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Rummy Points System For Indian Rummy Variants

Rummy is a simple game with many interesting variations suiting the tastes of every player. Some of the most popular formats are Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Points Rummy. These Indian Rummy variations make the rummy card game fun to play.

Some players stick to just one variant, while others prefer experimenting and playing around with different variations. If you are a beginner in Rummy and are exploring the game variants, knowing the points system of each variant is essential.

After you understand the points system for each variant, you can pick the variant that suits you the best to work towards improving your game and defeating the opponents.

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Points of Cards in Rummy

To calculate points, the player must know the value of the cards. At the end of the game, the points of all the cards in hand that are not grouped are calculated.

Ace – 10 points

King – 10 points

Queen – 10 points

Jack – 10 points

Jokers – 0 points

Numbered Cards – The value of the numbered cards in the game equals their face value. For example, 3 carries 3 points, 8 carries 8 points, and 10 carries 10 points.

Points Rummy Game

Rummy Points Rules & Calculation of Points

When you play points rummy variant of the online rummy game, you require 0 rummy points to win after making a declaration. Tricky? Let us explain! There are 13 cards in the points rummy game, and players compete with a pre-decided rupee value.

The Winner: The player that makes a valid declaration before the other players, is declared the winner of the game. The winner should have melded all the 13 cards in valid sequences and sets and have zero points. For this reason, points rummy is also a fast-paced rummy variant.

The Loser: When you play points rummy, the rummy points calculation for the loser/losers is based on three instances as below:

  • If a player has not made any of the two compulsory sequences, the player gets points equal to the sum of all the points carried by all 13 cards in their hand, capped at a maximum of 80 points.
  • If a player has made the two compulsory sequences but hasn’t grouped other cards in sets or sequences, the player gets points equal to the sum of points carried by the remaining cards that have not been grouped.
  • If a player finishes the game without completing the game objective, they lose the game and get points carried by all 13 cards irrespective of any valid sequences.


Points Rummy is played between two to six players for rummy points with a pre-decided rupee value. The objective is to meld the 13 cards, distributed to each player, into at least two sequences (including a pure sequence), and make a valid declaration with zero rummy points. A declaration can only be made when a player has at least two sequences, one of which is a pure sequence.

The players can form the sequences and the sets with the 13 cards. They also can pick a card from the Draw Pile and the Discard Pile in exchange for an unwanted card. The main objective is to bring one’s rummy points down to zero and use all the cards to form valid sequences and sets to declare the game. If you are the first player to declare your game with zero points, you are the winner of the game.

The other players end up with points based on the cards remaining after forming all sets and sequences. Apart from the first drop and the middle drop penalties, one can also be penalized when a player misses three consecutive turns. In that case, the sum of the points of all cards in hand is added to the players’ points tally.

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Drop Option in Points Rummy

In points rummy, one can drop out if a player thinks they have a weak hand. If the player goes for the First Drop, that is, without picking up any cards, you will get 20 points.

However, if a player drops out after picking up one or more cards, it will be considered a Middle Drop. The points for the middle drop are 40.

Making an invalid declaration leads to losing a maximum of 80 rummy points. In points rummy, a game continues until the winner emerges with 0 points.

Pool Rummy Game

Rummy Points Rules & Calculation of Points

In pool rummy, the winner of every deal must get zero points, and the rest of the accumulated points get added to their score. Depending on the pool rummy variant, i.e., 101 points pool or 201 points pool, a player gets eliminated from the game if they reach a score of 101 points or 201 points, respectively.

The Winner: The player who meets the game objective and declares first is declared the winner. The player gets zero points for grouping all cards into valid sequences and sets.

The Loser: The other player/players are considered as the losers of the game and score points based on the cards in hand:

  • If a player declares the game without meeting the game objective, that player gets 80 points.
  • If a player misses three turns consecutively, they lose and get points for the middle drop. The player gets 40 points in 101 and 50 points in 201 Pool Rummy.
  • If a player has made two sequences, including a pure sequence, the value of the ungrouped cards is added to calculate points.


Pool Rummy is played between 2 to 6 players, and the gameplay is similar to points rummy with slight changes. The players play for a prize pool formed by a fixed entry fee that each player pays. Each player is required to arrange the cards in valid sequences and sets. The players take turns to pick/discard a card from the draw pile/discard pile on the table.

Drop Option in Pool Rummy

If a player wants to drop out from the game at any point, they have an auto drop option. However, the player’s score increases based on the drop.

For instance, the first drop in 101 pool carries 20 points, and 201 pool carries 25 points.

Similarly, for a middle drop, 40 points are added to the score for 101 pool, and 50 points are added for 201 rummy.

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Deals Rummy Game

Rummy Points Rules & Calculation of Points

Winning Player: The player to win all the chips at the end of each deal wins the deal, and the player with the highest number of chips at the end of all the deals wins the game. The winning player wins chips from the losing players based on their points.

Losing Player: The losing player’s points are calculated by adding points of the cards in hand that are not part of any sequence or set.

If the player has no pure sequence, the points of all the cards will be added.

If the player has a pure sequence but not two sequences, the value of all cards, except the ones in the pure sequence, is added.

The maximum number of points you can get is capped at 80 points even if the total points of cards in hand are above 80.


The game is played between two to six players for a pre-decided number of deals. In the Deals Rummy game, each player is given an equal number of chips at the beginning of the game. One chip equals one point. After all the deals have been played, the players are ranked based on their chip count, with the player having the maximum number of chips ranked the highest.

Drop Option in Deals Rummy

You can drop the game during your turn in the game. However, players don’t have the option to drop on 2-player tables. But if a player misses three turns consecutively, they are automatically dropped from the game with a score equal to the hand score and capped at 80 points.

If you are playing on a table with more than two players, you can use the drop option, provided you have not picked a card from any pile in that turn. The points you get for the first drop are 20, and for the middle drop, you get 40 points. If you miss three turns consecutively, you are dropped automatically from the game with a middle drop score.

Final Thoughts

You can play the Indian Rummy variants of the MPL app, which is the perfect place for practicing the game of Rummy and winning exciting prizes. Understanding the rummy points and rules is the first towards learning how to play the game. However, just reading about them won’t give you results. Practice is the key, and you will be able to find your favorite variant only when you have played several games.

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