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Playing Spit Card Game: Rules, Strategies & Tips to Win!

Spit is a traditional French party game that is sometimes referred to as slam or speed in some places. Spit, as the name implies, is a fast-paced card game that plays differently than other popular two-player card games. 

Spit is certainly worth playing if you’re searching for a more distinctive, fast-paced card game. But how exactly do we play Spit? That’s precisely what we’ll be looking at in this tutorial, so read on for more information on how to play Spit. 

Spit is intended to be a rapid card game which differs from comparable games in its gameplay.

The most peculiar aspect of having played Spit is that it does not follow the standard turn-by-turn approach used by most other card games. 

Spit’s fast-paced and hectic nature makes it ideal for those who don’t have much opportunity to enjoy or dislike lengthier, more drawn-out games. 

Spit is likewise a simple game to play and practice, but there is scope for strategy. 

If you want to add Spit to your next game night, or if you’re just seeking for a new card game to be played, you need first understand the rules. That is precisely what we will be focusing on in this tutorial.

How to play – Rules & Strategies

If you’ve never played Spit before, it may appear to be a strange game. 

The rules of the spit card game are rather simple. 

There is no turn procedure, and while strategy and plan are still important in other card games, Spit, like Slapjack, lays a strong emphasis on the necessity for quickness and rapid reflexes. 

But don’t be tricked! There is still room for positional approach in Spit, which we’ll go into in greater depth later. 

But, first and foremost, let’s get the regulations out of the way. 

Spit is a two-player game that generally uses two standard 52-card decks.

There is some setup work needed in making the players ready, but this would only take a minute or two. 

Spit is a wonderful bar game because of its fast-paced character, but it is also excellent for at-home play.

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The Play

To begin with Spit, you must first install the game. This may be done at home on a reasonable board or on the floor. 

Every player will use their own deck of 52 cards to play with, that should be shuffled before each game. 

Lay the top 4 cards in your deck face up in a row in front of you; this series of cards is known as the layout. 

When both players have completed their setup, you seem to be almost ready to begin. 

After a quick 1,2,3 countdown, both players should yell “Spit” to begin play.

When the game begins, each player should pick the top card from their deck  pile and put it in the center of the table/playing area. 

These cards will serve as the foundation for two piles, and the goal of Spit is for every player to empty their decks before their opponent by placing cards on the heaps. 

Players must begin transferring cards from their layout rows to one of the piles in order to do this. 

Only if the hands in the row are one above or below the card on top of that list can this be done. If one pile shows a 6, for example, a 5 or 7 may be placed above it.

The suits need not matter in Spit, and Ace cards can be played high or low. When a card from your layout pile is used, it must be replaced with a card from your deck. As a result, in a game of Spit, cards will be traveling at a rapid and frenzied rate. 

Players will (typically) become trapped at some point because the cards in their row are unable to be played. 

When this happens, both players must announce “Spit” again and rearrange the cards in the stack. 

This will set new cards on top of the pile, allowing the game to continue. 

To win Spit, you must utilize all of your cards in both your stack and your layout row.

If you and your opponent both get stuck at the conclusion of the game, the one with the fewest remaining cards wins.


Spit may be played in a number different ways. Changing the amount of cards in your layout row is the most typical change. Some versions utilize five or six cards in a row, while others only use three. 

Other variants include a third pile where players can place their cards. 

Extending the layout row or adding an extra pile is usually done to assist avoid players from being stranded and to speed up the game. 

While some variants use the card suits to make things a bit tougher for players, others reduce the layout row to make things a little more difficult for them.

According to the conventional rules, any card that is one higher or low than the top card in the pile can be placed down. 

This rule is maintained in certain Spit versions, but only red cards can be placed on black and vice versa. Exceptions also include the rule that cards of the same denomination can be stacked on top of one another, as in Snap.

Strategies to win!

Spit appears to be a simple, quick, and frenzied card game, but don’t be fooled. There is a lot of space for strategy and creative tactics in this game, as in many others. 

Yes, the strategies aren’t as detailed as in some other titles, but there’s still opportunity for strategic thinking. 

The mounds are what make Spit so excited to play. There will be a lot of back and forth because each player can use either to get rid of their cards. 

All players obviously would want to use the same pile at some time, which implies there will be a race to place a card down. 

This implies you can dupe your opponent by deceiving them.

You might appear to be walking towards one pile to confuse your opponent, only to dump your card on the other. 

Some players claim that concentrating your attention on one pile would help you  dispose of cards faster, while others argue that splitting your attention between both piles is the optimum way to play. 

Either strategy can succeed, but a lot depends on the cards in your layout row. 

Spit does allow for strategy, but like with many related card games, a lot of it is based on luck.

Bottom Line

So there you have it: all you need to know about Spit. 

Spit might be the game for you if you’re searching for a quick and simple card game that you can play at home or at the pub! 

When it comes to winning at Spit, both luck and planning play a significant role. But don’t be concerned. Even if you do lose a game, you may play another in 10 to 15 minutes. 

Spit is a fast-paced, furious, and entertaining card game that everyone will love!

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