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Introduction of Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is a variant of the famous Indian Rummy that is played on a 2-player table or a 6-player table between 2 to 6 players. The gameplay is quite similar to other variants but has some key distinctions in the rules and calculation of winnings.
Pool Rummy has two further variations known as 101 Pool and 201 Pool. In these variations, you have to get your opponents to cross the preset point limit based on the format you are playing. Essentially, this pool game is an extended version of Points Rummy, where you play more than one round to make your opponents cross the above points. When a player’s score reaches the maximum limit of 101 or 201 points, the player gets eliminated.
Looking forward to a thrilling experience of online rummy? Read on to find out how to play Pool Rummy online, the rules, and helpful tips and tricks.

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How to play Pool Rummy on MPL?

On MPL, pool rummy can be played between 2 to 5 players unlike maximum 6 players in the live games. To play this entertaining game on MPL, you simply need to download the MPL app and click on 'Rummy'. Select the rummy variant and choose the table you want to play on. The game is played for a fixed sum of winnings, created by pooling the players’ entry fee together to create a prize pool. Once all the players have paid the entry fee, the game begins. Below are the steps to play Pool Rummy on MPL:


Each player is dealt with 13 cards at the start. The stack of remaining cards (Draw Pile) is placed face-down in the centre of the table. A random card is picked up and placed face-up underneath the Draw Pile. This card shall serve as the wild card joker for the rest of the deal. The player at the right of the dealer starts the game.

2.Forming Card Combinations

After each player gets 13 cards, they can start making their preferred combinations. A valid declaration requires the player to have at least two Sequences, one Pure and the other Pure/Impure. Your primary objective should be to form at least one pure sequence and meld the remaining cards into pure/impure sequences and sets.

3.Making a declaration

When a player has made at least two sequences, and other sets or sequences, they can make a valid declaration. The player can click on the ‘Declare’ button to make a declaration. Upon declaring, their combinations are reviewed. If the player has made an invalid declaration, 80 points are added to their score, pushing them closer to elimination from the table. If they have made a valid declaration, the points value of their opponents’ unmatched cards is calculated. The winner of the deal gets the best possible score of 0 points.

Difference between 101 and 201 Pool Rummy

Essentially, both 201 and 101 Pool Rummy games are quite similar with the difference lying in the number of points. Both figures represent the score at which a player can get eliminated from the table. In 101 Pool, a player gets eliminated if he/she reaches 101 points. Similarly, in 201 Pool, a player is eliminated when they get to the score of 201 points.
Since the objective of the Pool Rummy variant and most of the types of rummy games is to have the lowest possible score to win, having an upper limit for points is a means to progress the game. This way, players are eliminated until there is only one winner left.

Pool Rummy Rules

Most of the Pool Rummy rules are really simple to follow and quite similar to Points Rummy. Knowing, and remembering these rules is quite important if you wish to outsmart your opponents and have a better chance at winning. This is a helpful list you need to know before you play the game online.
There are two types of tables in pool rummy; 2-player and 6-player tables. However, in MPL, the maximum number of players at a table are five.
Each game begins with a toss that determines which player will play first.
Before each game begins, a Joker card has to be selected randomly from the deck.
Each player shall be dealt a hand of 13 cards.
The prize pool money is created by putting the entry fee from all the players together.
Elimination from the game is done when a players’ points total reaches the points limit. In the case of 101 Pool Rummy, the limit is 101 points, and in the case of 201 Pool, the maximum points limit is 201 points.
One deck is used for 2-player tables and two decks are used on 5 or 6-player tables.

Pool Rummy Tips & Tricks to Win

Here are some easy ways to gain an advantage over your opponents in an online Pool Rummy game. You can use these rummy tips and tricks upon your discretion, and they can be of great help when applied correctly.
The first and most essential tip to win in a game of pool rummy is to ensure you make a pure sequence your priority. Without it, you cannot make a valid declaration, and making this sequence first eases the rest of your game.
Keep track of the cards your opponents are discarding. This is immensely beneficial to predict and counter their strategy. It is one of the most important skills that a Pool Rummy player can develop through experience.
You can make sequences and sets of more than three cards. One of the most common Pool Rummy mistakes is people forgetting they can make bigger sequences and sets to reduce the number of unmatched cards in their hand.
Another important Pool Rummy tip is to get rid of high-value cards as soon as you can. If they remain unmatched when you have to make a declaration, they can drive your points total up. So, you should either use them to make the sequences and sets or let them go if they aren’t useful. Having cards with low value helps avoid this mishap.
Start pocketing the pucks.
These are some of the most useful Pool Rummy tricks and tips that can help you play better.

Score Calculation in Pool Rummy

The Score Calculation in a game of Pool Rummy is fairly simple and easy to understand. The winner who makes a valid declaration gets 0 points, the best possible score. If the winner makes a valid declaration but has some unmatched cards, then the value of the unmatched cards is deducted from the total of their opponents’ points. The other losing players get a score assigned to them based on the value of all their unmatched cards. The value of each card in a game of online Pool Rummy are as follows:
After the scores of all the players are calculated at the end of the game, their winnings are calculated with the following formula:
(Entry Fee x Number of Players) = Total Winnings.
The player who manages to push their opponents to score beyond 101 or 201 points will ultimately be the winner.
Online Pool Rummy platforms take a small percentage of the winnings as a fee for facilitating the gameplay, and the winner takes away the prize money.
Calculating the losing Players’ Score:
If a player forms two sequences (one pure and one impure), only the points of the ungrouped cards are added. A player that makes an invalid declaration is penalized with 80 points. Also, if a player makes a declaration without any sequence, all the cards’ points are added up. Further, if a player misses three turns consecutively, he/she is automatically dropped from the game, which is considered as a middle drop for points calculation.
The player that reaches a maximum score of 101 points or 201 points, depending on the pool rummy type, gets eliminated from the table.

How does the Drop Option Work?

The word Drop means to either wilfully withdraw from the deal, or miss your turn to play. Most often, players choose to withdraw from the deal upon determining they do not wish to continue with the hand they were dealt. In such a situation, they can choose to Drop out by clicking the Drop button on the screen. This variant has two kinds of drops, unlike other Indian Rummy games which have three.
The drop score is different for both pool rummy formats. The 101 Pool Rummy game allows players to choose a First Drop with a 20 points drop score and Mid Drop with a 40 points drop score. In 201 Pool Rummy, First Drop leads to 25 points and Middle Drop leads to 50 points. The First Drop means a player chooses to withdraw from the game without having picked a single card. Choosing to drop any time after picking up your first card will result in a Mid Drop.


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