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A Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Cricket

Are you just stepping into the world of fantasy cricket? If you know the basics of cricket, playing fantasy cricket games can be a piece of cake with this beginner’s guide to fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket has become one of the most played games in the online gaming industry in India, attracting millions of cricket fans. Cricket is a religion in India and there’s no World Cup, IPL match, Champions Trophy, or T20 World Cup that a cricket enthusiast wouldn’t watch. Learning and playing the game is really easy for cricket enthusiasts as it requires understanding the basics of cricket and staying updated with every piece of information on the sport. So, if you are starting out with fantasy cricket, we have put together a beginner’s guide with fantasy cricket tips and tricks that will help you learn more about the game.

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a virtual game where you can enter into upcoming matches, form your own team by selecting real cricketers as your team players, and scoring points based on the performances of those players. The game is completely legal in India as it is a game of skill where every player needs to strategize and use skills to form their fantasy teams to win the leagues and win real cash.

As a fantasy cricket player, your objective is to select the best performing players from a set of 22-25 real cricketers from the upcoming match to form your virtual team. When you join the game with your virtual team, you earn points based on the performance of the players you have selected. If you are one of the top scorers in that match, you win cash prizes.   

How to start playing the game?

If you have enough knowledge about cricket, you can start playing right away. Here are the steps to enter into a game of fantasy cricket:

Download a fantasy cricket app

To begin playing the game, you need to install the MPL fantasy cricket app from a trusted gaming platform. Install the app and register yourself with your email address or phone number. 

Select the match you want to play

When you open the fantasy cricket app, you will find different upcoming matches that you can join. You can select any match of your choice and start building your virtual team by selecting the cricketers that will be playing the match. You will have to select 11 players from the 22-25 available players and also choose a captain and a vice-captain for your team. The captain is worth 2 times more points and the vice-captain is worth 1.5 times more points than the other players. Therefore, you should choose these two players wisely. You can also make multiple teams for the same match with a combination of different players to increase your chances of winning. Here’s a breakdown of the players you need to in your team of 11 players:

  • 3 Batsmen
  • 1 Wicket Keeper
  • 3 Bowlers
  • 4 Mixed Roles

Each player has a specific rating and points, for instance, players rated A have 15 points each and players rated G have 3 points each. The combined ratings of the players you select shouldn’t exceed the competition limit.

Join different contests

In fantasy cricket, there’s no limit to the number of contests you can play. You have the option to join different ongoing contests such as Grand Leagues, Small Leagues, and Head to Head contests. Each contest has a moderate or a low entry fee for the convenience of every player. Although you can join multiple contests to increase your chances of winning, you should be careful while choosing the matches. It’s wise to play the matches that you have knowledge about and are confident about using your skills for that match. Playing all matches can often lead to losing more than winning.

Enjoy the match

Once, you have created your fantasy team and entered the matches you want to play, you can just sit back and enjoy your favorite match while your team scores points for you.

Important fantasy cricket tips before you start playing

  • Create a balance in your team with a mix of good bowlers, fielders, and batsmen. Avoid choosing your favorites without analyzing their overall performance, form, and recent matches.
  • Stay updated with important information on the upcoming match you are playing. Find out about the weather conditions, pitch conditions, injured players, and any last-minute changes.
  • Ensure you pick players that are competing in the game instead of picking players who will be benched in that particular match.
  • Avoid investing everything in one match; play multiple matches to increase your chances of winning. However, you shouldn’t play all the matches if you don’t have much information on some of the matches.

You can also learn more about the fantasy cricket points system to understand how many points each player is valued at in the team.


Fantasy cricket is going to get more interesting and fun to play as you score more wins with this beginner’s guide to fantasy cricket. But as a beginner, you should stick to playing for entertainment and learning tips and tricks to improve your game. Learning different fantasy cricket tips and tricks will improve your skills in creating a strong team and analyze the game. When you have played several matches and are confident about your skills, you can play more matches on the MPL app to win cash prizes.

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