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5 tricks to win big in Fruit Dart Game

Do you enjoy playing arcade games on your mobiles or tablets? You may have played games like fruit slice and fruit chop, which are some of the most enjoyed games by children. The Fruit Dart game is similar, but the varying rules, gameplay, features, fruit dart tricks make it another exciting arcade game that many enjoy in their free time.

The best part about the arcade games like Fruit Dart is that they don’t require complicated strategies and skills to win. The game is easy to play and understand, making it ideal for anyone to play the game. Although the game is pretty simple, every game involves a few tips and tricks to gain a competitive edge. We’ll talk about 5 tricks that will help you win big when you play the Fruit Dart game on MPL. But before that, let’s understand the dynamics of the game.

The Fruit Dart Gameplay

Like the Fruit Chop game, Fruit Dart is a fruit cutting game where you aim the knives at the fruits to score points. The gameplay is straightforward and requires you to tap anywhere on the screen to release the darts simply. The darts slice the fruits being tossed randomly on the screen, and you score for each fruit that is sliced.

In games such as Fruit Chop, players are usually given three lives where if a player misses three fruits, the game is over. However, there are no lives in Fruit Dart. All that is needed is to steer clear of the bombs that come up occasionally, along with the fruits. If you hit a bomb with the knife, it is game over for you, and your opponent wins. 

The game has a timer of 3 minutes, and if you and your opponent complete the time without hitting a bomb, the player with a higher score wins the game. 

If you want to win every time while playing Fruit Dart on MPL, you must ensure that you have a higher score in the game and don’t hit any bomb. So, here are 5 tricks that will help you beat your opponent and maintain a higher score.

5 Fruit Dart Tricks To Beat Your Opponents

Aim for Fruit Combos

The first and most important trick to increase your score and beat your opponent in Fruit Dart game is aiming for fruit combos. When you slice two or more fruits with the same knife, it is called a fruit combo, and you earn higher points for such shots. Experienced players always use this trick to shoot up their score and win the game. You need a fair amount of practice to be able to hit fruit combos shot after shot. But once you can master this trick, nothing can stop you from winning the game. Be mindful of the bombs while aiming for fruit combos, as otherwise, these shots will cost you heavily.

Avoid Aiming For All The Fruits

In the Fruit Chop game, you get three lives, and if you miss slicing a fruit, you lose a life. Losing three lives ends the game in fruit chop. However, things work differently in Fruit Dart, because of which you can afford to miss slicing some fruits. Your priority in the Fruit Dart game is to avoid hitting the bomb at all costs. So, if you find the bomb blocking your aim at some fruits, it’s alright to miss those fruits. Your game will not end if you miss the fruits but will surely end if you hit a bomb. 

Use the Power-Ups

The Fruit Dart game features five power-ups that help boost your score. You must use these power-ups if you are looking to win the game. When you hit a power-up with the knife, it gets activated for a few seconds. However, if you hit another power-up before the time of the first one is over, the latter gets activated, and the first power-up disappears. The five power-ups, namely Shield, Shuriken, Long Knife, Small Knife, and 2x Speed, offer different benefits. Make sure to utilize the benefits of each of them when they are activated. 

Use Shuriken Carefully

Shuriken is one of the most exciting power-ups in the game. It is a multi-blade dart knife that goes in multiple directions when you tap on the screen. Therefore, it’s beneficial to slice multiple fruits at once. However, this is a tricky power-up and must be used carefully. Since it goes in different directions, there are higher chances of you hitting a bomb with Shuriken. So, use Shuriken when there are only fruits on the screen.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Lastly, an important trick that doesn’t necessarily help in slicing fruits but is essential nonetheless; choose your battles and tournaments wisely. If you are a beginner and don’t have much practice, you wouldn’t want to enter a battle room with experienced players. In that case, you should choose the tournaments and battles that are relatively easy and less competitive. Understand your skills and base your selection on the skills and experience in the game. 

Final Thoughts

Fruit Dart is a game that you can start playing right away without much practice. However, if you want to win big in Fruit dart, you need sufficient practice and these tricks. The fruit dart tricks mentioned above are easy to master and will get your game flowing smoothly. The more you practice the game, the closer you will get to winning every fruit dart battle against your opponents.

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