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Best Online Puzzle Games for Adults (2023)

Among the various games we have played, puzzle games have been a part of our childhood, and we all have loved the way such games acted as brain teasers and helped stimulate our nervous system.

As we grow up, we need such mind-teasing games for the healthy working of our brain cells. And as most of our time is spent online, why not make room for online puzzles and keep our brains refreshed?  Therefore, my new list will include the best puzzle games you should consider downloading on your device for all the perplexity you need.

Puzzle Games for Adults to Play Online


Availability: Android and iOS

Hocus is currently ranking as one of the top-rated games on the Play Store. It is an easy game to pick up and learn. This premise of the game is pretty simple, although the levels can be challenging. You must navigate a cube through various optical illusions to the finish line as quickly and logically as possible. It has over 120 puzzles; it fills up your time in a good way.

Another focal point is that you can play puzzles created by other users and make some yourself! Go to the level builder option to make some of your puzzles.


Availability: Android and iOS

It is a math puzzle with exciting gameplay. In Threes, you must slide tiles to form three and their multiples. You must simply slide tiles and join them to form a new tile. It begins with the number three, followed by other multiples of three. You must create a tile and slide the tiles correctly in every step to get the required number. The instruction guide helps you to follow through the steps. Another game similar to this one is Move The Block.


Availability: Android and iOS

Inspired by Treasure Tracker and Monument Valley, this game is a platform game with isometric puzzles. You have to control a robot and take it through the different puzzle rooms, each consisting of different obstacles. Due to the variety in puzzles, the game will always keep you intrigued. The game has a user-friendly interface.

When you finish a level, you can unlock five more levels. It has 50 levels for you to unlock, and the progression is smooth. For those who are looking for a challenge, this game is for you.

Monuments Valley

Availability: Android and iOS

Monuments Valley is a puzzle video game wherein you are required to use your brain and help the character reach the destination. Anyone talking about puzzle games ought to mention Monument Valley. Hence, it had to make an entry on my list of best puzzle games.

While in the game, you must play to puzzle to start playing the actual. The game is interesting because it has a 3D setting and is fun to play.

The game’s only drawback is that it is a paid app, which slightly gets disappointing. Nonetheless, if spending money on apps is not a problem for you, Monuments Valley 1 and 2 are must-have puzzle games.

Two Dots

Availability: Android and iOS

It is an engaging game where you have to connect two dots such that they meet each other, and a connection between the two is formed. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Once you open the app, it gives instructions on how to work around the game. After that, start with the first level, and you will discover different playing methods as the levels increase.

You can connect the dots horizontally, vertically, or on right angles but not diagonally. Moreover, you only have limited moves, so you have to think fast. Later on, you will have some targets that you have to cross to make it across the level. Although the initial levels are manageable, It gets more challenging as you progress.

Escape Room The Game App

Availability: Android

Escape Room has a medieval backdrop; the game introduces you to a challenge where you have to search for objects. The game gives you little hints so that when you get stuck, you can tackle it properly.

The game’s primary goal is to find objects and use those objects in a particular scene. You have to tap on various things placed and find the hidden objects or combine the two to repair an item- there are many permutations to try out.

The Escape Room is a fascinating game; the difficulty levels increase as you move higher. Escape the Room is as much fun as it is offline. It is as fun as an online game.

Baba Is You

Availability: Android and iOS

Baba Is You is an online puzzle game made famous in recent times. The inspiration for the game is from the traditional Sokoban puzzle, but you have to use cryptic words in this game. You’ll gain special abilities by creating certain words and bringing solutions to the puzzle. The single-player video game is incredibly challenging, and as you unlock the solution, you will definitely feel a sense of achievement.

Baba Is You has the highest rating on PlayStore and App Store and is undoubtedly one of the best puzzle games on the platform.

Baba Is You is a puzzle game where you can change the rules by which you play. At every level, the rules are present as blocks you can interact with; by manipulating them, you can change how the level works and cause surprising unexpected interactions! With some simple block-pushing, you can turn yourself into a rock, turn patches of grass into dangerously hot obstacles, and even change the goal you need to reach to something entirely different.

Rovio Classic: Angry Birds

Availability: Android and iOS

The game has retained its original gameplay, where you must shoot down pigs using your army of birds, each with a unique skill set. You’ll have the option to create your army to take down your foes and their dwellings. This is a revamp of the original, with a total number of 390 levels across eight episodes.

Through each level, you will understand newer ways of how to use their skills best to clear each stage. You have to use those powers; each level needs logic and skills to solve. Angry Birds has proper, physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value.

Golf Peaks

Availability: Android and iOS

Though the name is golf, and the game is built around it, it is actually a puzzle. There are over 120 levels to go through across the landscape of ten worlds. Cards are used for movement here, and as you try to make sense of which cards will get your ball into the hole, it makes up for an actual puzzle game. It has appealing illustrations and has 120 levels to explore.

It boasts of being the best game in 2019 on the PlayStore and amongst the top 10 in the Big Indie Pitch.

Cessabit: a Stress Relief Game

Availability: Android and iOS

One of the few unique games that have beautiful hand-drawn illustrations this is a game that actually helps you relax. You have to decipher each and drawn picture and answer questions on it. You can tap on objects and discover a few hints if you’re getting stuck. You have to continue solving complicated objectives using this. On top of that, there is no time limit to solve the puzzles. The background music, such as calming nature sounds, will create a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for stress relief- as the name suggests.

Cessabit is for those who wish to improve their attention to detail and the ability to memorise tiny attributes in a cool, stress-free environment.

Hidden Through Time

Availability: Android and iOS

As the name suggests, it is a hidden object game with superior gameplay. It artfully meshes world history with modern-day hand-drawn animation. In this puzzle game, you’ll have to decipher the clues and other cryptic hints to find the hidden objects in every level.

To continue to the next level, you must find a certain number of objects. Following the course, you can go through all four ages. To fully immerse yourself with all the world-building- the editor is available to anyone, and then you can create your own levels and share them on the cloud. This is a treat for all the creative brains out there.

G30 – A Memory Maze

Availability: Android

G30 is a puzzle game with a unique storyline. Here, a person suffering from a cognitive disorder and you, as a player, piece together their memory by solving puzzles in two parts with random text and random images. The secondary puzzle games also follow up with the original one to piece the story together. You have to solve all the puzzles to understand the story finally. This fun game with a wonderful storyline should be checked out.


Availability: Android and iOS

The premise of Shadowmatic is pretty simple. You have to simply spin and tilt one or more games’ 3D objects and build the object according to its shadow displayed. Of course, there is a catch. The game gets more complicated with multiple shapes. The game has breathtaking 3D graphics, and calm background ideally meant for long gaming sessions.

Although the game took some time to come to the Android platform, it is really worth the wait.


Availability: Android and iOS

If you’re looking for puzzle games that have a beautiful storyline, you cannot miss Zenge. It is a superb combination of space-time story with a puzzle based gameplay. There is no time restraint, no score targets and you can play this game at your leisure and solve puzzles at your own pace. If you want a relaxing puzzle game, Zenge is the title.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Availability: Android and iOS

This puzzle game combines elements from the Bridge Constructor and Portal series. Players must build bridges using struts and cables and anchor them to fixed points on the level’s walls. These are pre-designated, and the fixed points may require the player to construct self-supporting bridges. You have to build the bridges to support their own weight, the truck, and any force they impart when they land on the bridge.

Like the Portal series, the player has to guide the trucks across bridges, navigate through portals, cross over buttons to open doors or actions, avoid coming to the sentry turrets coming in contact with deadly fluid or laser fields, and explore other options like propulsion and repulsion jets, along with launching pads.

Players can switch between construction, test, and vehicle modes to visualize their solution. The test mode simulates the physics to see how the bridge components sustain under their weight. Vehicle mode sends one or more trucks through the player’s solution. During either of these, the game shows any struts or cables that are under stress (highlighted in red). If they exceed their stress limit, they will break and cause the bridge to collapse. If the player designs a bridge to allow one vehicle to pass successfully, they can then try to send a convoy of vehicles through the course. These vehicles are released at a time at regular intervals. Tests are conducted to see if the bridge components stand up to repeated stress or if crossing paths causes collisions.

Unpuzzle and Unpuzzle 2

Availability: Android

Most new puzzle games make a mark on mobiles before releasing as free online versions, but Unpuzzle bucks that trend. The goal is to take apart a jigsaw puzzle, choosing only the pieces that can be unlocked from the sides. Click, hold, and drag it in the direction you want to remove it.

Unpuzzle is a beautifully designed. It adds extra challenges with locked tiles for certain moves, multiple-locked tiles, and other puzzles. When you’re done with Unpuzzle, hop on to Unpuzzle 2 for more levels of that magic.

The Eyes of Ara

Availability: iOS

It is an open ended adventure game that is on the similar lines of Riven or Myst. Solve puzzles, unlock clues, and uncover the pieces of the puzzle bit by bit. The 3D environment makes the game even more interesting. Although you have to buy the game, you will not be bothered by annoying ads. However, it is completely worth your money.

Fans of games like Myst and Riven will love The Eyes of Ara. It’s a 3D adventure where you solve puzzles, find hidden rooms and vaults, and uncover a good story slowly.


What are the types of puzzle games?

The types of puzzle games are:

  • Cryptic puzzles.
  • Logic Puzzles.
  • Math Puzzles.
  • Mechanical Puzzles.
  • Trivia puzzles.
  • Word puzzles.
  • Pattern Guessing.
  • Riddles.
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