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How To Improve Your Aim In Carrom

Carrom is among immensely popular board games worldwide. Although the game’s origins are unknown, it is mostly played in Asia, and other continents have picked up too. It is a fun game to play with friends and family and has minimum rules.

Despite the fact that it is not included in the Olympics, there is a high chance it might. Carrom is a highly regarded sport and depends significantly on how you make the carrom shots.

In this blog, you’ll learn about correctly flicking the striker and how to improve your aim in the carrom game.

Having the Right Mental Attitude

Among other carrom tips, the most crucial tip to remember is to always play the game with the right mental attitude. If you have the confidence, the chances of winning increase.

This is an important aspect, whether you are playing online or offline carrom. Having the right attitude ensures that you play responsibly and does not allow your emotions take control.

If you’re starting your carrom journey, bend the rules to your advantage to play and improve your carrom game. Please make sure you know the other rules and play within them. After the break, remove some of their pieces, among other carrom tips. For instance, they can try to pocket five pieces instead of one.

How Can You Improve Your Carrom Game?

First and foremost, you must set your mind to keep practicing the shots. It is just the striker which will show its magic once you have enough experience and practice with the game.

Flicking The Striker

The game involves carrom techniques like your shooting style. Your carrom gaming skills depend on how good you are at flicking the striker.

Notwithstanding the style you choose, remember the following points:

  • The game depends on the body’s position. Keep your hand steady on the board and firmly place the base or edge of your palm. In this manner, you will flick the striker correctly and go in the desired direction. If you push the striker, you can earn a penalty.
  • There are different shots like thumbshots, the regular straight shot, or middle finger shots. Regardless, always keep your fingers close to the striker. This will ensure that you hit the striker without hurting your fingers. You might hurt your nails if you hit the striker from a distance.

How Do You Hit The Striker in Carrom?

Whenever you’re playing any carrom board shot, especially a tricky shot, the main trick is to hit the striker in the right direction at the right speed. There are several ways you can flick the striker in the right direction with the correct amount of force.

  • Use less force for close shots.
  • Try this exercise to practice- Place the striker on the baseline. Flick it such that it rebounds against the opposite frame and make sure that the striker rests on your opponent’s baseline when playing carrom,
  • Go for straight-line shots if it rests on the opponent’s baseline. For cut shots, use a bit more force.
  • Spread nine pieces in a row parallel with your baseline and about two striker’s width in front of your baseline. Try and pocket all nine into any top pocket from anywhere between your two moons.
  • Continue moving the row of nine further away from your baseline to the center of the board and try pocketing them. Sometimes, practice hitting using time limits too. This will help you learn shots faster.
  • Once you go past the center of the board, the pieces in the middle are no longer in the direct path of the striker from the moon to the opposite top pocket. The closer you get to a top pocket, the fewer positions there are for a piece to be hit in a straight path to the pocket. You can hit a piece in this area in a normal straight shot to the pocket. If you can pocket a piece from anywhere within these two triangles, you are well on becoming a top carrom player.

Where Should the Striker Hit the Carrom Piece?

You have been hitting it correctly if you have been pocketing pieces in a straight path between the striker and the pocket.

On a standard straight shot, the angle formed by a line drawn from the pocket to the piece to the striker is 180°, i.e., a straight line. If the angle from the pocket to the piece to the striker is 90° or less, then you cannot pocket the piece. The closer the angle gets from 180° to 90°, the more challenging it is to pocket the piece.

You will need to flick the striker with a bit more force than a standard straight shot. The further away the piece is from the pocket and the smaller the angle, the harder you would have to flick the striker. The harder you hit the striker, the less accurate you become. Cuts are more complex than straight shots because you have brought in two extra variables, the angle and the additional force of the flick.

Want to know how you consistently win at carrom?

Here are a few carrom board tricks to help you win at carrom:

  • Pocket the easy coins first. Always. No matter at what stage of the game you are.
  • Pocket as many coins as possible, especially if you are the first player.
  • Try putting your opponent’s coins under difficult positions while potting your coins. Never put the carrom men to the opponent’s advantage.
  • Learn 3 to 4 shots using your striking finger as well as non-striking fingers. Apply whichever style you want, and play the game depending on the placement of the coins.

Which Finger is Best Used to Flick the Striker?

The straight grip is the best-used grip. If you are a carrom beginner, it will be easy to maneuver. Keep the palm of your hand face down and place your fingers very lightly on the board. Place your index or middle finger just behind the piece and flick your finger to make your shot- like scissor style. The striker hits the best using the index finger. All the techniques in carrom use the index and its corresponding finger.

Best Trick Shots in Carrom

Breaking is the first shot in carrom. If the player fails to leave both baselines to the striker during breaking, they can use three chances before passing to the opponent. You can play numerous trick shots on a clear board using your fingers. Your index shots must be on point before practicing these moves.

There are various trick shots that one can use when they play carrom:

  • Side shot
  • Middle shot
  • Cut and take
  • Thumb hot
  • Alley-oop
  • Second hit
  • Board shot
  • Cut shot
  • Double shot
  • Backshot

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Which shots are not allowed in carrom?

Do not keep your body straight every time. An optimum body movement will help you achieve your best shot. Players must flick the striker with one finger- mostly the index finger- so that it crosses the baseline. They cannot flick backward or horizontally. The few pieces at or behind the front baseline must not hit the striker until it has crossed the front baseline. While striking, the playing hand must not cross the slanted foul line at either end of the baseline.

However, International Rules suggest that you can shoot in any direction. Use thumb shots while shooting backward.

How to Save Yourself From Fouls in the Game? 

No game exists without penalties and fouls. Your turn ends immediately when you come across a foul, and you are accountable for giving your opponent any of your pocketed pieces. Your opponent will put the piece in such a way that it is in a feasible position.

A foul occurs when: 

  • You pocket the striker itself.
  • The opponent’s piece is pocketed.
  • A game piece leaves the board on your turn. This can be any game piece.
  • Before covering the Queen. You pocket the final piece.
  • Positioning the striker incorrectly before taking a shot.
  • If your striking hand crosses the diagonal line on the board.
  • If you cannot break correctly before three attempts.

When you do not have any game piece: 

  • You have to put it as a penalty when you pocket a game piece.
  • The opponent keeps the game piece at the center of the board.
  • You do not owe a penalty point if the opponent forgets about it.

Play Carrom and Practice

The more you play carrom, the more you’ll better your shots. You can keep potting coins more successfully. Also, get a better idea of more rebounds and use more indirect strikes to increase your chances.

Enjoy the game!

In every game, there is always an element of competitiveness. While you learn from your mistakes, do not forget to have your slice of fun!

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How to calculate carrom points?

According to the written rules, you get one point for each remaining game piece of your opponent. Also, you receive five points if you pocket and cover the Queen. You will get no extra points if you’ve already reached 24 points.

How do you play the perfect carrom shots?

Set your fingers on the striker and flick them to hit the carrom men in the opposite direction of the striker. For instance, draw an imaginary diagonal line and play a shot from the left side. Then you will play the cut shot towards the right side and score it in the right pocket.

How can I improve my aim in Carrom? 

Practice aiming at a carrom board, decide your angles simply flick the striker without the carrom men. Continue playing with a few pieces lined up, and increase the number. Remember, not only practice will make you a carrom expert, but keep a few tricky shots up your sleeve!

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