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Indian Rummy is one of the most popular rummy variants and stands amongst the most played card games in the country. People in India love playing rummy and spend hours on this card game while commuting in crowded metros and buses. The game's objective is to form valid melds or sets out of the 13 cards distributed to each player. As this is a 'Pick and Discard' card variation game, users draw and discard cards on their turn until one player manages to make sets and declare their hand.
These classic rummy games are usually played with money in India, where the players' buy-in is at a certain amount of money and points. Losers pay the points to the winning player by deducting them from their score. As soon as one of the rummy players declares his/her hand, each player accounts for their winnings and losses.
MPL's online rummy games abide by the same rules of Indian rummy, which has gained immense popularity among the masses over the past few years.

Players and Cards in Online Rummy

A maximum of 10 players can play this Indian rummy game variant. Beyond this, playing rummy becomes meaningless and chaotic. When there are up to 6 players, two standard card decks with 52 cards are used with four suits. With seven or more rummy players, we use three standard card decks. Each deck would consist of 52 cards and a joker card.
For 2-6 players: 106 cards are used (2 decks with 53 cards each)
For 7-10 players: 159 cards are used (3 standard decks)

Deal & Shuffle!

While playing rummy online, the cards are shuffled and the player to the right of the dealer picks a random card from the deck (this can be done at random through RNG). Now this card is faced up and kept on the table. The remaining value cards of the same rank are jokers. If the joker card is chosen, then the only wild cards in the game are jokers.
Each person receives 13 cards at a time to play rummy. The remaining cards are kept face down with the wild card placed face up, so that it's visible to every player, reminding them of the wild card's rank. The facedown deck is a draw pile where players can pick a card from at their turn. In MPL's online rummy, the full table view is perfect for a user to observe everything at once.

Making Sets & Runs

While playing online rummy game the aim is to form sequences and sets or trails.
A sequence is a combination of 3 or more consecutive value cards of the same suit, with the order being Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace. When you play rummy online, please note that Ace-2-3 is a sequence like Ace King Queen, but not King Ace 2.
In rummy games, a trail or a set is a combination of at least 3 and a maximum of 4 cards of the same rank but different suits. For instance, 8 of hearts, 8 of spades, and 8 of clubs is a valid set, but 8 of clubs, 8 of spades, and 8 of spades won't make a valid set.
Also, keep in mind not to overlap the sequences when you play rummy. For instance, 3H-4H-5H-5D-5C is either a sequence with two spare 5s or a set of fives with two spare hearts. If a 5H is added or a 2H is added, the cards will form a sequence and a set. One needs to know the rules like the back of their hand to play rummy online.
Joker and wild cards are used as substitutes while playing rummy, where a player can form a sequence or a set when not having the suitable cards. For instance, if the card turned up is 2C, then 9H-2C-JackH is a valid sequence, and KK2 is a valid set.
A straight run is formed without using any jokers or wild cards. At least one straight run is necessary in online rummy for a player to make a valid declaration. For instance, if 2H is a wild card, AceH, 2H, and 3H are still a straight sequence, but KQ2H is a straight run and an ordinary sequence.
As an exception, when three decks are used, an additional type of meld of three identical cards with the same rank and suit are considered equivalent to a pure sequence in online rummy. For instance, KH, KH, KH. This is also known as Tanala.
To declare a hand and win it, you need to hold at least two sequences, and at least one of these sequences should be pure. The first pure sequence is also known as the first life and the following sequence as the second life.
A winning hand in rummy game online can have these four combinations - a set of 4 cards and three sets of 3 cards each or three combinations made of 5 card sequence, a four-card meld, and four card meld or five-card meld, five-card meld, and three-card meld.

Point System

After the player declares their hand, all other rummy players playing the hand count their points and pay off the winner accordingly. This is how points are allotted in rummy games.
. King, Queen, Jack, and Ace carry 10 points each.
. All numbered cards carry the same points as their face value.
. Jokers carry zero points.
Original Life points are not counted. If a hand contains a second life and a pure sequence, then the cards in those sequences and the following sets are not counted.
The points of each player are calculated after the first hand is declared validly. Players who had folded the hand either lose 10 points or 40 points, depending on when they folded their hands.

Different Terms Used In Indian Rummy

All set to play in our online rummy platform? Here are a few terms that you must know before you start playing rummy:
Dealer: In an online game, the dealer is automated and does not participate in either free or cash games. The dealer only conducts and enforces the rules of the card game.
Discard Pile: The discard pile is made up of all the cards discarded by other rummy players. Other players can pick up any top cards from the "Discard Pile" to complete their combinations in rummy games.
Draw Pile: The draw pile card deck in rummy games lies face-down, from which players can draw. These cards have not been dealt, and are usually placed next to the Discard Pile. When players discard a card, they can draw another from this pile.
Wildcard: Usually, the Printed Joker is used as the Wildcard in every game. This type of card is usually used interchangeably to complete Sets, Impure Sequence, or a Run when the player does not have a card they require.
Set: A Set is a combination of cards that can be formed by using three or more cards of an identical number. All three cards must be from a different suit.
Sequence: A Sequence is a combination formed using three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. A Sequence can be pure or impure which is explained in detail, later.
Run: A Run is also a combination of cards that players can form when they are playing the game. The word Run is often used interchangeably with the word Sequence.
Suit: The term which is used to refer to the four types of cards that are in each deck. Clubs, Spades, Hearts, and Diamonds are all known as Suits.
Declare: Upon forming all their required combinations, a player can declare the game, whereupon the players’ points are calculated for their score.
Unmatched Cards: The cards that are left unmatched, and cannot be a part of any combinations by a player are known as Unmatched Cards. After a player declares their game, the points of the winner’s Unmatched Cards are charged to the loser.
Score: Score is the total value of all the cards remaining in the hands of other players after one player has made a valid declaration.

Indian Rummy: A Game of Skill or Luck?

Rummy is a game of skill, which makes it fun and interesting to play. Selecting a card to discard is a crucial skill, which can make or break the game.
Users should first play practice games or free games online before jumping to cash rummy games. Get the best online rummy experience on the MPL app and enjoy amazing cash rewards today!

Tips and Tricks To Win Online Rummy

Playing rummy online is super fun and exciting. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you stay ahead of your opponents in 13 cards rummy game, and lead you to win real cash games and consequently, rummy tournaments.
Since it is a necessity to have at least one Pure Sequence to win an online rummy game, our first and most important rummy tip is to focus on building a Pure Sequence as soon as you start playing a game. This will help you save the trouble of trying to make one during the later stages of the game.
Try to avoid picking up cards from the Discard Pile. When you pick up a card lying face-up and discarded by your opponent, they can sense your game strategy.
Since there are consequences of a Drop in a game of online Indian Rummy, you must always attempt the first Drop. This way you can avoid a higher points loss since the First Drop leads to the least loss of points.
It is also important to keep a close eye on your opponents’ activity. If and when they pick up a card from the Discard Pile, try to ascertain their game plan. This can be one of the most helpful rummy tricks if you can correctly estimate their strategy and implement your own.
Another important tip is to get rid of cards with a higher point value. Try to get rid of any Kings, Queens, Aces, and Jacks if they don't form sets or sequences in the first few attempts. A lesser-known rummy trick that not many usually use, is to get rid of an extra card by forming four-card Sequences.
One more way to restrict your opponents’ progress in a 2 person game is to pay attention to the color of your cards. This trick works if you have more cards of one particular color. It would mean your opponent has more cards of the other color.
For example, if you have more cards that are Black, it means your opponent has a higher chance of having more of the Red ones. In such a situation, avoid discarding any of your Red cards for at least 3-4 moves. This way, you can eliminate their chances of having an advantage over you.
By using these rummy tips and tricks, your ability to outwit and outplay your opponents in classic rummy games will improve drastically. Stay alert while playing 13 cards rummy, and wait for the moment when the game can turn in your favor. Play rummy now & win big cash rewards!

Rummy Game Variants: Points, Pools, and Deals

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is a version of the Indian Rummy card game and is played for points. With a pre-assigned value to the number of points, the winner of the game can win a sum of money determined by their opponents’ points total. It is quite interesting and has developed a fascination among Indian Rummy enthusiasts due to the thrilling gameplay.

Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy, too, is one of the beloved rummy variants online. The fast nature of the game gives Pool Rummy an exciting edge, where the objective is to score the fewest points in order to win the prize pool.

Deals Rummy

In this classic rummy game, all the players are competing in order to win scores. The game lasts for a preordained number of deals, whereupon the player who has accumulated the most scores wins the deals rummy game
What are you waiting for? There are so many rummy variations to choose from. Play online rummy of your choice and compete in cash tournaments daily!

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Since the honorable Supreme Court of India's declaration of Rummy to be a 'game of skill' in 1968, it is absolutely legal to play rummy on MPL, one of the best online rummy game operators in India. You can play free rummy to sharpen your gaming skills before playing for real money and win instant cash. There are multiple payment options in MPL rummy including net banking and UPI for online transactions through secure payment gateway.
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