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Deals Rummy: How To Play & Rules

Deals Rummy game is one of the most exciting rummy variants of the Indian Rummy played by millions online. The card game comes with minor distinctions, but deals rummy is absolutely entertaining nevertheless. The deals rummy cash game is played head-to-head between two to six players. It adds a sense of competitiveness and entertainment while keeping the spirit of the game alive. Here is how to play deals rummy games on the MPL App to win real money.

What is Deals Rummy?

Deals Rummy is a variant of the 13 Card Rummy game, just like pool rummy and points rummy. In this game, players aim to form sets or runs. Each deal has a fixed number of rounds, and players get a set number of chips. After each round, points are calculated, and the player with the least points wins. It's a fast-paced and exciting variation of traditional Rummy.

Deals Rummy Rules

Now, let's get straight to the point and understand the rules of the deals rummy game. While they are pretty straightforward, regular practice becomes imperative in deals rummy to ace the game.

  • Rummy Deals is designed for 2-6 players. It is played with two card decks and two printed jokers.
  • The rummy deals game involves multiple rounds where players vie for chips based on the earned points. The ultimate goal is to secure the highest chip count for victory.
  • In this 13-card variant, participants strategically pick and discard cards from open or closed piles to complete sets.
  • After forming sets, players move a card to the finish slot, which signals that it's time for the declaration of sequences.
  • The rummy sequence formation as per rummy deal rules closely mirrors those of traditional Rummy.

Rule of Jokers in Deals Rummy Game:

Rule of Jokers in Deals Rummy Game

In Deals Rummy, the number of jokers used depends on the number of players at the table. If there are 2 players, only 1 joker is used. If there are 6 players, 2 jokers are used. Jokers come in handy for creating impure sequences or completing a triple set. After the initial card dealing, an extra card is chosen randomly from the remaining deck, and it becomes a wild Joker. The standard deck used in the game also involves printed jokers. These Jokers add flexibility to the game, helping players build their card combinations and enhance their chances of winning.

How to Play Deals Rummy?

Deals rummy games are played with chips for a fixed number of deals. If you are new to the Deals Rummy game, you can learn to play it with this easy step-by-step guide and stand a chance to win real cash prizes.


The objective of the Deals Rummy game is to make at least two sequences (including one pure sequence) and sets from the 13 cards in hand and win the maximum number of chips to win the game.


When the game starts, each player receives 13 cards from a standard deck. After selecting a wild joker, a topmost card is picked from the Draw Pile, placed face-up, and the game begins. The players play in turns to draw a card from the draw pile or discard pile and discard one card simultaneously to meld cards in valid sets and sequences.


A player must make a valid declaration if they want to win a particular deal. If they don’t have the right combinations required to make a valid declaration, it’s called an invalid declaration. As per rummy deal rules, making an invalid declaration can lead to the player being assigned 80 points, which is the highest possible total in the game. 

The declaration is valid if the player has made one Pure Sequence and another Pure/Impure Sequence. After making a valid declaration, the value of the player’s unmatched cards is deducted from the total points accumulated by the rest of the players. If the player who made the declaration has no unmatched cards, they get the best possible score of 0 points. This is only possible if the player has made at least two Sequences, 1 Pure and 1 Pure/Impure, and Sets with the rest of the remaining cards. 

The next deal begins once the points are calculated and each player is assigned their score. The game progresses similarly until the pre-decided number of deals is over. After the number of deals is played, the player with the lowest points wins all the chips. 

How is the Score Calculated in Deals Rummy?

Value of each card in deals rummy:

  • A, K, Q, J, 10 - carry 10 points each
  • Numbered Cards - carry points equal to their face value
  • Joker Cards - carry zero points

Winner's Score Calculation:

The player who can form sets and runs of all their cards is the winner and is rewarded zero points. The below formula can be used to calculate exact winnings.

Winnings = (Entry Fee x Number of Players) - platform fee

Losing Player's Score Calculation:

The score of a player who loses a deal is determined by adding up the values of the cards not arranged in sequences or sets. However, it is limited to 80 points as that's the highest you can go.

This means a player can get a maximum of 80 points regardless of the total value of their cards. For example, if the cards are worth 100 points, the player's score will still be 80.

Deal Show:

A deal show occurs when a player makes a valid declaration before the first turn of their opponent. In the case of a deal show, the losing player receives half of their total points. For example, if the total value of the losing player’s cards is 50, the player will get 25 points. In a deal show, the minimum scoring can be 2 and a maximum of 40. 

How Does The Drop Option Work in Deals Rummy?

As per the rummy card deal rules, let's see how the drop option works in the deals rummy game.

Drop Option in 2-Player Deals Rummy Games

In a two-player deals rummy game, there is no way to Drop out or withdraw from the deal. However, if a player misses three turns consecutively, they are dropped automatically from the game, and their score equals the hand score capped at a maximum of 80 points.

Drop Option in More Than 2-Player Deals Rummy Games

In deals rummy games for more than two players, there is an option to take the First Drop or the Middle Drop.

The First Drop can be taken if the player has not made a single move and chooses to withdraw from the game during their initial turn. The First Drop leads to a loss of 20 points.

After the player has made their first move, choosing to withdraw from the game at any point after that shall result in a Middle Drop. The Middle Drop leads to a loss of 40 points. in the game.

What If You Miss Three Moves?

The drop points in the game depend on the number of players on the table. For instance, on a 2-player table, you cannot drop out, but if you miss three consecutive moves, you will be dropped out of the game automatically. As per the rummy deal rules, the points you get will be based on your hand cards, capped at a maximum of 80 points.

If you are playing on a table with more than two players, there are three drops allowed. On the first drop you lose 20 points, on the middle drop you lose 40 points, and on missing three moves consecutively, you lose 40 points.

What Are Chips in Deals Rummy?

Chips are a form of virtual currency or points that players use to keep track of their scores during the game. Each player starts with a certain number of chips at the beginning of the game. These chips are determined on the basis of the deals that the players agree on playing.

How are chips allocated?

Number of Deals

Number of Chips Allocated 













The chips are allocated as per the decided number of deals that will be played, the number of deals multiplied by the highest attainable score (80 points) by an individual player. If the number of deals to be played is 5, then each player will receive 400 chips to play with.

How are chips settled at the end of a deal?

One chip is directly proportional to one point scored in the game. The player who has accumulated the most chips at the end of the deals rummy game is declared the winner. Their winnings are calculated as per the individual points total of their opponents. So if there are six players in the game, the scoring system enables the winner to take home the points total of their five opponents in the form of chips.

1 Point = 1 Chip

For instance, if a player plays 2 deals and loses 20 points in the first deal, the player will lose 20 chips. Similarly, if a player loses 50 points in the following deal, the other player will win 50 chips.

Tips & Tricks for Deals Rummy

Tips & Tricks for Deals Rummy

Now that you know how to play deals rummy, let's take a look at the rummy deals tips to play rummy and help you emerge as the winner.

Use Sort Option

In online deals rummy games, you can use the "Sort" option to organize your cards by suits. This makes it easier to plan your moves and ensures you don't discard any important cards.

Get Rid of High-Value Cards

If you have cards with high values that don't form sets, consider discarding them as soon as possible. This helps in minimizing your points.

Use Jokers Strategically

Use Jokers strategically to complete your sets and finish the game faster than your opponent. Jokers carry zero points and can be easily melded to form impure sequences and sets.

Start With a Pure Sequence

Aim to get a pure sequence early in the game; it is a crucial component that sets a strong foundation for your play.

Focus on Reducing Points in Hand

When your opponent declares, focus on minimizing your score, especially if they complete sets through other combinations.

How to Play Deals Rummy on MPL?

You can easily start playing the deals rummy game anywhere from your smartphone on the MPL app. Here's how to play deals rummy on MPL:

Download the MPL App

The first step for deals rummy app download is to visit your App Store. Then, search for "MPL" and download the app. Android users can visit the MPL webiste and download rummy apk.

Create an Account

Open the MPL app and sign up by providing the required information. Verify your account through the provided options.

Navigate to Rummy

Once your account is set up, go to the MPL app's homepage and search for rummy.

Open the Deals Rummy

As you scroll through, you will easily find the rummy game. Within the Rummy section, look for the "Deals Rummy" variant.

Enter Lobby

Choose a Rummy Deals lobby. You will have to add the entry fee to start playing.

Watch How to Play Video 

MPL provides comprehensive tutorial videos. If you are a beginner, you must watch how to play deals rummy video to get a gist of the game. Just tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the app and choose the option called 'Learn to Play Rummy' for a video tutorial.

Begin Playing

Beginner can start playing deals rummy on low-stakes table to play against similar-skilled players. MPL provides a user-friendly interface where you can see your cards, make moves, and keep track of your score.


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