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7 Reasons why Bubble shooter is Most Addictive and Classic Game

In the era of mobile gaming, capturing the attention of millions of people, few games have stood out. One of them is Bubble Shooter. The simple yet elegantly designed game has become a way for people to spend their free time. Inspired by one of the most era-defining arcade games of the previous decade, Bubble Shooter is considered a classic by many. 

To play Bubble Shooter, players need to create combinations of three or more bubbles of similar colour from a cluster of coloured bubbles at the top of the screen. Users get two different coloured bubbles, and they can switch between them. Players must pop as many bubbles as they can from the cluster of coloured bubbles at the top. This can be achieved by aiming and shooting the bubbles at the cluster of coloured bubbles. 

As the game progresses, the cluster of bubbles is lowered slowly. In order to win this game, users have to pop all the bubbles before it reaches the bottom of the screen. If the cluster of bubbles reach the bottom of the screen, or the timer reaches ‘zero’, the game is over. Players must then begin the game all over again, and attempt to beat the timer and pop all the bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen. 

Simple enough, right. But why is this seemingly nonchalant game such a rage among all age groups?

There are a number of reasons that have led to the astonishing popularity of Bubble Shooter among casual and hardcore mobile gamers. Let us look at some of the few reasons people love to play Bubble Shooter online. 

1. Be it 6 or 60, Bubble Shooter is for everyone

One of the chief reasons for the increased popularity and affection towards Bubble Shooter among users is the simplicity of the game. To play Bubble Shooter, players do not require any special skills or moves. Anyone can learn how to play this entertaining game within minutes. Children, grownups or even elderly users can instantly learn how to play Bubble Shooter online, and start having fun. 

It is a simple point-and-shoot game so does not need too much of an effort to learn. But the exact pointing of the balls and what angles to hit them at makes it fun. You don’t need to use too much of your brain to play this and that is all one needs at the end of a stressful day. 

2. Bubble Shooter Provides Endless Fun and Excitement

This awesome online game provides players with oodles of fun and excitement every single time. The intensely time-sensitive nature of Bubble Shooter, along with millions of different combinations of moves make it irresistible to stop playing. As the players keep progressing to the next round, they are met with new challenges. 

This allows Bubble Shooter players to keep improving their game, giving them a new challenge to overcome with every level of difficulty. In order to better their high score for every level, players always strive to do their best. This fuels the endless excitement and adrenaline rush that is highly rewarding for players.

The time-sensitive nature of the game due to the timer also makes Bubble Shooter intensely challenging for mobile gamers. Beating the timer, and creating a high score is one of the best feelings ever, and you must be aware of it too. 

3. It is A Highly competitive game

Who doesn’t love healthy competition, eh? Playing Bubble Shooter online does not just allow players to compete with themselves. Beating your own personal high score can be extremely satisfying, but there is an added advantage for Bubble Shooter players. This exhilarating game enables you to compete with other skilled players from all over the place.  

On MPL, there are regular competitions for Bubble Shooter players to compete with everyone. When the tournament ends, the players with the highest score win exclusive prizes and rewards. The competitive edge makes Bubble Shooter an attractive proposition for mobile gamers to test their prowess against the very best. 

Play Bubble Shooter on MPL, and go head-to-head with the best to create the highest score in the shortest time.

4. Bubble Shooter allows communication with friends 

Friends and followers can connect with each other easily by playing bubble shooter and form a healthy relationship. You can compete with friends and family in your own circle by sharing your high scores with them.

In addition, if you become an expert at this game, you own the bragging right amongst your friends and family. 

5. Play free games, battles or tournaments

On the MPL app, you can play Bubble Shooter for free or win loads of prizes by competing in tournaments. There are both practice games as well as cash contests for Bubble Shooter on MPL. If you are playing the game for the first time or for fun, you could just play the free practice game, get a hang of the app and then proceed to play the cash contests. 

In case, you already have a hang of how to play Bubble Shooter online, you can take part in the various battles and win big. There are different battles in place depending on your expertise. Hope on to the MPL bandwagon, download the app and start playing Bubble Shooter today. 

6. Improves your focus and concentration

There is often some sort of learning in anything that you do. Even while playing Bubble Shooter online, you can improve your focus and concentration. You might think we aren’t serious but it is actually a fact. Bubble Shooter improves your focus and concentration. You have a timer running on the side, so you can only concentrate on the game and your sole focus is to score as may points as possible in order to defeat the opponent. All of this helps in improving your focus.

7. Provides you the much needed stress-buster post work

In the era of a global pandemic, everyone is confined to their homes. But most of us are social creatures, not really made for staying at one place. You would love to move out your homes post work just to get some fresh air but the pandemic has not allowed us to do that. This is where a game like Bubble Shooter provides the much-needed relief. 

A highly addictive game that it is, all you need to do is sit down on your couches, open the MPL app and dive into the world of Bubble Shooter online. It helps ease the stress post work and even playing the game for a few hours makes you refreshed. 

To start playing, the Bubble Shooter game download is easy as you like. All you need to do is download the MPL game App to have non-stop fun.

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