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What is Points Rummy?

Points Rummy is a variation of the popular Indian Rummy and is also called 80 Points Rummy and 13 Card Rummy. This card game is usually played between 2 to 6 players for points that have a pre-decided rupee value. One or two standard decks are used based on the number of players, including one printed joker per deck. The first player to make a valid declaration is considered the winner with zero rummy points. The winnings of the player are based on the opponents’ total points. This variant is one of the most exciting and fast-paced variants of rummy.

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How Many Players Do You Need To Play Points Rummy?

Points Rummy is played on a table like all variations of rummy. In an online game, the same takes place on a virtual table. In this 13 card rummy variant, the tables are 2-player and 6-player tables. But on MPL, a table can seat a maximum of 5 players. If the game exceeds two players, two decks are required to play rummy.

How to Play Points Rummy on MPL? (Steps)

You can play the points rummy game on MPL in a few simple steps. Ensure that you have downloaded the app. You can simply go to the MPL website and enter your mobile number to receive a link via SMS. Alternatively, you can also download the MPL App from the App Store or Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app, you can find the rummy game, choose a battle based on point value, and pay the required entry fee. Here are some simple steps to play this exciting rummy variant.


After you pay the entry fee, the game begins when two or more players join the table (based on whether you are playing on a 2-player table or 5-player table). At the beginning of the game, a 13 Card hand is dealt to each player, and the rest of them are placed face-down in the centre of the table and called the Draw Pile. A card is picked from the top of the Draw Pile and placed at the bottom of the draw pile as the joker of the game. Another card is then picked and placed face-up at the centre of the table to form the Discard Pile, where you can discard the cards you don't need and draw another from the Draw Pile to replace them.

2.Making Combinations

As soon as the game begins, all the players have to make card combinations, melding them into sequences and sets. You need to make at least two sequences, including a pure one.


In order to make a valid show, you must have at least two sequences, and the other one can be Pure or Impure. If you make a valid show and have no unmatched cards, you will win the best possible score – 0 rummy points. If a player makes a valid show but has other unmatched cards, their point value is deducted from the total card points of each player.

Points Rummy Rules

The Points Rummy card game rules are easy to understand and learn. The game objective is quite similar to the other variants of 13 card rummy, with slight variations in the gameplay and rules. Here are the rummy rules you need to understand before you start playing this exciting game:

The game is played on 2 and 6-player tables. (On MPL, the game is played on 2 and 5-player tables.
A 2-player table uses one deck of cards, while a 6-player table uses two decks of cards, with each deck containing 52 cards and 1 printed Joker.
The game is played for points that have a predetermined rupee value, and a toss decides which player will play first.
For a valid declaration, a player must have at least two sequences, including one pure sequence.
You cannot use a printed joker or wild card to make a pure sequence, as that would make it impure.
In a game with two decks, you cannot use the same card twice in a set. For instance, 5 ♠ 5 ♠ 5 ♥ will not make a valid set.
The first player to make a valid show wins the game.

You should follow these rummy rules strictly to avoid penalty points. Bookmark our rummy rules page for future reference.

Tips & Tricks to Win in Points Rummy

Here are some rummy tips and tricks that will help you gain an advantage over your opponents. Using these wisely can put you in a better position to win the game.

When the game begins, you must always focus on getting a head start with a Pure Sequence. This card combination is a necessity to make a Valid Declaration to win the game.
If you feel you have been dealt a weak hand and you are considering a drop, it’s wise to go for the First Drop. For a first drop, you get 20 penalty points. But, if you go for a middle drop or miss three consecutive turns, you get 40 penalty points.
One of the most helpful tricks is to discard high-value cards in favor of low-value ones. This can help you eliminate the possibility of having high-value unmatched cards in case your opponent makes a valid declaration. It can also help you make a valid declaration without any worry if you have low-value unmatched cards in your hand.
Pay attention to the color of the cards the opponents are discarding. You can predict which type of cards they are holding and avoid discarding those cards.

Use these tricks and tips wisely to outplay your opponent, and win the most number of games.

Score Calculation in Points Rummy

When playing the game, the maximum number of card points that you can lose is 80 points. The points calculation is based on the below values or card points:

Ace, King, Queen, and Joker – All the face cards carry 10 points each.
Number 2 to Number 10 – All the numbered cards have points equivalent to their face value. For instance, the 2 and 7 number cards have 2 and 7 points, respectively.
Printed Joker and wild card do not carry points.

Calculating winning player’s score and the winning amount

The winning player is the one to make the first valid declaration, and the winner gets a zero score. The winning amount of the winner is calculated using the below formula:

(Total Points of All Opponents) x (Rupee Value of All Points) = Winnings.

For instance: 4 players are playing the game with Re 1/point. A player makes a valid declaration, and the other players lose the game by 30, 20, and 10 points. The winning amount will be calculated as 1x(30+20+10) = Rs. 60.

Calculating losing players’ score

The points of the losing players’ ungrouped cards are calculated when a player makes a valid declaration. For instance, a losing player has three ungrouped cards, which are 7 of Spades, Ace of Hearts, and 9 of Spades; the player gets 7+10+9 = 26 points as a penalty.

If a player hasn’t made a pure sequence, the point value of all the cards in hand will be added to calculate the penalty points.

If a player has made one, the point value of only the ungrouped cards is added to calculate the penalty points. Also, the sets aren't counted till a player has at least two sequences, including a pure sequence. So, if a player makes a pure sequence and a set, but not one more sequence, the value of his ungrouped cards, including any set, will be added to calculate penalty points.

The maximum cap for the total number of points collected is 80 points. Even if the calculated score is more than 80 points, the maximum points total can only be 80 points for each player.

How Does the Drop Option Work in Points Rummy?

While playing points rummy, players have the option to drop out of the game with penalty points. The drop option enables you to leave the game without losing by a large margin.

First Drop: If you drop in the first turn without picking any card, it is called the first drop, leading to a penalty of 20 points.

Middle Drop: When you drop out after picking up one card or more, it is called a middle drop and leads to a penalty of 40 points.

Consecutive Misses: You will be dropped out of the game automatically when you miss three turns consecutively. This drop will be considered a middle drop which will lead to a penalty of 40 points.


When should I consider a drop in points rummy game?

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