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How to Earn Money Online By Playing Games – Top 25 Apps To Make Money Playing Game Online in 2024

A lot of young people are avid gamers, and they show great interest in games. People enjoy playing video games on gaming consoles, laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets. Strategic initiatives and collaborations across the industry are crucial to expanding the gaming market in India to $5 billion by 2025, a significant leap from the modest $2.8 billion recorded in 2022. That means playing online games provides a real opportunity for anyone wishing to earn money in the gaming industry. 

Playing online games can be an enjoyable way of utilizing your leisure time. It is possible to make money while engaging in your passion for gaming through competitions, online game tournaments, and challenges. 

So, how to earn money by playing games in 2024? Play money-earning games that offer cash rewards for playing games. This article will take you through some of the most popular gaming apps that enable you to make money by playing online games.

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Why Should You Play Money-Making Games?

Money-earning games allow players to win real money or rewards by participating in various arcade-based activities. These games are fun and challenging, improving players’ skills, knowledge, and creativity. Below are some reasons why you would want to play such games:

1. Earn money and have fun at the same time

Money-making games allow players to earn cash by doing something they love most. However, you can choose from various games that meet your interests, choices, and aptitude levels to win cash prizes, gift coupons, or any other incentive. In some instances, such games may give signing-up bonuses, a refer-a-friend bonus, or completion bonuses to help you earn extra money.

2. Enables you to learn new things and boost your skills

Money-earning games expose you to new information, i.e., facts, trivia, vocabulary, or languages. In contrast, others may help you become more competent and learn more about problem-solving, logical reasoning, memory abilities, and concentration. Other games test your expertise in specific fields such as sports, entertainment, history, and geography. This way, it helps broaden your mind and make you think sharper.

3. You can challenge others and compete against yourself

In online real money games, one feels challenged when playing against other players or even oneself to beat their scores or rankings. These competitions could be extended, even leading to more enormous stakes so that the winner will appear on the leaderboards with a chance of being recognized for their achievements. Thus, playing these games will help one build self-esteem, motivate them, and have fun with fellow similarly passionate gamers.

4. Play a range of games and genres

Online games include trivia, solitaire, board, sports, racing, casino, fantasy, or skill-based games in various types and categories. Also, you can discover new games or genres that you may not have tried before but will quickly become your favorite.

5. Convenience

These games are available on different websites or apps online and can be accessed through different devices like computers, smartphones, or tablets. Just play these games for money at your convenience when you have some free time. 

25 Most Trending Apps To Earn Money By Playing Games in 2024

AppPotential EarningsRecommended Investment
MPLVaries based on gaming skillsTokens for entry fees
My11 Circle₹500 – ₹10,000+ (monthly)₹50 – ₹5000 (entry fees for contests)
Winzo₹100 – ₹5000+ (monthly)Tokens for game participation
Paytm First Games₹50 – ₹2000+ (monthly)Tokens for entry fees
Dream11₹500 – ₹20,000+ (monthly)₹20 – ₹1000 (entry fees for leagues)
Rummy Circle₹100 – ₹5000+ (monthly)₹50 – ₹1000 (entry fees for tournaments)
mRewardsPoints redeemable for rewardsTime and engagement for points
8 Ball Pool₹20 – ₹500+ (per match)In-game currency for entry
21 Blitz₹50 – ₹1000+ (monthly)₹10 – ₹500 (in-app purchases for boosts)
Loco₹20 – ₹5000+ (per quiz)None; participation is free
Solitaire Cube₹50 – ₹1000+ (monthly)₹10 – ₹500 (in-app purchases for boosts)
Blackout Bingo₹20 – ₹500+ (per game)₹10 – ₹200 (in-app purchases for power-ups)
Gamezy₹100 – ₹10,000+ (monthly)₹20 – ₹1000 (entry fees for leagues)
Carrom Pool₹20 – ₹500+ (per match)₹10 – ₹200 (in-app purchases for upgrades)
KhelPlay Rummy₹100 – ₹5000+ (monthly)₹50 – ₹1000 (entry fees for tournaments)
Qureka₹60,000 (monthly)Free entry
Get MegaDepends on the gaming skills₹1 to  ₹2400 (buy in for tournaments)
Zupee10 Cr daily winningsFree Entry
Playerzpot10 Cr daily winningsFree Entry
₹100 to ₹2000.₹50 – ₹1000+ (monthly)Free Entry
LucktasticDepends on the number of playersFree to Play
Slotomania₹50 – ₹1000+ (monthly)Coins required to play
A23₹5 lakhs – ₹3 CrWelcome bonus of 10k, buy-in required for tournaments
10Cric₹100 – ₹5 lakh+ (monthly)Welcome bonus available

How to Earn Money by Playing Games On MPL?

Mobile Premier League (MPL) | Download Games, Play & Win Money

The MPL real money earning games app answers your question about how to earn money by playing games. MPL is India’s most popular and trusted mobile gaming platform. It offers over 60 games spread over categories like fantasy sports, card games, arcade games, puzzles, action, and more. You can play online games for free with real players and win cash prizes. Moreover, you can also play cash contests and tournaments to win big.

Some of the most popular MPL real cash games online that help gamers make money playing games are:

1. Poker

It is a strategy and skill-based card game where you can win up to ₹30,000 by playing online poker games. Poker requires strategic thinking, patience, and focus. MPL poker also offers different game variants, which include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 5 Card Draw.

2. Rummy

Users can play online rummy games, including Pool, Deals, and Points, and win cash prizes up to ₹9 Cr in cash prizes. Rummy involves players matching cards by the same rank or in a sequence, which can help them increase their memory and analysis power.

3. Call Break

You can play Call Break for free and win cash prizes up to ₹10,000 daily. Call Break represents a trick-taking card game of mixed popularity in Nepal and India.

4. Fantasy Cricket

Users can make their fantasy cricket teams, and compete with others following the real-match events. Gamers can win up to ₹1 Cr daily and stand a chance to secure the grand prize of ₹10 Cr at the end of the season by playing fantasy cricket on MPL.

Pros of playing on MPL

  • A diverse range of gaming options is available for selection.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Fast and hassle-free withdrawals
  • Regular updates and new features
  • High-quality graphics and sound effects

Cons of playing on MPL

  • Requires a stable internet connection
  • Some games may require a high entry fee

2. My11Circle

Download Fantasy App, Play Fantasy Cricket & Win Cash Daily - My11Circle

My11Circle is a fantasy sports app where users can form a team comprising real players and play against different users for various cricket and football matches. You can engage in contests, match your budget and preference, and earn cash prizes ₹500 – ₹10,000+ based on your team’s performance. One also has the option to create a private contest and invite friends to play together. My11Circle is a safe and secure app backed by famous cricketers like Sourav Ganguly, Shane Watson, and Rashid Khan.


  • Low entry fees and high rewards
  • Multiple payment options and quick withdrawals
  • Live score updates and match analysis
  • Customer support


  • Limited to cricket and football games
  • Requires a good knowledge of sports and players
  • May have technical issues or delays

3. Winzo

WinZO - YouTube

Winzo has been awarded the best social gaming app and has more than 70 games available in 10+ languages. What’s more, you can challenge friends or random players to enjoy games of carrom, ludo, pool, chess, quiz, trivia, and many others with them that can help you win real money playing games up to ₹100 – ₹5000+ (monthly). Take part in tournaments and competitions to make more out of these games. Winzo offers a referral program allowing users to earn extra money by sharing the app with their contacts.


  • A wide variety of games is available
  • A fun and interactive social gaming experience
  • Low minimum withdrawal amount of Rs. 3
  • Multiple payment methods and instant withdrawals
  • 24/7 customer support and chat option


  • Not available on Google Play Store
  • Requires a lot of storage space and data
  • Some cash games may have ads or in-app purchases

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4. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games now has over 200 games: Here's what you need to know | Technology News – India TV

Paytm First Games is a gaming app powered by Paytm, one of India’s best digital online payment platforms. It comes with various genres like casual games, card games, fantasy sports, quizzes, and rummy, with more than 300 games. You can play free games or participate in real money earning games to win Paytm cash up to ₹2000, which can be used for various reasons.


  • Easy to access and use with your Paytm account
  • There is no minimum withdrawal limit and no processing fee
  • Regular offers and promotions
  • Dedicated customer support


  • Requires a Paytm account to play and withdraw
  • May have network issues or errors
  • Some cash games may have low-quality or graphics

5. Dream11

Play Fantasy Sports & Win Cash Prizes on Dream11 App | Dream11

Dream11 is the most popular and widely used fantasy sports app in India. This platform allows you to build your team of actual players and compete against other users in different forms of cricket, football, basketball, hockey, and kabaddi matches. Depending on your team’s performance, you are entitled to cash prizes ₹20,000 if you enter various contests according to your skill level and budget. Private contests can also be created where you invite friends to play games with you. Dream11 is a safe and legal app endorsed by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) that has connections with known sports persons like MS Dhoni, Harsha Bhogle, and Virender Sehwag.


  • A huge user base and high competition
  • A transparent and fair scoring system
  • Multiple payment options and fast withdrawals
  • Live score updates and match notifications


  • High entry fees and low rewards for some contests
  • Requires a good knowledge of sports and players
  • May have technical issues or delays

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6. Rummy Circle

Rummy Game Download | Install Rummy App | Free Indian Rummy Download

Rummy Circle is an application for playing rummy with real players online and earning cash prizes. At Rummy Circle, you can compete in different types of rummy, such as points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy, at different stakes and table sizes. Additionally, Rummy Circle offers tournaments where you can win a lot of rewards, like ₹5000 daily. Rummy Circle is an official app that guarantees safety and has a user-friendly interface.


  • A large active user base
  • Multiple payment options and fast withdrawals
  • Good customer support


  • Requires a good knowledge of rummy rules and strategies
  • May have network issues or errors
  • Some contests may have high entry fees and low rewards

7. mRewards

How to Download mRewards - Games & Earn Money on Android

Still looking for how to earn money by playing games without investment? mRewards is a unique platform on the mobile gaming market that rewards one’s time and input. The app offers cash games and activities that allow users to acquire points they can use in return for tangible things in reality. With its unconventional way of merging amusement with motivation, mRewards gives a unique experience compared to other traditional games.


  • Reward System: mRewards offers tangible rewards for users’ gaming and engagement activities, creating a strong incentive for consistent use.
  • Diverse Content: The app features a variety of cash games and activities, ensuring that users have multiple options to earn points and redeem rewards based on their preferences.
  • No In-App Purchases: Unlike many gaming apps, mRewards relies solely on its reward system, eliminating the need for users to make in-app purchases for a rewarding experience.


  • Limited Game Depth: The focus on rewards may result in a lack of depth in individual games, potentially limiting the long-term engagement of users seeking more complex and immersive gaming experiences.
  • Reward Processing Time: The time taken to process and deliver rewards may vary, and some users might find the process slower than expected, affecting their overall satisfaction.

8. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool - Apps on Google Play

8 Ball Pool is a game for pool fans that lets them play games with others online and earn money up to ₹20 – ₹500 (per match). You can play 1-on-1 matches or enter gaming tournaments; it has different tables and cues. This app also allows you to challenge and chat with your friends. It is highly addictive since it appears realistic because of its high-resolution graphics and high-quality audio effects.


  • A huge user base and high competition
  • Multiple payment options and fast withdrawals
  • Live score updates and match notifications


  • Requires a stable internet connection
  • May have technical issues or delays
  • Some cues and tables may have high prices or require real money

9. 21 Blitz

Play 21 Blitz at Gembly - Excitingly fun!

21 Blitz by Tether Studios combines the thrill of blackjack with the quick pace of solitaire-style puzzle games. The app aids players in combining cards on a grid to form 21s, thus offering a refreshing twist on conventional casino games. For those who want a mix of skill and luck, 21 Blitz offers interactive gameplay and colorful graphics, making it an engaging and strategic gaming experience.


  • A fresh perspective on traditional card games
  • Players need to employ a mix of mathematical skills and strategic thinking to create winning combinations.
  • The app includes gaming tournaments and head-to-head competitions.


  • In-app purchases for various power-ups and features
  • The unique gameplay may pose a learning curve for some players, potentially deterring those seeking a more casual gaming experience.

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10. Loco

Loco by Pocket Aces Pictures sets the bar higher regarding interactive live game show apps in mobile gaming. When combined with entertainment, Loco holds live quiz shows several times each day where users can participate and win money up to ₹5000 by playing trivia questions. Consequently, Loco has become a go-to platform for people who want to test their knowledge and enjoy the experience of attending a live event.


  • Loco’s live quiz format enables real-time interaction
  • The opportunity to win tangible rewards increases users’ motivation to engage consistently.
  • The app features diverse trivia topics


  • Requires a stable internet connection
  • The scheduled live shows may not align with all users’ availability, limiting their ability to participate in real-time quizzes.

11. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube: Single Player - Izinhlelo zokusebenza ku-Google Play

Solitaire Cube is a game released by Tether Studios that mixes a classic card game with some competition. Solitaire Cube is an app that takes the well-known solitaire experience and turns it into a head-to-head competition where players can go against others worldwide. It offers clean graphics and easy-to-use controls that make Solitaire Cube stand out from other versions of the classic Solitaire game.


  • Adds a competitive element to the traditional solitaire game
  • Multiplayer competitions
  • The game’s structure ensures fair play by providing identical decks to both players


  • The app monetizes through in-app purchases, offering power-ups and virtual currency that may impact the balance of competition.
  • The app primarily focuses on a single-game variation (solitaire), potentially limiting its long-term appeal to some players.

12. Blackout Bingo

Bingo Blackout Real Money - Apps on Google Play

Blackout Bingo is the new name for Big Run Studios Inc.’s traditional bingo, but its visual appeal has been dramatically enhanced, making it more competitive for mobile gamers. The app has vivid graphics and exciting gameplay, which escort players through different bingo rooms. Each has its theme and hurdles. Blackout Bingo seeks to unite the fun and thinking aspects of modern gaming.


  • Visually appealing design and themed bingo rooms
  • Each bingo room has different challenges and objectives


  • In-app purchases for power-ups and additional features
  • The game involves a significant element of luck

13. Gamezy

Gamezy - Online Ludo, Rummy & Fantasy Cricket App

Gamezy is a fantasy sports app developed by Gameskraft. The application allows users to create fantasy teams and participate in sports leagues like cricket and football. With real-time updates, player statistics, and a user-friendly interface, Gamezy aims to bring the excitement of fantasy sports to users’ fingertips. Earn up to ₹100 – ₹10,000 daily.


  • Fantasy leagues for multiple sports
  • Real-time updates on player performances
  • An intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface


  • Subject to legal restrictions in certain regions, limiting accessibility for potential users
  • The level of competition in fantasy sports can be high

14. Carrom Pool by Miniclip

How to start playing Carrom Pool! – Miniclip Player Experience

Carrom Pool is the online avatar of the viral board game Carrom and offers an option to play against people worldwide. Developed by Miniclip, this app grabs the attention of casual players and ardent carrom lovers with its real-life controls and striking visuals from various game modes. Carrom Pool tries to copy the core social experience of playing carrom with friends while giving a global platform for relatively competitive gameplay.


  • Lifelike gaming experience that appeals to fans of the physical game
  • Real-time multiplayer matches with friends or randomly selected opponents 
  • Social dimension
  • Users can personalize their carrom pieces and boards


  • In-app purchases for various customization options and power-ups
  • Potential connectivity issues during multiplayer matches

15. KhelPlay Rummy

Benefits of Free Games in Cash Rummy You Need to Know - KhelPlay Rummy

Another solution to your question of how to earn money by playing online games is KhelPlay Rummy. It is a digital offering from Octro Inc., which introduced the traditional card game of rummy in its virtual form. With its user-friendly controls, vibrant graphics, and several rummy variants, KhelPlay Rummy intends to duplicate the game in its classic glory while incorporating modern features that make it even more alluring.


  • Multiple variations of the classic rummy game
  • Regular gaming tournaments and challenges.
  • Users can connect with friends or compete against other players globally


  • In-app purchases for virtual currency and additional features
  • Experienced participants may possess a notable edge over beginners

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16. Qureka

Qureka offers various games for you to try, with over 10 million downloads on the Play Store. Its popularity comes from the diverse content it provides. The app is frequently updated with new quizzes, including hourly ones, allowing you to play daily. The more questions you answer correctly, the more coins you earn, which can be exchanged for prizes up to INR 60,000. Subjects range from cricket to General Knowledge to English Literature, making it educational as well.


  • Easy and secure money withdrawal
  • Fun quizzes in various subjects
  • Increases knowledge


  • The app can be buggy

17. GetMega

GetMega, developed by Megashots Internet Private Limited, specializes in money-earning games. The app offers a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, with verified profiles and no bots. Games have different buy-in rates, from INR 1 to INR 2400, catering to various budgets.


  • 24×7 leaderboards for all games
  • Games are always available


  • High competition
  • Requires an active internet connection

18. Zupee

Zupee is a mobile gaming platform that lets you earn money while playing games and win real cash. The games include Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and Trump Cards. The app offers a platform for players to put their skills to the test and compete for significant cash prizes. With Zupee, you can win up to 10 lakhs by playing online cash games. The app supports instant withdrawals through multiple payment methods such as bank transfers or UPI (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay).


  • Wide variety of games to choose from
  • High potential cash prizes
  • Convenient and instant withdrawal options


  • Requires skill and strategy to win
  • Initial deposit needed to play cash games
  • Risk of losing money in competitive games

19. PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot is a leading platform for fantasy sports and casual games in India. Covering major sports like hockey, cricket, and football, as well as Ludo, Carrom, Chess, Snakes and Ladders where you apply your knowledge and analyze strategies. The platform has over 3 million members, offering significant winning opportunities but high competition.


  • Easy and secure money withdrawal
  • Decent referral bonuses
  • Large selection of games and contests


  • High competition

20. Gamezop

Gamezop offers over 250 high-quality games you can play in your browser. You can earn cash rewards through their Paytm program, winning from ₹100 to ₹2000. Players can create their tournaments and earn a commission.


  • Wide selection of games
  • Earn cash rewards
  • Create and earn from your tournaments


  • Sometimes there are loading interruptions

21. Gamesville

Gamesville offers traditional and new games with no initial investment required. Players earn GV rewards and real money while chatting with others during gameplay. Popular games include Solitaire, Keno, Frantic Fish, and Quick Draw.


  • Entertains all age groups
  • Available on mobile and desktop
  • Signup bonuses


  • Loading interruptions can occur

22. Lucktastic

Lucktastic is a smartphone-only game where users win extra cash by playing online scratch-off games and contests. It’s free to play, but an ad plays before each game. Your odds of winning depend on the number of players.


  • Free to play
  • No buy-in required
  • Real-money prizes


  • Ads before each game
  • Odds depend on the number of players

23. Slotomania

Slotomania is a top-rated slot game with over 100 million players. It’s free to play but requires coins, which can be purchased or obtained through bonuses. This is one of the games that will help you earn money from online games.


  • Large player base
  • Free initial bundle of coins
  • Various bonuses available


  • Requires coins to play after the initial bundle
  • Potential in-app purchases

24. A23

A23 is a pioneer in hosting classical Indian Rummy online. The platform offers a variety of games, including Poker, Carrom, Pool, and fantasy sports like football and cricket. New players can enjoy welcome bonuses of up to Rs. 10,000. Withdrawing winnings is easy, as the site supports UPI apps such as PhonePe and Paytm. For professional rummy players, the platform hosts numerous tournaments throughout the year, with prize pools ranging from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 3 Crore. Here, you can earn money by playing game while enjoying too.


  • Nominal entry fees for tournaments
  • Attractive welcome bonuses
  • Variety of games to explore


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • A competitive environment may require advanced skills

25. 10cric

This esports fantasy cricket game allows you to create your team based on upcoming live matches, offering numerous prizes. It’s one of Dream11’s biggest competitors in India, giving you the opportunity to form a team of 11 players from a pool of 30.

With 10cric, you can join various live tournaments depending on your budget. Beginners can start with domestic leagues and, as they gain experience and improve their ranking, progress to larger international competitions.


  • Allows participation in cricket, tennis, and other games
  • Superb welcome bonuses for beginners
  • Supports cryptocurrency transfers


  • No bonuses for deposits made with cryptocurrency


In conclusion, gaming apps offer many opportunities to make money while having a fun experience. But despite that, these need to be approached responsibly and carefully. Play games according to the limits of your money and follow the terms and conditions. Give the maximum priority to the app’s credibility and security; never share vital information on apps. At the end of it all, make sure that gaming remains a source of relatively pure fun without succumbing to addiction or stress. The above apps answer how to earn money by playing games.

Vijaya Bharti
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