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Top 10 Multiplayer Cricket Games Online for Cricket Fanatics

Cricket is etched in the hearts of millions of sports enthusiasts around the globe. Perhaps, it is the only sport in India that is followed religiously. Whether you play cricket outdoors or indoors, the enthusiasm, fun, and entertainment are neverending. While cricket lovers had to bear the brunt of the pandemic, they resorted to online cricket games to quench their undying thirst for the sport.

Among numerous cricket games for Android, it can be cumbersome to select the best multiplayer cricket games to play with friends and random opponents. So, if you too are a cricket fan and enjoy the sport through online gaming, here’s a list of the best multiplayer cricket games for Android and iOS users curated for cricket fanatics like you.

World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)

Undoubtedly, one of the best multiplayer cricket games for Android users is the World Cricket Championship 2 game. WCC2 is the top-rated cricket game for Android users that features online and offline 1v1 and 1vN multiplayer modes and realistic game physics. If you are an MS Dhoni fan, you would love to play the helicopter shots in the game. The game offers over 150 batting animations, 28 bowling actions, 18 international teams, 10 domestics teams, and 42 stadiums to choose from. This game is a haven for cricket fans who want to play like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and other cricket legends.

The World Cricket Championship 2 multiplayer cricket game is India’s first indigenous online cricket game. The game enables players to choose their teams, the cricket format – ODI, T20, Test, and place the players on the field. On the MPL app, WCC2 features a 1v1 batting & bowling mode and a 1vN multiplayer batting mode. You can choose to either play a complete game, batting and bowling with your team, or play a 2-overs batting match simultaneously with up to 5 other players.

Read more about the WCC2 Cricket 3D online game for Cricket Fans

Cricket Clash

Looking to practice your favorite sport to improve your batting skills? Cricket Clash is the perfect game for all those who take batting seriously. Cricket clash is a 1v1 multiplayer cricket game for Android and iOS users, where you can work on your skills and perfect your shots. The game lasts for two overs, and you score runs by hitting fours and sixes. The second over of the games carries 2x runs of what you score. You experience a real cricket challenge when you compete against a real-life opponent for runs. This multiplayer cricket game is available on the MPL app for Android and iOS users. You can play the free games to train against an opponent or enter cash contests.

Sachin Saga

Hearing the name itself would tempt you to try this multiplayer cricket game. Sachin Tendulkar is the undisputed God of Cricket with millions of fans. If you are a Tendulkar fan, you must try this game for yourself. The game lets you step into the shoes of this cricket legend and be the master blaster. Sachin Saga will give you an authentic cricket experience with Tendulkar’s iconic batting style, bowling actions, and fielding.

You would also love to experience the recreated iconic moments and matches of Sachin’s matches. The game features a multiplayer cricket game mode and a story mode which will take you through a journey of facing Sachin’s formidable opponents and worst nightmares. You can download this game on the Play Store.

Stick Cricket Live

Stick Cricket Live is a 3D cricket game for android users. The game is primarily designed to be played in multiplayer mode. In the game, each player is given three overs to face the opponent’s bowlers. The player that scores the most runs is the winner of the match. 

The game features 3D cricket venues from around the world, such as Dharamshala and Dubai. Stick Cricket Live is one of the best multiplayer cricket games for Android in 2021.

CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

For MS Dhoni fans, one of the best multiplayer cricket games has to be Battle of Chepauk 2. The game lets players manage their own IPL team CSK as Captain Dhoni. You can create your team, pick the players that will play, and choose from the five different cricket modes, including the super over, super chase, multiplayer, and slog.

Here are some tips to make your own cricket team.

You can play the Battle of Chepauk 2 matches in both private mode (offline) or public mode (online)for 2 to 5 overs in a multiplayer mode with 2 to 5 players. The private mode is best when playing with friends as it enables players to create a room, and only players with the room ID can join the game. This fun game is available for download on the Play Store.

Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket is one of the best multiplayer cricket games with advanced, highly customized, realistic game animations and simple controls. The game features a multiplayer mode with up to 5 players who can play in a public (online) and private mode (offline). Big Bash Cricket is the official game of the Australian Big Bash League and offers three game styles – a mini super over game, a quick play, and a full BBL tournament.

Real Cricket

Real Cricket is one of the most famous multiplayer cricket games for android that offers a refreshing cricket experience. The game is available for download on the Play Store. Real Cricket focuses on different gameplay from the Premier League, Champions League, Australian T20 Bash, Test Match, etc. These are the best cricket games for Android users as they come with impressive and realistic graphics, innovative gameplay, and Hindi commentary.

You can play the 1v1 multiplayer with your ranked or unranked teams, as well as the 2Pv2P multiplayer with your friends. Save and share your highlights, review any decision with the ultra edge, and enjoy playing your favorite sport.

Pro Cricket

Pro Cricket is another entertaining 2-over cricket game that features a 1v1 multiplayer mode. The cricket game is for all those who enjoy batting and hitting runs. The gameplay is pretty simple as the players have to keep hitting the approaching balls to score runs. The runs keep adding up with every shot, and the player with higher runs at the end of two overs wins the game. Pro Cricket is available on the MPL app, where you can choose to play free games or cash contests.

Godspeed Cricket League (GCL)

The last one of the multiplayer cricket games for Android is the GCL. This cricket game is a popular one owing to its realistic graphics and detailed stats. You can create your team and challenge your friends to play a tournament with you. The quick play option enables players to play the game in a 1v1 multiplayer mode. With the Player vs. Player mode, you can play the game with all of the other players that are currently online. The game is designed to be played during live events such as the IPL, Godspeed Cricket League, etc. 

Try your hand at these games, pick out your favorites, and play with friends or random opponents. A few of these popular cricket games are available on the MPL app for android and iOS users. Just download the MPL app on your mobile, challenge your friends for a thrilling match in multiplayer modes, build your team, and get gaming.

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