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All Rummy Apps APK to Download in 2024

When it comes to card games, Rummy always takes the top spot. It is an entertaining game that requires you to develop the best strategies to ace it. However, thanks to technology, you no longer have to wait for social gatherings to play the game. You can simply download the best rummy apk on your phone and start playing.

You may be wondering, what about security? Are online rummy APKs safe to download? Well, the best rummy apk apps are safe to download. These apps are obtained from trusted sources and require a rigorous verification process.

So, here are the top 13 rummy APK apps for you. Take a look!

Top 13 All Rummy Apps List – With ₹41, ₹51, ₹75 Bonus

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Here are the top 13 Rummy apk apps with rummy 51 bonus, 41 bonus, and 75 bonus.

Rummy APK Rummy Bonus
MPL Rummy Up to ₹30,000*
Rummy A1 ₹51
Taj Rummy ₹500
Rummy Leader  ₹41
Rummy Glee  ₹51
Rummy Palms  ₹41
Rummy Paisa  ₹51
Rummy Gems  ₹51
Holy Rummy ₹51
JJ Rummy ₹51
Rummy Mars  ₹41
Rummy Master  ₹51
RummyCircle ₹2000

Steps To Download All Rummy Apps APK

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The general methodology to download rummy APK apps is given below. It is a hassle-free process, and in no time, you can start playing free games and even cash games!

Step 1 – Open your device’s web browser and go to the official website of the Rummy app you want to download the APK from.

Step 2 – Locate the Download Link or Get the App section on the website. Click on the link or follow instructions to download the APK file.

Step 3 – Your device may show a warning message about downloading files from unknown sources. To proceed, go to your device settings, then to “Security” or “Privacy” settings, and enable “Unknown Sources” to allow installation from sources other than the Play Store

Step 4 – Once you have given the permission, return to the downloaded APK file and click on it to begin the installation process.

Step 5 – Next, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

Step 6 – After installation, you may want to disable the “Unknown Sources” setting for security reasons. Go back to your device settings and disable the option to prevent installations from unknown sources in the future.

Step 7 – The rummy APK download is complete, and you can start playing. 

13 Best Rummy APK Download in 2024

Let’s explore all rummy apps rummy players can trust.

App Name Free/Paid 
MPL Rummy Free to download + In-app purchases 
Rummy A1 Free to download + In-app purchases 
Taj Rummy Free to download + In-app purchases 
Rummy Leader  Free to download + In-app purchases 
Rummy Glee  Free to download + In-app purchases 
Rummy Palms  Free to download + In-app purchases 
Rummy Paisa  Free to download + In-app purchases 
Rummy Gems  Free to download + In-app purchases 
Holy Rummy Free to download + In-app purchases 
JJ Rummy Free to download + In-app purchases 
Rummy Mars  Free to download + In-app purchases 
Rummy Master  Free to download + In-app purchases 
RummyCircle Free to download + In-app purchases 

1. MPL Rummy

MPL, fast rummy, trust-worthy app

MPL is the most trusted rummy apk download on this list. It is one of the top rummy APK apps that offers up to ₹30,000 welcome bonus. MPL guarantees a safe and authentic gaming experience with a round-the-clock customer support team. The app uses advanced technology to give you smooth gameplay and uses algorithms to detect and prevent cheating, such as collusion.

When you opt for MPL, you can earn rewards by referring friends. The app allows players to participate in low-entry or free rummy tables to practice and improve their skills.

The platform operates legally within the framework established by the Indian government, recognizing rummy as a skill-based game. MPL provides the security of all transactions through KYC verification and offers multiple secure payment options. Players receive attractive bonuses, discounts, and rewards, including welcome bonuses and ongoing offers.

One of the best reasons to play on MPL is that it offers free matches and real-money games. There are also several online tournaments where you can earn about INR 50 Cr in real cash prizes.

Rummy Variants on MPL

Let’s look at the rummy variants on MPL for rummy players.

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is a variant of Indian Rummy and is ideal for beginners due to its simplicity and single-round format. On MPL Rummy, 2 to 5 players can start playing rummy points. It uses one or two standard card decks with one Joker per deck.

Pool Rummy

Pool rummy on MPL offers three further variations: 61, 101, and 201 pool. To get started, you pay a fixed entry fee, which is added to the prize pool.

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is another variant of Indian Rummy on MPL. To play rummy deals, you must compete over a fixed number of deals, such as 2, 3, 4, or 6.

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a popular two-player rummy game played with a standard deck of 52 cards without jokers. You form sets and runs with the cards while minimizing deadwood cards. The goal is to be the first to accumulate over 100 points for victory.

Rummy APK Download for Android

  • Visit the MPL website on your Android device’s web browser
  • Locate the option to download the MPL Rummy APK
  • Enter your mobile number to receive a download link via SMS
  • Open the SMS containing the download link and tap on it to start the download
  • You will get a pop-up stating, “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep mpl-pro-v164.apk anyway?”
  • Tap OK. The MPL app is 100% safe to download and will not harm your device in any manner.
  • Once downloaded, locate the APK file in your device’s downloads folder and tap on it to begin the installation process
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation
  • After installation, you can open the MPL app and start playing.

Rummy APK Download for iOS

  • Open the App Store on your iOS device
  • Use the search bar to find the MPL app
  • Tap on the MPL app icon in the search results
  • Tap on the “Get” button to download and install the app
  • After installation, locate the MPL app icon on your home screen and tap on it to open the app
  • Once inside the MPL app, look for rummy, and start playing the game on your phone.

Steps To Play Rummy After Downloading The Rummy APK

Once you have download rummy app, you can start playing tournaments or even enjoy the game for free.

New Player

If you are a new player, you must watch the video tutorial and learn the rummy rules to play rummy. You can start with free games or low-stakes rummy cash games before proceeding to high-stakes tables or poker tournaments to get the hang of the game.

Existing Player

As a registered MPL player, you can open the app and choose your preferred rummy variant to start playing.

Pros of playing MPL Rummy:

  1. Opportunity to earn real money through skilled gameplay.
  2. Regular tournaments and contests with attractive rewards.
  3. Enhances strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

Cons of playing MPL Rummy:

  1. Risk of addiction if not managed responsibly.
  2. Financial losses are possible in competitive gaming.
  3. Unstable internet connectivity may disrupt the gaming experience.

2. Rummy A1

Rummy A1 is the next rummy apk on the list. It offers a versatile gaming experience with several exciting games, including Rummy, Teen Patti, and Dragon Vs Tiger. The first step is to download the rummy app and install Rummy A1. Then, sign up using your number and receive a ₹51 sign-up bonus. The app also offers additional perks like ₹150 for inviting friends, a minimum withdrawal amount of ₹100, and the option to deposit as little as ₹50.


  1. User-friendly interface for a seamless gaming experience.
  2. Varied game modes catering to different preferences.
  3. Social features for connecting with friends and players worldwide.


  1. In-app purchases may be required for certain features or upgrades.
  2. Limited rewards and incentives compared to other platforms.
  3. Customer support may be lacking in responsiveness.

3. Taj Rummy

rummy app

Taj Rummy is an online platform and app offering a diverse range of Rummy games, including classic 13-card Indian Rummy and exciting variations like Points Rummy and Pool Rummy. Here, you can enjoy smooth gameplay with responsive controls and intuitive features. Taj Rummy also offers thrilling tournaments where you can win cash prizes. Rest assured, your transactions are secure and encrypted, ensuring a safe gaming experience. This app gives you an ₹300 sign-up bonus and more rewards for a fun Rummy experience.


  1. Secure platform with reliable payment options.
  2. Wide range of rummy variants and gameplay options.
  3. Interactive tutorials for beginners to learn and improve skills.


  1. High competition among skilled players.
  2. The withdrawal process may be cumbersome or delayed.
  3. Server downtime or technical glitches may disrupt gameplay.

4. Rummy Leader 

android rummy games

Rummy Leader offers a modern twist to the traditional card game where players can engage live with others globally. Once you have an account, the games can be enjoyed in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi. There are various game modes, and you can receive regular updates with new additions. You get a welcome rummy 41 bonus when you download the app. The minimum withdrawal allowed is ₹100.

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5. Rummy Glee 

play rummy tournaments

Rummy Glee offers an excellent online rummy experience with 2D and 3D tables, royal player avatars, and nationwide player challenges. Thanks to your mobile phones, once the rummy APK download is done, you can play anytime, anywhere, and win real cash and prizes. All you have to do is download rummy app, create a free account, and play. Here, you get to participate in 13-card and 21-card rummy. You get a rummy 51 bonus on joining and a minimum withdrawal of ₹100.

6. Rummy Palms 

play rummy tournaments, win rummy

When it comes to playing and winning the game of rummy, there are several apps for you. And, next on our list is Rummy Palms. For the first time you log in, you can access a lucrative bonus program offering ₹41 upon signup and commission for inviting friends. With a minimal withdrawal option starting at ₹100, you can transfer funds directly to their bank accounts. You relish a diverse selection of games, including Teen Patti and Dragon Vs Tiger, and easily sign up via the app to claim your bonus. It can be played on Android and iOS.

7. Rummy Paisa 

play rummy, fun, rmmy time

The rummy journey can be enjoyed online, and one of the apps you can use is Rummy Paisa. The platform offers a variety of Rummy games, and you also receive a sign-up rummy 51 bonus. And, the minimum withdrawal allowed is ₹100. It is available on Android

8. Rummy Gems 

rummy app, rummy day

Rummy Gems offers a modern twist on the classic card game and lets you engage live with others globally. You can enjoy games in multiple languages, such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi. Here, you get a bonus of ₹51, and the minimum withdrawal is ₹100.

9. Holy Rummy

play rummy

Holy Rummy is an exciting card game app that brings the classic Rummy experience to your fingertips. You can play against real players worldwide, anytime and anywhere. Holy Rummy ensures a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for players of all skill levels. You get a bonus of ₹51, and the minimum withdrawal is ₹100.

10. JJ Rummy

smooth rummy, game day

JJ Rummy is a mobile rummy app that offers various versions of the classic card game and lets you play and win real cash. With a sign-up bonus of ₹41 and a user-friendly interface, it provides an enjoyable gaming experience. You can download the rummy app for free, offering a welcome bonus of up to ₹51. The rummy 51 bonus can encourage players to try it out. You can withdraw your winnings, usually starting at ₹100, via UPI or IMPS transfer.

11. Rummy Mars 

rummy opportunity, rummy day

Rummy Mars offers a refreshing experience of the classic card game and lets you compete live with others worldwide. You enjoy various game modes, language options, and the ability to send gifts and chat with friends. The app functions smoothly even on slow internet connections, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. You receive a welcome bonus of ₹41; the minimum withdrawal is ₹100.

12. Rummy Master 

install app, rummy day

Rummy Master offers a thrilling online multiplayer version of the beloved Indian Rummy game. You can compete with players worldwide or enjoy custom games with friends privately. With offline turn-based gameplay and live chat features, it provides hours of entertainment. You can climb the leaderboard and showcase your skills as the ultimate Rummy champion.

13. Rummy Circle

good rummy game

RummyCircle is an online platform for playing the beloved game of Rummy. It even brings the excitement of offline gameplay to your device. It offers a secure and fast-paced environment along with personalized gameplay experiences. With over 30 million players, you can enjoy round-the-clock games, tournaments, etc. The app offers exclusive offers, ₹2000 welcome bonuses, and 24/7 customer support. They even host annual online and offline tournaments with big rewards.

Rummy APK Download FAQs

How to download the rummy apk?

You can easily download all rummy apps that are reliable through the respective website of the app. For instance, to download MPL rummy apk, you can visit the mpl website and follow the steps to download the app securely.

Are online rummy games genuine?

While there are several genuine games out there, you must be beware of the unsafe ones. A few ways to check if an app is safe include: 

  • Positive reviews and high ratings on app stores
  • Proper licensing and regulation by gaming authorities
  • Secure payment options and encrypted transactions
  • Transparent terms and conditions, including fair play policies
  • Responsive customer support services

Which rummy app is not fake?

One of the safest and top rummy apps today is MPL. It offers secure transactions and fair gameplay. The app even uses stringent security measures to protect user data and ensure a trustworthy gaming environment.

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