♥️ A♣️ and A♠️ cards and places them face-up in front of the spectator. The spectator is asked to think of any one of the three cards, flip them face down and mix them up while the magician turns their back. The magician then looks at each card and tells the exact card on the spectator’s mind.

Trick Explanation: As the magician, you lay the cards face-up in front of the spectator in the following manner: Ace of Spades A♠️, Queen of Hearts Q♥️, and Ace of Clubs A♣️. Then turn your back and ask the spectator to mentally choose one of the three cards and switch positions of two cards that they didn’t choose. For instance, if they choose A♠️, then they will switch positions of Q♥️ and A♣️. Ask the spectator to turn the three cards face down and then you turn back and look at the three face-down cards. Let the spectator shuffle the three cards on the table. Meanwhile, you should follow the centre card. Once the cards are mixed, pick the centre card and look at it. Three situations can arise:

  • If the card you pick is Q♥️, the mental selection has to be Q♥️.
  • If you pick A♠️, the mention selection has to be A♣️.
  • If you pick ♣️, the mention selection has to be A♠️.

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3. Mind Reading Card Trick

The mind-reading card trick works as a prediction of the card that the spectator picked. You seal a prediction in an envelope, and that predicted card ends up matching the card that the audience member chose.

Trick Explanation: Before you begin the trick, write a prediction (10♥️) on a paper and seal it in an envelope. Then, place the 10♥️ secretly at the top of the deck. Hand over the sealed envelope to the audience member but ask them not to open it. Show the audience that the cards are mixed up by fanning them out. Even if they ask to shuffle the deck, you can do that and fan out the cards again to locate the 10♥️. Place that card discreetly back at the top of the deck.

With the Cross Cut Force, you can get the audience member to select the 10♥️. For this, you place the deck face down and ask the spectator to cut the deck in half and place it on the right. Pick up the bottom half, turn it sideways, and place it on top of the cards on the right. While doing that, remind the spectator that it was their choice to cut here. Meanwhile, you pick the top half placed sideways and point at the top card of the bottom half, which is the 10♥️. Mention that the spectator selected that card and have them turn the card over. Ask them to open the sealed envelope and see if it matches your prediction.

4. Upside Down Card Trick

The upside-down card trick magically turns the spectator’s selected card face down in the deck.

Trick Explanation: Before you start this trick, flip over the bottom card secretly so that it’s the only face-up card in the deck. Then spread the deck without exposing the face-up card and ask the spectator to pick a card. Ask the spectator to remember the card and show it to other spectators without letting you see it. During this time, turn the deck over in your hand casually such that all the cards are face-up in your left hand except the top card. Keep the deck tight so that the reversed cards aren’t exposed, and place the spectator’s card face-down in the middle of the deck. Place the dek behind your back to pretend you are looking for the card and secretly flip over the top card face-up. Bring out the deck face-up and fan it out until you spot the only face-down card. Reveal the selected card to the spectator.

5. Do as I Do

Do as I Do is an easy card trick for beginners where the spectator follows the magician to perform their own magic trick with cards.

Trick Explanation: You will need two types of decks without Jokers to perform this trick and ensure no card is missing. Display both the decks of cards and let the spectator select one deck of cards. Advise the spectator to follow you while you freely shuffle the deck and cut the cards. When you finish shuffling, take a quick peek at the bottom card in the deck and memorize it. For instance, the card at the bottom of the deck is A♥️. Then exchange your deck with the spectator’s without letting them know that you are using a trick.

After exchanging the decks, ask the spectator to cut half the deck and place the cards on the right. Let them pick the top card from the remaining pile on their left. Ask them to memorise the card and place it on the top of the pile on their right without showing the card to you. Then ask the spectator to pick that pile and place it on top of the pile on the right. The spectator thinks that the selected card is buried between the other cards. On the other hand, you know that the spectator’s card is placed right next to the card you memorised earlier (A♥️).

While doing this, you perform the same actions with your deck of cards, but you don’t need to remember anything here. Exchange the decks again and ask the spectator to pull out their card face down. Meanwhile, you pretend to look for the card you selected, but in reality, you look for the A♥️. The card to the right of A♥️ is the spectator’s selection, and you need to pull it out face down. Then count to three and flip over both the cards to see that you and the spectator both picked the same cards.

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6. Pick A Card, Any Card

This is one of the classics of card tricks magic. In this trick, the magician asks the spectator to choose a card from the pack. The spectator returns the card to the deck after noting their card. The magician goes through the deck and easily figures out the spectator’s card.

Trick Explanation: This trick requires you to separate the deck into red cards and black cards before you begin. Therefore, when the spectator selects a card, you can easily take a note of whether the card is from the red portion or the black portion. After the spectator looks at the card, ensure that they return the card to the in the opposite colour portion. For instance, if they pick a red card, you should ensure that the card is returned to the black half of the deck and vice versa. Now when you look at the deck, you can easily spot the spectator’s card by picking the odd one out and enjoy the surprised look on their face.

7. A Gambling Demonstration

The last one but quite an interesting card trick for card game lovers. Show a gambling demonstration and show the spectators how card cheats can use the cards dealt to the players and gain an advantage in the next hand. If you play poker or rummy on live tables, this will pique your interest. In this magic trick, you deal five hands of five-card poker to the spectators. Then you show that no one is dealt an extraordinary hand and collect the cards to deal again. When you reveal the cards in the second round, you show the spectator your Royal Flush hand (which is a quite rare hand but the highest on the poker hand rankings chart).

Card Magic Explanation: Begin this magic trick by secretly removing the 10, Jack, Queen, and King of any one suit. Place these cards on the top of the deck without the spectators noticing. Then deal the cards in a clockwise direction starting by dealing the top card to the spectator on your left. After showing the hands to the spectators, collect the five-card hand, one on top of the other, and place them on top of the deck. Deal the cards again in a similar manner, and this time, when each spectator shows their hand, you reveal your hand and beat them with a Royal Flush.


What is the easiest magic trick with cards?

There are numerous magic tricks with cards that beginners can perform easily. Two of the easiest ones that you can try as a beginner include, Pick a Card, Any Card and The Four Appearing Aces.

What is the most famous card trick?

The most famous card trick is an advanced card trick called Triumph. It is a well-known trick that every card magician loves to perform. The Triumph trick involves a card being selected and lost in the deck. Then the magician magically makes all the cards, except the spectator’s card, face the same direction.

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