Tips to Play Rummy

Rummy is a game of strategy which requires judicious use of cards in hand at every single turn. First and foremost, to win a game of rummy, it is paramount to understand the basics of the game. In India, 13 Card Rummy is mostly played online. It is also known as the Indian Rummy. Click here to learn how to play rummy and click here if you wish to glance through the various rules associated with online rummy.

That said, here are some quick rummy tips and tricks which you can use to get better at the game and even start winning some games:

Online Rummy : Win the game every time you play

Indian rummy is a fun card game that also demands skills and strategies from the players. While many of us know how to play online rummy games, players can follow some rummy tips and tricks to understand how to win a rummy game. It is thus vital for the players to use each card wisely. As we all know, a rummy card game is a game of skill and players need to use those skills to evaluate their cards and leverage them to their advantage while also being aware of their opponents' strategies. So, whether you like playing points rummy, deals rummy, or pool summy, a few rummy tips can get you a winning streak in the games. Check out these simple and easy to follow rummy tips and tricks that can help you lead the game every time you play a match.

Rummy tips and tricks to follow

Following are the essential Indian rummy tips and tricks that can help you get the winning edge over your opponents if you follow

A pure sequence should always be your first priority

This is one of the essential tips for all the rummy players. Always try to form a pure sequence first as it is a difficult one and may increase your burden if you keep it for later.

Avoid drawing cards from the discard pile

This is the easiest yet ignored rummy strategy that players often tend to forget to follow. Try not to draw cards from the discard pile to avoid giving hints to your opponents about your cards in the rummy game.

Track your opponents' moves

Do keep your eyes open and carefully watch your opponent's moves to keep track of cards that they pick or discard from the open deck. This is one of the critical rummy tips as it can help players identify the cards they need to hoard and the ones they need to discard. When you predict your opponent's strategy, you can avoid discarding the cards that your opponent may require.

Get rid of high-value cards

Another essential rummy tip to follow is getting rid of the high point value cards to save your game. Waiting to form a pure sequence or sets with high point cards such as King, Ace, Jack, or Queen can increase your point burden in the rummy game if your opponent chooses to declare before you.

Make a sequence of 4 cards

Many players usually ignore or overlook the trick of forming sequences and sets using 4 cards. You can make a sequence or set of more than 3 cards in rummy without exceeding the limit of 4 cards. If the 4th card helps you make a proper sequence or set, you can use it to make a sequence. This trick helps in decreasing your points value if an opponent happens to declare before you.

Don't wait for the "perfect" cards

Players should try to make the pure sequence fast and not wait for the "appropriate" cards to make the sequences. Don't wait for the particular cards, reevaluate the cards in your hand instead. Rearrange them and move towards making a valid declaration.

Keep the middle cards

Hold on to your versatile middle cards, as they can help you form more combinations with other such cards instead of low or high-value cards. For instance, 5 of any suit can make a run with 3, 4, or 6, 7 or 4, 6 while a high-value card such as Ace can only make a run with 2, 3.

Wisely use the Joker cards

Be wise while using your Joker cards, as they can get you better chances of winning the rummy card game. If you already have a pure sequence, leverage the available Joker card or wild card to complete the 2nd sequence. And if there are already two sequences in your hands (including a pure sequence), you can use the Joker cards to make sets/sequences with high point cards. Keep in mind that you cannot use a Joker card to create a pure sequence as a joker will make the sequence impure.

Arrange your cards in alternate colors

This is another rummy tip that you can use while playing rummy to avoid confusion and keep your focus sharp. You can alternate the colors and arrange your cards in the black-red-black or red-black-red color combination. Doing this can also reduce your chances of committing the mistake of discarding any useful card due to confusion.

Confuse the opponents

While taking cards from the open pile to make a sequence, you should know that just like you, your opponent is also keeping an eye on your move. This is where you need to play smart and confuse them. For instance, you can discard a card that is part of your sequence, but you have two such cards.

Count the Points in Hand

Analyzing and keeping a count of the points you have in hand throughout the rummy game is important. To do that, you should count the points in hand after every move.

Know what to discard

A player needs to know when and which card to discard. Players should discard the idle cards that do not participate in making two distinct sequences or triplet chances. Doing this can increase the number of cards that will allow you to declare, thereby doubling your declaring chances.

Bluff your opponent

This is a clever, but a bit risky rummy trick as there are no rules to making a safe bluff, but if planned carefully can make you win the rummy game. Bluffing in your game can fetch you great results, but the catch lies in deciding which game to bluff in. The bluffing decision has to be based on your opponent's moves; hence watching closely is a prerequisite. If the opponent is not picking too many cards from the open deck or his discards are random, you can predict that he doesn't have a great hand. This could be a good time to bluff the opponent with your cards. You can bluff your opponent that you have a great hand even if you don't.

In the end, there is one thing that you need to take care of while playing online rummy and that is if you plan to quit the game, it is advised to do it at the beginning of the game instead of doing it in the later stage of the game to avoid losses. It's always better to go for the first drop than a middle drop to prevent your points from increasing.

Try out these rummy tricks and tips the next time you play rummy and see how much of a difference they bring in your strategy.

Online Rummy Tips and Tricks

1. A pure sequence should always be your first priority

2.Use the Joker card carefully

3. Dispose the cards surrounding Joker card

4. Watch your opponent’s discarded cards

5. Organization of cards

6. Try to calculate the probability of getting certain cards

7. Draw & Discard carefully

8. Discard face cards that are not required

9. Guess it right

10. Don’t just play, play like a rummy player

How Rummy Points are Calculated?

As mentioned, in rummy, each card carries a certain number of points. The losing player gets points corresponding to the total value of all cards in his/her hand. If the losing player fails to make the two mandatory sequences, the value of all cards is added, capped at 80 points. If the player has formed two sequences including a pure sequence, the value of cards not in any combination is calculated.

Player with no combinations in his hand

Value of all cards is added, capped at 80 points

Player with two sequences, including one pure sequence

Value of cards that are not in any combination are added

Invalid Declaration

80 points

First Drop

20 points

Middle Drop

40 points

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