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Rummy Tips

Simply put, rummy is a game of strategy where one has to judiciously use the cards in hand. Hence, understanding the basics is paramount to win a rummy game. In India, 13 card rummy is the most played variant online, also known as Indian Rummy.

That said, here are some quick rummy tips and tricks which you can use to win the game before heading to the high tables.

Online Rummy: Win The Game Every Time You Play

Indian rummy is a fun card game that also demands skills and strategies from the players. While many know how to play online rummy games, players can follow our rummy tips and tricks to understand how to win a rummy game. A rummy game is more skill-based than luck and players need to use those skills to evaluate their cards and leverage them to their advantage while also being aware of their opponents' strategies. So, like playing points rummy,deals rummy, or pool rummy, a few rummy tips can get you a winning streak in the games. Check out these simple and easy-to-follow rummy tips and tricks that can help you lead the game every time you play a match.

Online Rummy Tips And Tricks To Follow

Following are the essential Indian rummy tips and tricks that can give you an edge over your opponents.

A Pure sequence is mandatory

This is one of the most essential tips for all rummy players. Always try to form a pure sequence before moving on to impure sequences and sets. Not doing it may increase your burden later. Forming a pure sequence at the beginning is advisable. Since the Joker cannot be used in pure sequence, completing it at the beginning gives a player the flexibility to tinker with his/her remaining cards to find the best combination. Hence, the very first objective after the cards are dealt is to form a pure sequence

Get rid of high-value cards

Try to get rid of cards with high point value early on. Waiting to form pure sequences or sets with high point cards like King, Ace, Jack, or Queen only increase your point burden as your opponent will get enough time to declare before you.

Make a sequence of 4 cards

Players usually ignore or overlook the trick of forming sequences and sets using 4 cards. A sequence or set can be made by more than 3 cards as well, with the maximum limit being 4.

Don't wait for "perfect" cards

The pure sequence should be made quickly and players shouldn't wait for the perfect cards to come. Instead, reevaluate your hand and rearrange them to move towards making a valid declaration.

Keep the middle cards

Middle cards are versatile as they help to form combinations with other such cards instead of low or high-value cards. For instance, 5 of any suit can make a run with 3, 4, or 6, 7 or 4, 6, while a high-value Ace card can only make a run with 2, 3.

Don't wait for "perfect" cards

The pure sequence should be made quickly and players shouldn't wait for the perfect cards to come. Instead, reevaluate your hand and rearrange them to move towards making a valid declaration.

Wisely use the Joker cards

Be wise while using your Joker cards as your win depends on it. If you already have a pure sequence, leverage the available Joker card or wild card to complete the second sequence. And if there are already two sequences in your hands (including a pure sequence), you can use the wild card to make sets/sequences with high-point cards. In Indian Rummy, there are two types of Joker cards – the one that comes with the deck, also known as ‘Printed Joker’ and the designated joker, also known as ‘Cut Joker’.

Arrange your cards in alternate colors

Another rummy tip you can use to avoid confusion is to alternate the colors and arrange your cards in the black-red-black or red-black-red color combination. Doing this reduces your chances of discarding a useful card by mistake.

At the start of every rummy game on MPL, the AI will automatically sort and arrange cards for you in suitable combinations. However, do not be afraid to re-organize your cards from time to time. This opens up more possibilities to form valid sets and sequences, that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Confuse the opponents

While drawing from the open pile to make a sequence, you should know that just your opponents are also keeping an eye on your move. This is where you need to play smart. For instance, you can discard a card that is part of your sequence but isn't needed as you have two such cards.

Count the Points in Hand

Analyzing and keeping a count of the card points in your hand throughout the rummy game is important. To do that, you should count the points in hand after every move.

Know what to discard and draw

‘Draw’ and ‘Discard’ are the fundamentals of playing rummy. By judiciously discarding needless cards, a player makes room for better cards, and at times, an altogether new combination.

A player must know which card to discard. One should discard the idle cards that do not participate in making sequences or triplet chances. Doing this increases the number of cards that will allow you to declare, thereby doubling your chance to win.

Face Cards are high-value cards, losing which reduces the points tally. While there is a possibility you may not win by losing them, but the target eventually is to get your score as low as possible. Keeping it less than 40 may put a player in a better situation than dropping overall.

Avoid drawing cards from the discard pile

The most obvious, yet ignored, a strategy that rummy players often forget is not drawing cards from the discard pile. Doing this gives hints to your opponents about your cards.

Bluff your opponent

A clever but risky rummy trick, bluffing is a skill that cannot be pulled off safely. But, if planned carefully, it can be a good weapon to win rummy games. While it can fetch you great results, the catch lies in the timing. The decision depends largely on your opponent's moves; so watching closely is a prerequisite.

If the opponent is not picking too many cards from the open deck or making random discards, you can predict he/she doesn't have a great hand. This is a good time to bluff by pretending to have a great hand.

Your opponents' discarded cards can help one to narrow down the combinations they are going for. In case you already possess a card that could potentially help others at the table, it is advisable to keep hold of it, temporarily.

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Try to calculate the probability of getting certain cards

Rummy is a game of probability. Getting well versed with the basic concepts of probability will help in making calculative decisions while drawing and discarding cards.

For example, 2 decks of cards are required to play rummy and 13 cards are dealt to each player. Hence, you can determine the probability of joker cards that each player has. If you get more than 4 Jokers while playing against one opponent, you could predict that your opponent has none or fewer Jokers. 12 Jokers, i.e. 4 Printed (2 printed jokers per deck) and 8 Wild Jokers are used in rummy. For instance, if you have 5 Jokers, it can be assumed that the remaining ones are lying in the closed deck or some of them are with your opponents. Only heads up (2 player matches) is played with one deck.

Do not just play, play to become a rummy pro

It is important to remember that every player starts the game as a beginner. One cannot become a pro overnight and the more one plays, the more instinctive it becomes to apply the tips and tricks. This further helps to formulate strategies to confuse your opponent. In the end, a player needs to beat his opponents mentally before beating him/her on the table. With practice, you can even guess the cards that your opponents have in hand, simply by memorizing the ones they have discarded.

In the end, there is one thing that you must keep in mind while playing online rummy. If you plan to quit, do it at the beginning of the game instead of in the later stage of the game to avoid more losses. It's always better to go for the first drop than a middle drop to prevent your points from increasing.

Try out these rummy tricks and tips the next time you play rummy and see how much of a difference they bring in your strategy.

How Rummy Points Are Calculated?

As mentioned, in rummy, each card carries a certain number of points. The losing player gets points corresponding to the total value of all cards in his/her hand. If the losing player fails to make the two mandatory sequences, the value of all cards is added, capped at 80 points. If the player has formed two sequences including a pure sequence, the value of cards not in any combination is calculated.

Player with no combinations in his hand

Value of all cards is added, capped at 80 points

Player with two sequences, including one pure sequence

Value of cards that are not in any combination are added

Invalid Declaration

80 points

First Drop

20 points

Middle Drop

40 points


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