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Best Action Games for Android in 2021 – Free and Real Money Games

Every gamer enjoys playing a specific game genre more than any other game. The action games genre is one of the most popular genres amongst other game categories. Action games that were widely played on PCs have now transitioned to mobile gaming but with advanced gameplay and features. Gamers have the option to choose from a variety of action game categories such as fighting games, shooting games, adventure games, and more.

So, here’s a list of the best action games for android curated for all the action games fans out there. This list includes action-packed real money games where you can earn Paytm cash and also includes free-to-play games with a rich storyline, impressive graphics, and visuals. Pick your favorite games and hop on to your Google Play Store to download these games.

Free & Paytm Cash Action Games

If you are looking for some action but also a PVP fast-paced gameplay, you must try the below action games. In these games, you are pitted against a random opponent and have to achieve a higher score to win the game. You can play the free contests against a live opponent or choose to participate in the cash battles to win real money. All of the below games are available on the MPL app.

Space Combat

Space Combat

The Space Combat game is a fun shooting action game where the objective is to keep shooting other spaceships and increase your score. The game also features a life bar which indicates the life left. The game ends if the life is over on the life bar. Save astronauts, shoot the enemies in space, and collect power-ups to get a bonus score.

Download the MPL app to play the space combat game battles. Players can choose from the free contests, cash battles, and cash tournaments and win from Rs. 5 to over Rs. 6000 per contest/tournament.

Ball Blaster

Ball Blaster

Ball Blaster is a fun and challenging PVP game for android users. Pitted against a random player, the objective is to shoot and blast the balls hovering above the canon, collect powerups and coins, and increase your score. This game also features a timer, and the game ends when the timer ends. The player with a higher score wins the game.

Play the free battles or the async battles if you can’t find an opponent online. In the async battles, an opponent can play the game and compete against your score later.

Pirate Tanks

Pirate Tanks

If you enjoying shooting games, Pirate Tanks will keep you engaged for long. This mobile game involves shooting your opponent’s tank and reducing its life. Each player is given turns to aim and shoot the opponent tank. The player that ends the opponent’s life wins the game.

Train with the free-to-play games against an online player and enter the cash games for a real challenge. Defeat your opponent and get Paytm cash!

Space Breaker

Space Breaker Game

A light-hearted and entertaining action-cum-arcade game, Space Breaker, will bring back some memories of the old mobile game. The online space breaker game involves breaking the brick mazes by launching a ball towards them. The objective is to clear the bricks without letting the ball fall below the wedge.

The mobile game offers ten different power-ups that can prove to be fatal or help with bonus points. Indulge in the free or cash tournaments, gain power-ups, and score high to defeat your opponent and win.

Best Fighting Games

When it comes to the best fighting action games, the options can be overwhelming. There are numerous free-to-play online fighting games that you can play with your friends, so picking the best action games can get difficult. For gamers who get the adrenaline rush from classic-style action-packed fighting games with breathtaking graphics, here are the best action games for android in the fighting category. You can download each of these games from the Google Play Store for free. These games also offer in-app purchases of additional features.

Mortal Kombat X

Gather your friends for a 3v3 battle in one of the best action games for android, Mortal Kombat X. The console game is also available on the Google Play Store, offering the same experience to the fans. Mortal Kombat X is popular for its iconic characters, brutal violence, amazing moves, and the intricacy of each detail that the game offers.

The game is played in a 3v3 battle mode with three fighters in your team. You can build characters, receive help from allies, and challenge players in an online bloodfest. Earn rewards to buy additional customizations, character skins, taunts, and more. Mortal Kombat X offers varied game modes such as Quest Mode, Faction Wars, and Shao Kahn’s Tower. The game is free to download on mobile and also features in-app purchases.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

If you are looking for an action RPG game for Android, Iron Blade will end your quest. This fun action game is set in medieval Europe, where you can showcase your charisma as a warrior. The gripping gameplay and high-quality graphics are bound to capture your heart. However, you need to master a few tricks to fight blood-drenched battles.

While you’re showcasing your heroic stints, you can collect different weapons to dominate your enemies. The game offers real-world locations that will keep you glued to the game, and the hidden plots and unexpected betrayals will have your undivided attention. Experience one of the best action games for android with additional features that can be bought through in-app purchases.

Kung Fu Commando

What’s a fight without Kung Fu involved? This exciting action game offers various tournaments against different opponents. Your objective is to fight combos and master the movement to level up on the leaderboard.

The game features realistic 3D graphics, upgrades, multiple action moves, and game modes. Experiment with the unique skills, fighting styles, and movements of different characters, play the campaigns and career modes with warriors in Kung Fu and boxing style fights, and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard. The game is free to download from Play Store with optional in-game purchases.

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Modern Combat 5

If you love being the leader of your team in fighting and shooting-based action games, get ready to join the battlefield in the fifth version of the Modern Combat game on Android. In the game, you are a soldier that has to lead your team and shoot terrorists, snipe rivals on water jets, bring down helicopters, and indulge in more action.

As a leader, you can choose a class from 9 available options,such as recon class for stealth missions and assault class to launch all-out attacks. Modern Combat 5 also offers an exciting multiplayer action mode where you can play the 5v5 game modes with players from around the world.

Best Shooter Games

Shooter games involve an element of fighting and a lot of gunplay. This is one of the most enjoyed gaming categories amongst the masses. These action games for android are packed with rich storylines, strategic missions, stunning graphics, and different game modes to satiate the gamer in you. Find these games on the Play Store and download them for free to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Cover Fire

Looking for an advanced gameplay experience? Cover Fire is one of the best shooter actions games for Android that offers multiple game modes, 3D graphics, and stunning visuals. You will enjoy the immersive storyline and campaigns that will challenge you with various missions and shooting challenges.

Pick your character and play as a marksman sniper, master shooter, or command the battles. Cover Fire is a single-player action game that is played in an offline mode. It features survival challenges, zombie killing events, shooting modes, sniper modes, a wide range of weapons, jungle areas, industrial areas, and deserts that will keep you entertained for hours.

Overkill 3

If you are looking for an action game that is available online and offline and also features a single-player and multiplayer mode, the Overkill 3 shooter game will end your search. This Co-op mission game will keep you gripped with impressive audiovisuals, cinematic visual effects, and graphics.

Go on solo missions with single-player campaigns or connect with players from around the world in multiplayer modes. The game also includes a balanced reward system to proceed. Overkill 3 offers many weapons with upgrades and customizations, updated missions, daily tasks, and seamless game controls. It is one of the best in third-person shooting actions and a controlling system that is optimized for an Android mobile.

Alpha Guns 2

A classic-style shooter game for Android mobile which is packed with action and strategy, Alpha Guns 2 is a great pick. The gameplay story revolves around Max, the hero from the future, who saves the earth from dangerous aliens. You are Max, and your objective is to use advanced weapons and armor to kill the aliens.

The aliens are spread across the map and can appear out of nowhere. Shoot your rivals with accuracy and speed, or you may end up getting killed. Every time you kill the enemy, you collect rewards that can be used to upgrade the weapons. Play this action-packed game online with friends and aim for the top position on the leaderboard. Alpha Guns 2 offers entertaining gameplay with challenging tasks, fight against drones and big tanks, realistic graphics and environment, and seamless gaming controls.

Elite Killer: SWAT

The last one on our shooter game genre is the Elite Killer Swat video game available on Android. You will want to play this invigorating game if you love the idea of joining a special team to destroy the enemies and save the world.

The Elite Killer mobile RPG game gives you the role of a secret, specialized member of a Fireteam where you have to lead missions with exciting weapons like machine guns, sniper rifles, hand grenades, and more. It’s a haven for shooter game lovers. Play the game in online PVP mode or join a local mission mode. Download the app for free from the Play Store and start your secret mission.

Zombie-Related Action Games

Who doesn’t like the thrill of playing mobile games where you are facing zombies! In these fear blended with action games, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed. Play with your friends in multiplayer mode, or get into a solo challenge against the zombies. Here are the best action games for zombie game fans.

Death Invasion

What would you do when you are stuck in a town full of zombies? The Death Invasion mobile game gets you in action real quick, where you have to shoot the zombies to save your life. The key to survival is food, safe shelter, and weapons, but you have to visit the places on the map to access these things.

The realistic 3D graphics game can be played with friends as a team. Death Invasion offers an upgrade of outfit and gear, TPS view of the map, amazing action scenes, different weapons, and easy controls.

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Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

A fun first-person shooter zombie action game loved by legends! Zombie Frontier 3 puts you against dreadful zombie attacks to test your skills. As a Sniper hunter, you can use over 120 action levels to get rid of the zombies.

Zombie Frontier 3 has a collection of more than 30 attack sniper guns like AK47, MP5, HK416, etc. So get ready for some serious shooting, complete the 60 sniper special forces missions, and get rewarded with a ton of special goodies and top positions on the leaderboard. The app is available for free download and offers in-app purchases.

Zombie Hunter Sniper

Show off your hunting skills in this thrilling mobile game where you have to hunt down the zombies and kill them to save the others from being infected. Zombie Hunter offers 3D graphics, sniper guns, and weapons.

You are an elite marksman sniper with training in military strategy. Your objective in this FPS survival gameplay is to choose your sniper rifle and hunt down all the zombies before the time ends and prevent further spread of the zombie infection. Zombie Hunter Sniper offers upgrades of the sniper rifle to bazookas, shotguns, crossbows, assault rifles, machine guns, and revolvers. You can choose to play offline or online to complete your missions and survive.

Into the Dead 2

One of the most realistic, zombie-based action games that will surely get you the thrill you are seeking. Into the Dead 2 puts you in a real zombie apocalypse with fewer weapons at your disposal. The objective is to run through a crowd of zombies and use the bullets only in emergencies. You unlock more destructive weapons as you progress through the levels.

This auto-runner game features seamless controls, stunning visuals, more challenges, and special events. Download this app for free from the Play Store and play game of zombie survival.


Pick your favorite free or cash games and enjoy all the action. This list consists of some of the best action games for android that you can download for free and purchase additional in-app features. If you want to play easy action games to win Paytm cash, you can enter the cash games with a small entry fee and play to defeat your opponent.

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