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MPL Rummy Online FAQs

What is the Rummy game and how is it played?

Rummy is a card game played with two decks of cards that include two Jokers. To play the rummy game, a player must pick and discard cards from two piles. One pile of cards is a closed deck, and the player cannot see the cards they are picking. The other deck is open, and is made up of cards that have been discarded by the players. In order to win, the players have to group their cards in valid sequences and sets.
In Rummy, the cards are ranked from low to high in the following order - Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King. Ace, Jack, Queen and King each have 10 points. The remaining cards are valued according to their face value. For example, the 5 cards are worth 5 points and so on.
The objective of the Rummy game is to arrange the 13 cards that you get in valid sets and sequences. To win in online Rummy, you need to make a minimum of 2 sequences, of which one has to be a pure sequence, and the rest can be any valid sequences or sets. Without a pure sequence, you cannot make a valid Rummy declaration. This is one of the most important Rummy online rules you should keep in mind.

Is playing Rummy on the MPL platform safe?

Absolutely! MPL is one of the safest platforms for online games of skill. We have an RNG certification for all rummy games on MPL. The RNG certification ensures that all our games are fair. This, combined with our advanced fraud detection algorithms to block fraudulent players makes MPL the safest platform to play Rummy.

What is RNG Certification?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is used in all gaming machines. A certification is issued by an accredited organization stating that the RNG algorithm used by a platform is indeed random and hence ensures that games are fair.

Is MPL Rummy RNG certified?

Yes, MPL Rummy is officially RNG-certified by iTech Gaming labs.

What are the Rummy game formats available on MPL?

The following formats are currently available for online Rummy:
Deals Rummy
We will keep adding more popular formats!

How do I choose a Rummy game table to play on?

Tables in the Lobby are arranged according to the “Point Value” for Points Rummy and “Buy-in amount” for Pool Rummy & Deals Rummy. You can choose a table to play accordingly.

How do I take my seat?

Once you have chosen a Rummy table and entered the playing area, click on ‘SIT’ and a seat will be assigned to you.

How do I discard and pick a card from the pile?

It is described as follows:
Drawing - The player must draw a card when their turn comes. They can choose to take the topmost card from the closed deck, or the card that was last discarded from the Discard Pile.
Discarding - Every player must end their turn by placing one card from their hand facing up on the Discard Pile.

How do I declare a Rummy game?

To declare, the player must show the cards in hand by grouping them in sets or sequences and clicking on the 'Declare' button.
It is compulsory to declare at least two sequences, and one of them has to be a pure sequence.

What if the closed deck runs out of cards and no player has declared yet?

Once the last card from the closed deck has been picked up, the discard pile is reshuffled and put face down to become the new closed deck. The card you discard is used to form the new discard pile.

How do I withdraw money won on MPL Rummy online?

The money you win on a Rummy table is credited to your MPL wallet in ‘Winnings Cash’ after deducting applicable taxes. You can withdraw this money whenever you want via bank transfer or mobile wallet.

When can I exit the Rummy game before the cards are dealt?

Yes, you can exit a Rummy table before the cards are dealt. A timer with 15 seconds is started on registration. You will not lose your entry fee if you exit before the timer reaches last 5 seconds, which is the lock-in time. However, if you exit after the last 5 seconds are remaining in the timer, then your entry fee will not be refunded.