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Bubble shooter is a fun arcade game that offers hours of entertainment. It is a game that is a perfect blend of action and strategy in the form of a puzzle. A lot of people today enjoy playing games after a hectic day to break the monotony of life. Many people are inclined towards puzzle and arcade games owing to the simplicity of the games. Arcade games involve action and a thinking process to complete levels and move forward. The Bubble Shooter online game is a fun game that requires a few tactics to become an expert.

What Is Bubble Shooter Game?

The game features a bubble cannon that shoots colored balls on the playing field. The objective is to pop the bubbles and prevent them from reaching the bottom of the screen. You need to shoot the balls and form groups of three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them.
If you miss your target and place a bubble at the wrong place, the bubbles start stacking up and gradually reach the base. The game ends when the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen. Therefore, even one wrong move can cost you a lot and make it challenging to overcome the damage. The more bubbles you pop in one go, the more points you score. A player wins when no bubbles are remaining in the playing area.

Game Play

Once you enter the game, you will see a cluster of colored bubbles at the top. These are the bubbles that need to be targeted.
At the bottom center, you will see a cannon that contains a bubble. Drag the cannon left or right to target the bubbles at the top and lift your finger to fire.
Match 3 or more bubbles to burst them and score points.
In case you wish to swap the bubbles, you can use the switch that is located at the bottom left corner of the game screen.

The Game Will End If

The timer reaches zero
The bubbles reach the bottom of the screen

Features Of The Game

This fun ball popping game offers exciting features that will keep you going for hours. Here are a few of the top game features that promise a seamless gaming experience:
While playing the game, you get bubbles of two colors. You can choose to launch any of them based on your strategy. You can swap between the two bubbles using the swap button at the bottom left of the screen.
The dotted line helps the player fix the aim and see where the bubbles will go.
The game features three powerups as below:


Bursts all bubbles in a line


Bursts bubbles in a cluster


Matches and bursts one bubble of any colour

How To Download Bubble Shooter Game?

This fun arcade game is available for all Android and iOS users. If you can't wait to play this game, follow the below steps to download the MPL app and play unlimited games on your phone. iOS users can download the MPL app directly from the App Store.
Visit the MPL website
Tap on the link to download the MPL app
Register and find the game to start playing

How To Play Bubble Shooter Online?

It's all about popping the colorful balls as quickly as possible. All you need is your phone and a stable internet connection to start playing this fun game. Flex your fingers and follow the below steps to play and win real cash online.


Drag and lift finger to shoot


Tap to Switch bubbles


Match 3 or more bubbles to burst them.


Increase score with these powerups: Fireball, Bomb and Wildbubble

How To Be A Pro In Bubble Shooter?

To defeat your opponent in the incredible bubble shooter games, you need a higher score. Try these tips to become a pro and win the games.
Aim for the right bubbles
Go for the bubbles that are a part of larger groups and have several other bubbles hanging on. Popping a larger group of bubbles will give you higher points, clear up more space, and clear the hanging bubbles.
Take advantage of the walls
Targeting bubbles at the higher end of the board is another way of clearing a more significant screen portion. Bank shots come in handy to reach the bubbles placed at difficult spots. With the bank shot, you can set the right angle on the sidewall and shoot the bubble in the right direction.
Plan and consider the next bubble
When the game starts, you should carefully analyze the board and form an effective strategy to shoot bubbles. During the game, you should always have the next target planned in advance.
Get rid of the hanging bubbles smartly
You should have a different strategy for the bubbles hanging on to a group of same-colored bubbles. Rather than blindly shooting at the hanging bubbles to get rid of them, aim for the same-colored bubble groups. When you manage to clear the larger bubble groups, the hanging bubbles are removed simultaneously.
Take a moment before you shoot
When you start the game, don’t jump at shooting the bubbles directly. Think before aiming at the targeted bubbles. Sending the bubbles haywire will not get you anywhere and will only result in ending your game sooner than you thought. You may trust your aim but targeting your best move is essential.

Tournaments & Battles

The game supports both tournament and battle formats. In the tournament format, the players' objective is to get the best high score by the time the tournament ends. You can also play live against another online player, where your objective is to score more than your opponent before the timer reaches zero.
The battle format features multiple free and cash contests that you play against a random opponent. Each battle lasts for three minutes and ends if the timer ends or the bubbles touch the bottom of the screen for any player.

Why Play Bubble Shooter On MPL?

Zero wait time to get matched with opponents
Free practice games and multiple cash contests
Transfer your earnings instantly to your bank account
Experience hassle-free secured transactions
24x7 customer support
Want to earn even more cash? Participate in bigger tournaments for a chance to win bigger cash prizes
A seamless user interface with 60+ games just for you
Participate in Featured Events to win Smartphones, Cameras, Bikes & more
Experience our In-app chat feature, which allows you to get in touch with your friends and followers instantly
Download the Bubble Shooter game now and score as many points as you can within the stipulated time to beat other online opponents. Link your online payment modes (GPay, Bhim UPI) and transfer your winnings instantly to your bank account.

Maximum Amount Players Can Win

There are players who win around Rs. 15,000 a day playing Bubble Shooter. A skilled player could win Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 per day.


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How can I gauge the direction the bubble being launched will take?

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